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Clare de Lis      April 03, 2010

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (overshined by Clare de Lis)
April 3, 2010   11:21 ̶ 11:44 am MDT
The Spiritual Fragrance of the New Age—Creating a New Culture of Conscious Awareness
2010 Easter Conference
Bozeman, Montana

What Is Buddha Motherhood?


What is Buddha Motherhood? This is a new concept for Buddhism, especially because we think of the Buddhas primarily as male, yet we know that females can reach Buddhahood. Generally, though, we do not hear anything within Buddhism regarding female Buddhas, except possibly Kuan Yin, who is a feminine Bodhisattva, and various disciples of the Buddhas, such as the consorts of Padma Sambhava.

It is time that mankind understand that feminine beings can attain to the same Buddhahood as masculine beings. Therefore Clare de Lis urges us to consider our own Buddha Motherhood, which must emerge from us.

The mothering aspect of God manifests through the crystal rays, as we have heard, and truly the Buddhic initiations are the mastery of the five crystal rays, which could be called the Mother rays. So in the highest sense of our understanding in this dispensation, being a Buddha is also being a Mother to all life.

Early on in this dispensation, the name Buddha Mother was given to us as representative of Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her higher estate as a Self-realized being, even before she made her transition and ascension. I believe that we collectively recognized that she had attained to that level of Buddhic beingness while yet in form. Some of you have heard the vision of Susan Pitman, which she shared with us three years ago at our July conference in Bozeman at the Hilton Garden Inn. It was very touching to hear how she saw in 1985—twenty years before this movement was founded—that Mother would be in a different state than she was as a very active messenger in the physical and that she would be in more of a Buddhic role. She saw an energy field from her being that was multicolored, and indigo especially, that was in the form of a double helix. And this was flowing from her into my side as I was kneeling in the bookstore at Camelot. Susan knew intuitively that something had happened and that I would be carrying on Mother's mission, even after the Church and many people in the Church had moved on to other things or were no longer really carrying on that mission.

The seed of the teachings of Buddhahood that I studied, and that many of you studied, through the years of our involvement in a previous dispensation are carried over to ours. And yet we are moving higher in an understanding of our Buddha nature. We have the Buddha nature chart that Tom Miller beautifully rendered, where the Buddha sits in the same position as the Christ in the previous chart.

So we understand a little bit more, I believe, about what the crystal rays entail, what the initiations of the crystal rays are and how we are moving higher in Buddhic mindfulness through our teachings. These higher initiations are representative of where the Two Witnesses have gone and where they desire their disciples to go and to move into since their transition and ascension in the light.

So what is Buddha Motherhood and how can it, and must it, emerge from us individually and collectively? The mothering spirit of life is a caring spirit. It is one that sees the very physical, emotional, mental and etheric requirements of souls and seeks ways and means to meet them through presence.

We had a beautiful Meru course in which we studied the teachings of Mother Mary that were given to Mary of Agreda many hundreds of years ago. We studied the abridged version of that book and we saw how Mother Mary was truly this mothering spirit for the mission of Jesus. She saw and felt all that was transpiring in the life of Jesus and held it in her heart, even as it occurred, because of her intimate connection with him and because the angels would show her exactly what was going on, even when she was not present with him. It was amazing to read this story of Mother Mary's deep, deep spiritual connection with God and with Jesus and to understand more of the divine sciences of the Spirit that manifested through the teaching that she gave to Mary of Agreda. I encourage those of you who were not able to attend that session to one day hear the replay when we make it available in the future. It will give you an in-depth understanding of the nature of Buddha Motherhood from the perspective of Mother Mary.

We all have a soul, which is the feminine aspect of God, and our souls are evolving to become one with the Spirit, which is the Alpha aspect, the Father aspect, of our being. When the soul merges with the Spirit, there is a marriage of the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves in a holy, divine matrimony, or union of Mater with Spirit. When this occurs, the true flowering aspect of the Mother can manifest in a more awesome, spectacular and wonderful way. Yet we should not wait until that day of the permanent union of our soul with our spirit to engender that oneness and to offer to the universe, to others the Mother aspect of our being, which is this beautiful, very personal personality of the Godhead through our beings.

