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Maitreya      April 04, 2010

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
April 4, 2010  2:39-2:58 pm  MDT
The Spiritual Fragrance of the New Age
2010 Easter Conference
Bozeman, Montana

Compassion Is an Impelling Force of Love from Within
Giving Voice to That Love Is Your Responsibility

            Compassion is a many-splendored thing. Just as love is embellished in many ways, so compassion, with the added element of wisdom's fire, may stream forth from your being because in this hour I am impelling you to manifest a greater action of this light. This impelling is a force of love. It is a power that moves you to love with a greater awareness of what that love may contain and of how it may embrace life to accentuate the good, to bless every aspect of selfhood and to deposit within the soul the very essence of godly virtue in the 360 degrees of compassion's fire.
            To be compassionate is more than mouthing words. It is an impelling from within. It is the bodhisattva ideal that springs and wells up from within you to love all life free. Love is what will free mankind. And to allow its full expression by giving voice to that love as holy compassion is now your responsibility as those who are nurturing the new age of love-wisdom, even as its predawn cyclings and frequencies are being felt within the Earth in this hour.
            Gautama is my example of perfect compassion, and I have emulated his example, his model, of loving-kindness throughout my entire being. And I urge you, blessed ones, to take heart, to understand what is behind the teaching of the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path—the desirelessness of perfect God-desire to free sentient beings from their ignorance, from their illusion, from their state of deep, deep sleep.
            Gentle compassion warms the soul from within to awaken. It is that [which is] within the mother hen that moves her to roost upon her eggs. And when that day comes when [the chick embryos] are fully grown, they may emerge on their own to see the light of day and to begin to experience a new life. Every soul that you would nurture you must consider as an unhatched avatar simply waiting to be stirred by the cosmic ether-substance of nurturing love that may flow through your heart to quicken them to understand their holy purpose—to be God.
            When you, through this great impelling of the Spirit from within you, can generate the desire to be a God-man or a God-woman living within your Buddha nature fully, then and only then can you be that divine model of loving compassion that will allow many souls to break through the barriers of selfhood outside of God. When you are Self-realized in your full natal divinity, then God emerges from within you to impel life all around you into the perfected Buddha state of beingness; and you no longer have to do anything, because you can be everything.
            What was Jesus thinking in his higher reality before he arose from the dead? What was flowing within his cosmic mindfulness in communion with me as his body rested while his Spirit was active in preparation for all that would come forth in his resurrected state? Meditate with the Master to conceptualize the new reality that will flow through your awareness when you live within your resurrection flame—a spiral of such electronic, cosmic activity blazing within your aura that itself will compel souls in your environs higher to their God-estate.
            Yes, I meditated upon the mind of Buddha, for at inner levels I saw him in meditation upon God under the bo (bodhi) tree. And as I was able to fathom the inner realities of that compassionate mindfulness that flowed through his awareness, by the grace of the Divine One I was able to have set the seal of divine authority of my mission within my heart to be loving-kindness at all costs, to express compassion in all realms of being.
            Let the realm of your divine experience grow to be inclusive of many more among mankind who may receive the impartation of the electromagnetic frequencies of your particular representation of what compassion is. It will be different for each and every one, and yet all will complement each other through the flame of holiness, which is always expressive within every act and emanation of compassion.
            Yes, the mind of the Buddha is a beautiful thing. Its impulses, its continuing flowering estate of divine glory and beauty [are] there for you to see and know and taste and touch and hear and then to take heart and to qualify your own individualization of that God-Buddha ideal with your own co-creativity—with humbleness, humility, and the gentle touch of a mother's heart.
            What was Jesus thinking? He was meditating upon his Mother's heart, for there he found surcease from all distress, from all chaos. Yes, the warmth, the guidance, the truth and the living light of Mary's Immaculate Heart saw him through every trial, every initiation and his victorious resurrection and ascension in the light.
            The Blessed Mother has spoken most eloquently to you today of your heart relationships, easing the burdens upon your being with great intention and loving care. Let this be your example—to love one another with such tender regard that all discomfort, overconcern, anxiety and pain will simply be dissolved by the living aroma, the holy quintessence, the supernal fragrance of your compassion.
            I am Maitreya. I lead, follow in love, always.

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