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Clare de Lis      December 01, 2009


Beloved Clare de Lis
avid C. Lewis
December 1, 2009  6:00-6:13 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana 

An Endowment of Light from the Heart of the Cosmic Virgin
A New Opportunity for Self-Transcendence Each Morning
Soar With the Sun Each Day! 

Gracious Hearts,
I come with an endowment of light this morning from the heart of the Cosmic Virgin, who presents to your soul a new opportunity for self-transcendence. At the six o'clock hour each morning you have the great God-benefit of allowing the raising of that Mother Light within you through your devotions, through the continuous stream of radiant energy that may be yours for the asking before or during the rising of the sun.
This great event each morning, whereby the magnificent presence of Helios and Vesta appears over the horizon, is indicative of the potential of the rising of your own Christ essence on the eastern border of your own being, even as at the southern border the Mother is set on behalf of the Son to infuse you with the glorious rays of her own beingness in meditation upon the Father. Lastly, as the Holy Spirit comes in answer to your call, there is a complete action of the sacred fire circumscribed around your being as an aura of light that is your vehicle for self-transcendence each morning.
When you take these daily opportunities to enter the Great Silence of your heart, to commune with your God and to allow this sacred infusion of presence through your being, you are so identifying with the very divine nature of the totality of who you are that you simply merge into that cosmic essence almost unawares, in this natural occurrence. Yes, you may sing your songs, you may give your praises to God, you may pray and meditate and dance and revel in the light. All of these, blessed ones, come as opportunity for the sanctity and the holiness of that ultimate event that each day is representative of your complete merging with your Source.
If your motive is true, if your purpose is oneness with God, then each of these morning services may provide a new impetus of light for you and for the world through you. Each may be graced with the opportunity for a greater understanding of what your purpose is today in the here and now of this moment—the ritual of the rising of the sun and of your own God Presence blazing brightly before you its cosmic rays.
[It] is that ever-present signet of your true nature that you may blend forces with, that you may truly gain a greater understanding of, as you simply abide within the spherical awareness of the great I AM, your Real Self. In moments of sacred silence, through the stillness that comes when you enter your Presence fully, God is glorified within you even as you are glorified in God.
I am Clare de Lis. I live and move and have my being within the supernal essence of the great solar beingness of the Almighty, one with Lanello. And through the core identity that we together express through the love-wisdom fires of our hearts as one, we bring blessing, we bring initiation, we bring opportunity for you to soar with the sun each day.
Let the prayers that flow from your lips truly be acceptable¹ to the heart of the one God through right motive, through right attention, through right livelihood in seeking only to be of benefit to sentient life, one with all and present as God emanates the fullness of the creative fires of his heart to all life.
We touch your hearts now as the spark leaps from ours to yours and as your initiatic path may accelerate unto your full adeptship, your full enlightenment, your victory in your Buddha Nature realized.
Thank you for this opportunity to share a little bit more, blessed hearts, [of] our love for you. May this day and every day be graced with blessings untold and with the gentle and yet somewhat chastening wind that comes as the Great Dove² beats its wings and cools and refreshes your spirit through the sacred breath divine. I thank you. 

1.  Psalms 19:14
2.  The Great Dove is the Holy Spirit 

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