Clare de Lis desires that we have a collective discourse and discussion today amongst ourselves about what these aspects of Buddha Motherhood are and how we can deliver them to the world through our lives. If you have something to share in this regard, please come forward to the microphone. This is our time of communion together to share what this means and how we will move forward on this path of Buddha Motherhood. Even if you are a man, there is the feminine aspect of yourself, the intuitive part of yourself, which is the Mother light. So you too can tune in and share what has come to you, what has manifested in your life that is representative of the Mother frequency of God, the feminine aspect of the Divine. So as you feel called and moved, please feel free to come forward.

Participant:  I had never thought of this until now, but I was very rebellious as a child, and my mother, I think, was a Buddha Mother. She was a very special woman. Mother met her and she told me later, “I love your mother—she's a great gal.” And she was. She was very special. All my friends and everybody loved her. She held a flame for me, which I saw later in life, and it was so important to me. It transformed me because I knew that she loved me. I didn't know that until I was older and I could look back and then see that she held such a Buddha flame for me. I'm very grateful, mother. Thank you.

Participant:  As Patricia so beautifully described, as Buddha Mothers, we need to nurture this organization and particularly each other, wherever we are on the path, whether we're a new person or someone that's been on the path for a while. We go through stages and we always need love. And as the Mother, I think we have to be really careful to listen to each other and not judge, of course, and be that chalice, as the Master said just yesterday, for that perfect love to come out of us, either spoken or unspoken, for each individual, whether new or old. We can try to be that chalice for the masters, for our God Presence and for the Buddha Mother to work through each of us individually, through all of our conversations. Even just a hug, a look, a smile, a wink can convey the master, can convey tons through you.

Participant:  I see the quality of the Buddha Mother as being able to tune into what's alive in another lifestream and give, give, give so that person can blossom in whatever particular aspect is important for them at that point in time. For me, that's the Buddha Mother. Thank you.

David:  I have to say a little secret about __________. __________ gives all day long, from the time her children leave for school—actually before that—and her husband leaves for work. She's working full time for The Hearts Center and yet she reserves the time when her children come home and her husband comes home to serve their needs. That is absolutely perfect because she puts her family first in that regard. So don't call __________ between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm because that is her time with her family. She is being a Buddha Mother to her family and that time is sacrosanct for her. So I honor your Buddha Motherhood. [applause]

Participant:  Well, of course there are a lot of qualities of the Buddha Mother, and yet the one that comes to me today is nonattachment. You're nurturing God in whatever you are doing—alchemy or something for a child or for friends. And a lot of times what comes out is not what you expect. Going with that and helping that be and holding the immaculate concept is what the Buddha Mother has to do and not be attached to what you think it should be.

David:  _________ sent me an email the other day and she had intended to have an attachment, yet it wasn't there. So I said: “Oh, you are learning the art of nonattachment.” [laughter] And then she got it.

Participant:  In the Buddha's teachings they don't talk about the Buddha Mother. In this last class, where we studied The Jewel Tree of Tibet, I think there was the most beautiful description of the Mother beings. And as you're meditating on this tree and you're thinking about the Mother beings, Robert Thurman does a wonderful job of explaining how these are beings that give their life for others. And they give their body. The mothers give the breast milk and they give of their very own sustenance and their substance—their life, their energy and their body— they give everything for that child, everything to nurture. If you haven't read that, you should read it. It's really a beautiful, beautiful rendering of these Buddha beings, Mother beings who totally have other people's best interest at heart, who will nurture and raise them up and bring them into their full potential. Whether we are male or female, wherever we are, we've had someone who has given their all for us, and now we have to turn around and give our all to those who are coming behind us. So it's kind of a natural evolutionary process: we've received this and now we know what it's like to turn and give it to others. It's just really a beautiful book and teaching.

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  For me, the Buddha is the enlightened one, the wise one, the truly understanding one. I saw Mother, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, as a great being of wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. I was amazed at the tremendous teachings and enlightenment that she would continually come forth with and give us. I was just amazed, again, with all that she gave us. And not only did she have great enlightenment; she had great power, will determination. She had great charity, loving service. She truly had a great balance of love, wisdom and power. And I'm eternally grateful to this wonderful woman and Buddha Mother. Thank you.

