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Goddess of Light      May 14, 2010

Beloved Goddess of Light
David C. Lewis
May 14, 2010   11:45 pm-12:00 am  local time
A New Fragrance of Divine Love for Scandinavia
Uppsala, Sweden

                                                                  The Spiritual Science of Light
                                                                 Light Is Your Essential Nature

                              I Release a Waterfall of Light around You and throughout Scandinavia
                                 for the Inculcation within the Earth of Greater Beingness in Light

Blessed Ones,
            There is a cosmic resource of light within your God Presence that is magnificent and beautiful to behold. It is a pool of love and all of the virtues of God, [which] are composed wholly of light and frequencies born of the Cosmic Virgin, whose Immaculate Heart and vision for you as a soul is held inviolate in the mind of God and has ever been so since the first breath that you have breathed on this earth and in all dimensions of being.
            From this cosmic pool of scintillating energy you were formed in the image and likeness of God. Each and every one of you, as an individual spirit spark, as a snowflake of light, unique at your core and yet composed of the same etheric substance, is in reality, blessed ones, a being of light. If you can see yourselves composed only of light—even as a sun-fiery being born of the winds of the Spirit merging endlessly with the Solar Presence of all other lifestreams on this and upon other systems of worlds—you can gain entrée back into the original concept of your divinity that the Divine Mother holds most magnanimously for you, each one.
            Each of you has had a mother in this life. And for those who came forth from a family where the mother and the father lived in a certain harmonic state of beingness, your mother held you in a state of visual grace whereby, in a sense, you could do no wrong; you were always her most beloved child. And from this state, she nurtured you as much with her heart and her intention as she did with all of the other outer signs of her beingness and support of you as an individual soul.
            Feel the love of the ladies of heaven for you in this hour who come to impress upon your auras light-fields of energy that can raise you up from your current state of beingness to a new level of divine experience, wholly in the light-field of God's grace. Blessed ones, from this reference point and from this field of perfect stillness, you may know your truth; you may feel your connection; you may grow in anticipation of the full flowering of your divinity, which is in an eternal state of fulfillment through you and your life lived to the glory of God wherever you are.
            As you breathe in the breath of the Holy Spirit each day—if you can have the imagination of a child once more—you may be able to feel the divine quintessences of the Spirit imbibed and circulating through your lungs, through the airways of your own being, through the vessels of selfhood and the meridians of light that comprise your electronic body of light. This is a spiritual science, blessed ones, that you can learn a little more each day through practice and participation with angelic hierarchies and celestial beings who will tutor you in an understanding of the equation of light that may always manifest within your being because this is your essential nature. Do you see?
            When you realize that you are a lightbearer, meaning that you may always bear and emit and transmit light to a world, you can feel that greater sense of purpose, of the magnanimity of your soul, one with the Spirit, and all that you engage in will be blessed by the light frequencies that you, as a conscious one, engage in through all of your work and service to life. Those who understand the deeper mysteries and the eternal truths of the Universal White Brotherhood always engage in white magic, in which light is invoked; light is sent forth; light becomes the platform upon which all alchemy, all divine experiments may occur and be victorious.
            So you see, blessed ones, we the ascended masters and sponsors of many of you are more concerned that you will simply accept your divine estate and grow into an understanding of your eternal nature than we are that somehow all of your human problems will evaporate through trial and error or through human force of will. For you see, the processes of heaven are sublime and are more about beingness than doingness, more about acceptance and appreciation [of your soul essence] than [about] the utilization of brute force or mental acuity to perfect the human self.
            The teaching presented this day on the soul is one that many of you feel a natural affinity for; for you know that you are more than this body. You know that you are more than what you have experienced only in this incarnation. And when you see the universality of your entire being and of the procession that your soul has made through many lifetimes, whereby you could know more of God's great creation and experience the blessedness of all that is all around you in a childlike state of expectancy and joy, then you realize that God is good, that God is always accepting of you and ready to bestow the full mantle of your divinity simply at your request because [he] loves you so.
            So in this hour I release a cosmic cascade, a waterfall of light all around you and throughout Scandinavia for the inculcation within the earth of greater beingness in light! For it is time, blessed ones, that more people upon earth understand their divine nature as being light. And I ask you this day to consider how you may show them, how you may prove the law of the beingness of God as light within your life. Therefore, breathe in this light, accept this light and raise your hands in this hour to send it forth north, south, east and west, everywhere that you can imagine the light frequencies of love and virtue, of blessedness and grace going forth to heal, to raise and to nurture the souls whom you know are a part of the universal Oversoul of the Divine One.
            You see, dearest ones, the spiritual practices of heaven are very simple in their core. It does not take the complexities of the mind of cosmic beings to bring the essences of divinity into your world, but simply imagination, love and harmony at the core of your being and overflowing from and through your hearts.
            So I have come, and I lend my momentum of light to each and every one of you who daily will simply say with me, “I am light.” Say it. [Master and audience say together:]
            I am light.
            I am light.
            I am light.
            I am light!
            When you can feel and know, truly, that this is your composition, that this is your destiny, then, blessed ones, I will be there to embrace you, to nurture you in a new light-field of auric love, of Divine Presence and lift you up into your divine estate of perfect living light. I thank you.

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