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Apollo      July 04, 2010

Beloved Elohim Apollo and Lumina
David Christopher Lewis
July 4, 2010   11:15-11:26 am MDT
Find Your Destiny on Earth through Solar Evolution—
Experience Oneness with Nature under the Big Sky
Luccock Park Camp, Paradise Valley, Montana

A Clearance Action on All Ignorance
and the Patterns of Imperfection within the Mind and Brain

Happy Fourth of July, O servant sons and daughters of God! We are here to illumine you with a new Sun Presence of holy wisdom. And in order to fully accomplish our mission this day, we desire that there be a clearance action of all ignorance and delusional states of being that have kept you from your full God-attainment, that karma which has embedded itself within the brain patterns and the human mind stuff that is not the essence of God-reality within the mind of the Divine One.
            Therefore we say, burn through all ignorance! Burn through all darkness! Burn through those patterns of imperfection that have been accommodated within the mind and within the brain, that have allowed the brains of all mankind to accept the "gray matter" of a quasi state of existence rather than the crystal clarity of the Christic mind.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through! Release the light of holy wisdom now. Burn through! Bind the interlopers within the minds of all mankind that have inveigled their way in as dense desire, as dense affection, as dense manifestation.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through! Release the light of the Sun from the heart of Helios and Vesta in this hour. Bind now forces of evil and imperil that have beset this Earth and her evolutions, which Gautama Buddha himself has come to ameliorate with the Buddhic light of his auric field of holy wisdom and enlightenment.
            Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Release the light of the Sun into the very molecules of selfhood of these your children of the Sun, O Lord, this day.
            We part the veil now and clear ancient records from the civilizations of Lemuria, Atlantis and within South America, which even now have manifested as a dust of density in the auric fields and the electronic belt of many of the evolutions of light. Burn through now! It is consumed by the action of the angels of the wisdom ray. Burn through! It is no more within their minds and besetting their ability to cognize and to see and to feel and to know God within self.
            Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Burn through, O sacred fire! Let cosmic illumination come forth now from the Great Central Sun, for you have called it forth. You have called it forth by singing to the Sun this day. And so the Sun answers you, and the living Logos is here, present in this room and within your mind and heart, O sons and daughters of the Most High.
            There is a light of illumination streaming forth now from the torch of the Goddess of Liberty, which becomes for us a focal point for the illumination of the people of this nation and all of North, Central and South America. And that torch does glow brightly in this hour and says to the souls of all, awaken now to your Christ reality! Awaken now to your Buddhic beingness! Awaken to who you are, O souls of light.
            The sleep of the ages is cast off, and a new awakening and divine wakefulness is manifest throughout the ethers and now descending into physicality in all realms and dimensions and planes of being. This light will grow within you as a new vitality of the spirit that accommodates God, God, God and the mind of Christ within you.
            As your third eye has been cleared by the Blessed Mother,¹ so now your crown tingles with the light of your Solar Source, and within your entire head there is the crystalline beauty of Buddhic being-full-ness, of Buddhic mindfulness, of the divine glory of the Son of God.
            What is freedom for, O souls of light? It is for your ability to learn more of beingness in God. Had you not that freedom to think, to create and to know with movement within the physical plane through free will, there would be no acceptance of divine virtue, grace and holy wisdom in your life.
            Let your mind move into new realms of understanding, through patience with yourself, to learn the ways of the Divine One. Patience is a virtue, and it is also a new platform upon which your soul may write your divine story, your light legacy, O holy ones. What will your tome of truth be to this planet? Begin in earnest now to scribe the signs and the signets of the intensity of your soul's journey through cosmos for all to read.
            It takes more than leaving only footprints in the sands of time. There must be permanent markers of your divinity embedded deep within this Earth as a full manifestation of your stand for God in all things. Even the Lord Jesus left those foot- and handprints high in the Himalayas, whereby to this day devotees have come to see and feel and know, through the electronic light patterns that yet remain there, the intensity of his desire to fulfill the will of God in his life.
            Yes, he learned from the rishis, the adepts of the East and brought that ancient wisdom to those in Palestine and what is now Israel, blessed hearts. Some of you were there and witnessed the blazing light-reality of his Solar corona, his aura of God-beingness. Emulate this one, and yet do not stop there; but move into your own God Presence and the holy virtue of your own faith, belief and acceptance of who God is within you.
            We have come to illumine a world because we are the Elohim of wisdom. And so the Earth glows with a new light brilliance, a new amperage, a new wattage of yellow fire! And all may aspire higher as a result of this holy gift.
            Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now, O angels of the yellow ray, and let these your servant sons and daughters know the truth, the light and the way home. For we have cleared that pathway, and they may walk upon it with heads held high and eyes set upon the goal of victory in the light. We thank you.

1. In her HeartStream of July 4, 2010, beloved Mother Mary said: “My angels now come to lift the burdens that may have been upon your hearts throughout this lifetime and in others when you may have embraced a vision of self less than that which my angels and I hold of you as a soul immaculate, as l'enfant pristine. We receive and transmute these patterns of imperfection within your third eye now and cast them into this fire this morning…. And now, as a gift of beingness, my angels present unto you a silky chiffon veil of light that descends upon your crown and is suffused around your third eye to guard your vision of the future, your vision of your future and the entire visioning process that occurs day by day through what you take in through both your human eyes and through the lens of your third eye.”

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