Participant:  When I think of the Buddha Mother, I think of the opportunity that many of us have to be that Buddha Mother for the children of the world who do not have anyone that cares for them, that stands for them, that really desires for them to have the best possible life. And I think that's a great opportunity to take up.

David:  Can you give an example of what you've done, because you've told me about a particular cause that you've donated toward, right?

Participant:  Well, there are many things. I was part of the Big Sisters and Big Brothers program. As a young person I had that opportunity. For me, it's really important for every child to know and have the experience that they're important. When I served on the school board, it was really important for the teachers to know that every child should have that experience and be able to say, “You know what, I remember a teacher who said something to me that made me feel special.” And that's the desire, that every child has that experience and memory that they are special and they are deemed honored. And I do it in many different environments, because that really is very important to me.

David:  Some of you sponsor children through various charity organizations, where you donate money that goes directly to a specific child, and that's wonderful.

Participant:  I think I've raised a little Buddha Mother. I have a child—she's actually 52 now, but she doesn't look it, very young looking—and she is mentally challenged. She had seizures as a child, and she was blessed at her Holy Communion by Mother. I try to think about how I can help this child be happy inside all the time. And so I started her doing the rosary many years ago, and every morning, no matter what happens, Sherry Lynne does the rosary. And she's developed this wonderful motherly way. I have a son who happens to be an invalid and they are now living together in the same apartment, and she's always mothering him, making sure that whoever is caring for him is doing the right thing. And she'll tell them if it's something that's not allowed, “Mother wouldn't like that.” And she constantly talks about Mother and Mary, and she's just a joy.

David:  Thank you. That's beautiful. __________, you're one of ten children. I'm sure you have a Buddha Mother. Would you like to tell us about your Buddha Mother?

Participant:  My beautiful Buddha Mother is 87 years old. She had a stroke two years ago and I have a picture with her about a month before, and you can't believe it—she looks 72 and healthy as heck. She has ten kids and more than ten in-laws and former in-laws, and thirty-plus grandkids, and now great-grandkids. And until two years ago, if a grandchild was having problems, she'd fly to Kansas City and be with that family and just hang out and bring a special gift. She was really remarkable and is remarkable. And she's still hanging on. She just buried one of her best friends, which is a tough thing for them all.

What I was going to say about the Buddha Mother is that all of us, I'm sure, resonate with Buddhism. My wife, __________, happened to be in a Buddha quarter in Summit University way back when with your mom. And your dad hung out there, I think, for most of the three months. I remember him very dearly, hanging out at the hotel there and bussing over to La Tourelle.

When you look at the dispensations of the masters, beginning with the Theosophical Society, what was really remarkable about the Theosophical Society in a lot of ways—in addition to the remarkable teachings that poured forth—was how they literally transformed Buddhism and Hinduism in India and in Pakistan and in that region. And they had a profound impact on life and society and cultures, and probably did a great deal to stave off war and to move India into modernity. And likewise, this teaching of the Buddha Mother, I think is missing in Buddhism. All of us love the Dalai Lama; all of us love Tibetan Buddhism. We all relate and have friends who are monks and nuns in the Tibetan and other traditions, but it is very male dominated and oriented. It's unsaid a little bit. I think this unique teaching really can help us communicate to the world the new teaching of Buddhism and the next stage of an enlightened Buddhism for a new era.

David:  Thank you. I believe we had a discourse not too long ago that I gave that spoke to this also. And we gave the Children's Golden Buddha Rosary and the older Buddha Rosary, and it's weaving the West with the East, Mother Mary with Buddhism. Energetically, what we do when we give this rosary is project into the Earth and into Buddhism the Mother light, which already exists in some sense, though not to the extent that we desire and feel that it should be represented through a progressive Buddhism that accepts the Mother light and that allows it to be represented at all levels and in the highest levels of lamahood itself. So I think that in these rituals we are actually recreating Buddhism, though we don't always know all the dynamics that are occurring—and, yes, with a certain Western bent and mind-set. We're incorporating Mother Mary into it, yet really it is this whole feminine energy.

