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Djwal Kul      July 25, 2010

Beloved Djwal Kul
David Christopher Lewis
July 25, 2010   10:00–10:18 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Breathe New Life into Every Soul!
The Fabric of Love, the Flow of Love, the Fullness of Love

            In the name of the living reality in which all abide in God, I come. And I infuse throughout the Earth a new essence of holy love as a virtue of the Divine One that may be ingested, that may be felt, that may be experienced by each and every lifestream who lives within the greater lifestream of the Allness of God.
            I am Djwal Kul, cosponsor of the current Meru University class on the Sufi way of divine love.¹ This love, blessed ones, is accessible to all life—for you live, move and have your being within the expressionless wonder of all that is, which exists because of God's heart connection with all that is. The mystics have understood the equation of love, which cannot be surmised from the human realm or through the head alone, but rather through deep insight into the essence of things, into the essence of godliness, into the essence of that which exists because of love and what love creates within the Now of beingness.
            There are many platitudes about what love is, but when you experience God-love in its fullness, in its richness, in its essence, all human experience of love melts away or is subsumed into a higher form of love that then is infused within all expressions of love, human and otherwise. Elemental life can teach you the impersonal nature of love as it moves through the stream of awareness within the grandiose and the sublime, the simple and the cosmic.
            Love as a virtue is known in many realms and yet is experienced and may be felt most personally through the touch of the Divine within the framework and the fabric of your beingness, blessed hearts. The Word as the living Logos, the Christos, the Krishnos² is love embodied in form and thought and expression. You have learned to use words of love as compassionate communication, as conscious language. For when your words, your speech and the patterns of light that flow through the vibration of your voice emanate with the frequency of love, then that which you speak creates as God creates. For in the Beginning, when the Word was spoken and the words “Let there be light!”³ were written upon the cosmic sea, love was expressed and all that then ensued as the creation itself received the love-embellishments of God's mindful ideations.
            The mystic poets and divine thinkers, such as Rumi and others who have contacted this level of love, express to you the feeling of love through their words and through that which God embeds within them of the essence of all that is through the holy intention to bless, to raise and to emanate light. Yes, blessed ones, love is light in its omniscient value emitted through the heart that is full, that is rich, that knows the glory of all—even within the tiniest grain of sand—even as it cognizes the cosmic warp and woof of the Cosmic Hub and the Divine Egg.4
            O holy ones, as aspiring adepts, as lovers of God, you may know the mystical elements that comprise the essence of godly virtue that exists within the creation. And every access point within the Now of your experience through time and space and your personal evolution is meant for you to know the Divine. At any time and in any place, you can simply be still and contact love as God would reveal it to you within your heart and as your heart breathes it in and out and knows it as the divine validation of your own beingness, the truth of your essence.
            There is a scourge upon this planet as a lack of conscious awareness and a devalued sense of one's innate value and beingness that has resulted in suicide and the gradual and slow demise of selfhood—a sense of the self as separate from the Divine. I breathe new life into every soul that has felt despondency, despair, darkness and a disconnect from Selfhood in God in order that, even if only for a moment, all may feel light, love and harmony.
            Yes, at a certain level, blessed ones, the chaos that occurs at the cusp of an age, where the old order is falling away and a new way is dawning, provides the opportunity for self-transcendence. Move through chaos with conscious intent to love that which you will experience within the temporary framework of time and space, which is neither permanent nor a part of your true reality nor the wholeness of your divine nature.
            When at times you feel bereft of spirit or you feel a sense of lack, unworthiness or devaluation, realize, blessed ones, that God loves you, that God is love, and that you in your essence are that love also, because you were and are created in the image and likeness within the essence of that love. The fabric of love, the flow of love, the fullness of love—these I share through the infusion that I offer this day. It is yours to drink in, to know and to experience as a pause from the cares and worries of your world; and you can experience it through your mind as you enter your heart and know what is truly worth feeling, experiencing and being.
            The answer to every dilemma, every problem, every concern lies not in the mind, blessed hearts, but exists within the centrality of your heart as a purity of purpose, as a principle and a power of holy faith, of belief in the oneness of all as that oneness speaks and coexists with you as a part of that One through the voice of love.
            [Djwal Kul chants in an angelic tongue for 55 seconds.]
            In the essence and the flow of love, I sing. And I smile upon you as an emanation of the Divine. Blessings and salutations, blessed ones.

1. Meru University Course 1006, “The Sufi Way of Mystic Love,” sponsored by Djwal Kul and the Maha Chohan, using the book, Love's Ripening: Rumi on the Heart's Journey.
2. Krishnos may be defined as "Krishna Essence."
3. Genesis 1:3.
4. The "Divine Egg" is usually referred to as the "Cosmic Egg" by the ascended masters. Djwal Kul took literary license to use the word "Divine" since he referred to the "Cosmic Hub" in the same sentence. Following is an excerpt from The Masters and Their Retreats, published by Summit University Press:  
Cosmic Egg.  The spiritual-material universe, including a seemingly endless chain of galaxies, star systems, worlds known and unknown, whose center, or white fire core, is called the Great Central Sun. The Cosmic Egg has both a spiritual and a material center. Although we may discover and observe the Cosmic Egg from the standpoint of our physical senses and perspective, all of the dimensions of Spirit can also be known and experienced within the Cosmic Egg.

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