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Clare de Lis      February 09, 2010

Beloved Clare de Lis
David C. Lewis
February 9, 2010  9:36-9:45 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Enter the Dream of Divine Thought and Buddhic Imagination

Beloved Servants of Truth,
            In every age there are extraordinary souls who have determined to help initiate new cycles of revelatory education by providing the resource of their own beings to further the cause of truth. These are often subjected to an overt form of oppression that comes from the denial of the realities of Spirit, that in turn are manifest from the mass consciousness that does the bidding of the collective unconsciousness of humanity.
            To overcome the stasis of the mass mind, one must rise to commune with the One Mind of the Logos, the Word, the collective Christ Consciousness of all God-realized beings. The ascended masters provide the link for this blending of God's Mind with man's. For they dwell in an etheric world that is wholly composed of light which emanates from this collectivization of pure, living consciousness. All divine, progressive revelation issues from the stream of God-energy or mind stuff which is the essence from which all created life has also been born. As each individualized being was originally an ideation in the Mind of God, so each new thought that springs from the Eternal can be picked up by the Higher Mind of Man and then cognized through one's personal meditation upon that thought, mingled with one's own evolutionary experience as memory.
            Memory is thought, action, feeling as consciousness captured within the Higher Mind that records and thus knows all. If you could see this memory objectified, it could be shown as a vibrating energy-field of light, within which all impulses are stamped by the recording angels of akasha who objectivily observe all. One need only tap into this higher, vibrational collective pool to read the records of the past, the present and even of the future patterns of potentiality that are in the process of manifesting through the portal of time as you experience it in your dimension.
            Many psychics can read a partial slice of this energy field through the developed sensitivity of their soul faculties. But few are able to interpret or fully understand the [complete] spherical picture that is like a cosmic hologram, because all thought processes and free-will decisions of all interacting lifestreams have not yet been outpictured. For they still exist in potential at any point within the realm of this future memory field. One free-will decision can cause a complete change or shift in the entire potential. And a new future will emerge.
            Consider this day sending the violet laser light which is a sacred frequency that transmutes past, present and future patterns into this future memory field to change the patterns of the potential objectification of karmic return such that a more harmonious and brighter future will ensue. Through the spiritual use of your Higher Mind's divine thought, you may cast a rainbow of light and conscious awareness to consume the imperfect concepts of the mass consciousness, which are already creating the future because of the power of collective thought that has sustained the samsaric unreality you see all about you.
            Each Buddha Being is engaged at some level in recreating the world through the foresight of mindfulness, which enters the Cosmic Mind to perceive through its enlightened state the way out for souls still caught in the grip of maya and illusion. As you are awakened to begin to cognize at a higher frequency, you may begin to send beautiful ideations of a golden-crystal age manifesting into the atmosphere and into all dimensions of life upon earth. Using Buddhic imagination and creativity, you begin to help many to recreate their own worlds by utilizing this divine power of conscious thought.
            Thought is an energy field. Positive collective thought creates a powerful new collective energy field of cosmic awareness that can cause dramatic change upon earth more quickly than many outwardly believe possible. By being the change you desire to see in the world and changing your own future, you effectively change the planet's future.
            I am your Guru Ma, Clare de Lis. I have been called a beautiful dreamer, and it is true. Enter the dream of divine thought that I am creating and you, too, may have a beautiful Mind like all the Buddhas. I thank you.

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