So we are creating the shift when we give this beautiful ritual. It is actually going deep into the Earth. It is causing a change that even the Buddhas, who are more sensitive, will feel. And there are many, many beautiful people. I look forward to the day when I'll be able to talk to the Dalai Lama about this—wouldn't that be awesome?—and actually talk to other monks and lamas about the fact that many of us are reincarnated monks ourselves, and we've come to the West to incorporate the highest aspects of Buddhism into our spiritual practice, even though we often come from a Western tradition that includes a certain aspect of Christianity, or whatever. So many of us are reembodied from the East and we've come to really anchor that in the West and bring a balance of East and West.

Many of you have had intimations of past lives when you were in monasteries of the East, and it's time for us to really anchor this Buddha Motherhood in a new way. So I think this discussion will be ongoing. And if you receive intimations of how you feel that we can make it even more progressive and beautiful within this movement, let us know. We have a Kuan Yin Rosary that we're developing, though it's not quite ready, and I know some of you really desire to have it shared today. It will come. That rosary is beautiful, and there is a type of Buddha Motherhood within it. We've taken some elements of the Hail Mary and incorporated Kuan Yin into it.

In the previous movement, we had the Kuan Yin Rosary, yet this is going to be a little different. It won't be three cassettes long and take you nine hours to do. You can do it in maybe a half hour to forty-five minutes max. So I look forward to the day when Kuan Yin's Rosary, which will be a Buddha Motherhood rosary, is available for all of us to give, in addition to the Golden Buddha Rosary. Are there any other sharings?

Participant:  To me, the Buddha Mother, I've come to realize, is a nonduality of living, where you choose to be in the light, the peacefulness of the Holy Spirit. There are always things going around us all the time. And it's really just a conscious choice—especially when trying negative energies come—whether you want to put your mind there or you just say, “No, I'm going to open myself up to the Holy Spirit and be at peace, breathe.” So to me, being the Buddha is a conscious choice. And then the Mother part is to be nurturing—nurturing to yourself, number one. You've got to eat well, exercise, take care of yourself first, because otherwise you can't take care of other people. Then you take care of other people, your friends, your heartfriends, children and animals.

Recently I've been given a great opportunity to experience what it's like to be more of a mother to human little souls that are going through a very trying, difficult time. And I've been trying to practice this Buddha Mother energy and understand how it works. I find that the first thing—and this works perfectly for children, and I think it works for adults too—is that everything has to be creative. It doesn't matter if it's a positive or negative energy that's coming through every day; you have to be creative. The creative energy, I think, is what God wants. He wants fun things to happen, and it's the creativity that kind of helps you to not be in duality and to live in that Holy Spirit energy, because it will come. No matter what kind of energies come through, the Holy Spirit comes through and then you're creative.

I've also been finding out that elementals come at the strangest times to help you out too. Recently I was helping these little souls and they were getting tired and kind of sad, and all of a sudden a little gray mouse kept running around on the living room floor and hiding underneath the couch and staring at us, and it just changed the energy. They weren't scared. And I said, “Gosh, look at that little gray mouse—he's entertaining us and he's making us happy.” And they just forgot about everything. So I'm realizing all these different great energies that are out there at our disposal. Creativity and elementals are really there for us.

David:  Thank you.

Participant:  So how does a guy experience Buddha Motherhood? I feel like I've reached this level where I have experienced it, first and foremost through my grandmother and then my mother, and especially through all you ladies showing us guys how to nurture and be the ones who co-create with God to bring about certain elements within people that really help them outpicture their highest aspect. So whenever I think of being in my Buddha Motherhood, it means having my mother rays awakened and utilizing them to bring solutions to the people that I meet. And if you go up to somebody, you're not going to say, “Hey, I'm working with the five crystal rays to do all this.” You're talking in a more conversational way. To me, when you work with the five crystal rays, you're working with more complex situations. So I tend work with these crystal rays whenever certain complex situations come up. And then, of course, I just let Mother Mary show the way on that, because there are times when there are situations that I don't know the answer to. But you can just basically be the instrument of the divine Buddha Mothers and you'll be shown a whole bunch of new techniques that are coming out already.

