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Maha Chohan      May 23, 2010

Beloved Maha Chohan
David C. Lewis
May 23, 2010   9:00-9:18 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana
Broadcast through Dallas, Texas

A New Tender Regard for the Divine Within All Life
Intuit What the Spirit is Speaking To You Now!

Tender Hearts,
            I come this day to share the bread of life with you, which contains the wheat of the Word, the oil of gladness, the yeast of faith and the salt of the Spirit. I come this day to share the wine of the Spirit with you which contains the juice of the grape, concentrated and pressed out as an elixir of light for you all. Truly every divine meal that is proffered to you through our HeartStreams contains elements of the God-consciousness of the master who comes to knead you, to enfire you and to raise you in light.
            The Lord Jesus said to his disciples, “I am the bread of life.1 This is my spiritual body which I offer to you.2 I am the wine of the Spirit. Take, eat and drink.3" For within these are the essence of the Logoic light who I have become, who I am for each of you as you love the I AM within you. Those who ate and drank and assimilated this light received on Pentecost the greater gift of his spirit as his ascended master light radiance that I bestowed on his behalf in the upper room, which signifies the energies of higher consciousness magnified within the upper chakras of their Solar beings.
            The cloven tongues of fire, as the balanced Alpha-Omega energies of inspired truth brought a new opportunity for greater empowerment, for greater initiations, for greater works and service. So I come this day to offer those of you who have prepared your vessels through attention upon the living Lord of love, the bread and the wine of my grace, which is the grace of all ascended masters, angels and archangels, Elohim and cosmic beings.
            What the earth requires now, blessed ones, is an engendering of a new tender regard for the Divine within all life. This comes through greater Solar awareness, soul sensitivity and through attention upon the Beloved and the Christic design of beingness within all. You may have developed to this point in your lives a certain attentiveness to your conscience and to the voice of the Lord within you. Yet I say that there is always room for improvement and for rising a bit higher each day in intuiting what that Spirit is speaking to you now, what nature is communicating to you through the sun, the weather, the wind, the skies, the plants, the rain, the earth and the seasonal changes that reflect the cyclings of divine light within your realm.
            You see, dear hearts, even in our domain there is movement and transformation. For heaven is not static! All is transiting to greater beingness within the vast solar cycles of cosmic change. And there are undulating tides of spiritual light emanating from the Great Central Sun that affect our auric fields. Just as this planet receives the impulses from the sun and from other solar worlds, so the playful dance of light of Alpha and Omega affects our light bodies and we receive cosmic initiations that would amaze you if you could fully behold within your awareness the magnanimity of them and the level of self-transformation that we experience.
            The Lord of Life says to you today: Be creative! Blend the resources of your conscious awareness with the Creator and engage God in all that you feel, think, say and do. Let love be on your lips! Let light shine and sparkle in your eyes! Let luminous joy flow through your voice, your laugh and your aura for all to know!
            Yes, beloved ones, life, as it has been said, is short in your domain. But in ours, it is boundless and replete with the cosmic energies of the Spirit. Each moment in the Eternal Now is filled with these riches of the Spirit, these graces of beingness. And they are there to be eternally shared with all free of charge! Consider your lives today—what remains of it that has been vouchsafed to you as opportunity to fulfill your reason for being—and know yourselves as the true spirits of divine light who you are.
       I give you a vision in this hour, even as Jesus' disciples were given a vision on Pentecost of their collective mission to engage humanity in the new understanding that the Christ Jesus brought to the world as the new law of love, forgiveness and mercy. Though mankind has not fully embraced or mastered his message, yet its essence is still vibrating within the akashic field of this earth and especially in those areas upon which he walked and anchored the light of his Christic presence.
            Yes, dearest ones, this vision is there for you to see clearly within your higher mind's eye of that which you have vowed to fulfill, of that which you came to this earth to manifest of those particular graces from my heart that I said unto you you could have if through the disciplines of light you would earn them through the law of love that I teach within my retreat over Sri Lanka.
            I say that unless more of these gifts from my heart are received by you and anchored tangibly in the world of form through your lives in conscious works with me, that the greater mission of the collective of the sons and daughters of God will continue to be delayed, blessed hearts. Yet the few see clearly the opportunity provided to accelerate our plan, to manifest with greater magnanimity the mission through love.
       And so I offer an empowerment today based on your belief, your acceptance and your striving to be love in action as compassion, as mercy and as the holy light of truth that will speak through you words of encouragement, of nobility to all who come to you, whose paths cross your own in this life.
            I am abiding in the eternality of God's love always. Yes, I am the Paraclete of Love, fanning you with the holy breath of God this day.

1. John 6:35
2. Luke 22:29
3. Matthew 26:26

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