David:  New dances, new hairstyles. [laughter]

Participant:  I have to say that __________ has been a Buddha Mother for me. [laughter] He doesn't know that he has been. I just want to share something that happened that was very wonderful to me. A few years ago I had a dream that I was working away in my kitchen. I was being a Martha, and there was Mother, Clare de Lis, all of a sudden sitting at my kitchen table telling me to stop what I was doing. And as I stood there, I watched people come through the kitchen who were very much in my life, those that I was not seeing with the immaculate concept. She showed me each one, and she particularly stopped at my son, who is also mentally challenged. And she showed me what a beautiful soul he was. I share this because I know we have all been through things with our children and we may continue to go through them, but it's so wonderful to stop and see them with this immaculate vision of the Mother. And from that point on I have had a great respect for my son, who I had a difficult time dealing with, I confess, because I didn't know what to do with him. And as I've held that concept for him, he has bloomed. So I just want to encourage you.

David:  Thank you so much. That's beautiful. Well, we probably all have people that have been challenges for us in our lives, where it's difficult to actually hold the immaculate concept for them. Haven't we? People who have pushed our buttons or that we just think, “Gosh, I don't like to be around that person.” And those are the ones who really require our Buddha Motherhood, aren't they? They could be our initiation. They could be the one person that God has sent to us to test us, to prove if we are really walking our talk and living the teaching.

Participant:  I just want to share something in that context. I was married for seventeen years and I didn't have children. And then I prayed to God to give me a child that I could learn to love more, and then I had __________. And, my gosh, I just loved her and she was terrific until about her teens. [laughter] And then she did everything there was to do and ran away to do it. I mean, had a couple of kids. And all the while I just knew she was in there somewhere—she was just so beautiful in there. And at about eighteen, it was like a click in her brain. And I know she's an indigo because of some of the things she's said to me.

Well, now, she's so amazing. She keeps upgrading her life from one relationship to the next. And then two months ago, I said, “Come with me and meet Artemis and Crystal.” And she didn't have a clue who they were. So she went, mostly because it was my birthday, so she was interested in helping me. And she loved them and she loved what they did for her. They started giving her supplements and said, “You have this issue. Wouldn't you like to be a clean-air breather?” and things like that. “Yes, yes I would. I commit, I recommit. By March I'm going to be a clean-air breather.”

So then I called her up one night and said, “Are you going to come and visit me? Let's go on a trip.” So we went down and we saw Bob Stevens. She had no clue who Bob Stevens was. She's sitting in there and the guy who was running the AV department, as an example of how important these meetings were to him, said, “This was one of the first times I've ever been in my body.” That was his comment, and that's been the comment of many people, actually. They felt themselves in their body for the first time with these teachings and coachings. When we were driving out I asked her, “What is it that caught your attention?” And she said, “That was it. I've felt that I needed to be in my body and I've been trying to get in it for years.” [laughter] So I thought, “Well, great!”

The next day she had the eye bio-optic Holography reading and she had huge overwhelm in her eyes, and he took her from overwhelm to absolute commitment in a mastery statement. And then she went to the mastery class with me. And we just hugged and loved on each other. She's just totally transforming herself. And then she was going to go with the second set of classes—mind you, she didn't have a clue before this happened—and she felt she had to leave. So the morning of the first of the next set of classes, she called me up and said, “I can't come. I have to go to Arizona. Tell Bob I have to go to Arizona.” I didn't have a clue. She went to Arizona to see the Hopi Indians. Remember that he said that he learned conscious language from the Hopis? So she went there, and she called me up and said, “Oh, I'm just great, fine, and I'll be back for the next set of classes.” So that's my story of this incredible child, beautiful.

David:  Awesome child. Great, thank you. What's the old saying that from the ages of thirteen to nineteen our teenagers realize how much the parents have changed?

Thank you for sharing all this beautiful wisdom on your perspective of the Buddha Mother. It's a little after twelve, so to be on schedule, let's take our lunch opportunity now. Let's play some music as we're leaving, and I'll seal this session.

In the name I AM THAT I AM, we call for the victory of the light of the Buddha Mother manifesting within our hearts always. Thank you, all Buddha Mothers of heaven, for showering us with your light, your love, your inspiration, your teaching. We are grateful always. Amen.

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