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Lady Kristine      October 24, 2009

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
October 24, 2009   10:50–11:06 am CET
European Pilgrimage 2009
Vienna, Austria

Introducing the Ascended Lady Master Clare de Lis

Take the Example of the Two Witnesses and Make It Real in Your Life

Dearest Ones,
            In the very space of the Mother Light here this day I introduce to you the living, glorious ascended master presence of your Mother and reveal the name that she has chosen: Lady Clare de Lis. You have known her as Elizabeth. In the ascended state she has embarked upon a new journey of light, with Lanello, through an open portal to a new level of cosmic consciousness, even touching the hem of the garments of Elohim and the Manus and the Lords of many worlds.
            She has taken the middle name from her final embodiment, that inner name of Clare, representative of an incarnation in which she upheld the highest aspect of the Mother Light and supported her beloved Saint Francis, an embodiment of the Master Kuthumi. Clare de Lis emanates the spiritual essence, the clear light of the fleur-de-lis, the flower of light, from her presence.
            So you may call to Lanello and Clare de Lis and invoke the twin-flame light of these Two Witnesses, who delivered a higher revelation of teachings during the time of Pisces transiting to Aquarius. These two messengers bridged one age to another, bonding the Piscean dispensation to that of Aquarius, whereby the true teachings of Jesus the Christ could be rerevealed to mankind in preparation for the seventh age of freedom of the Aquarian Master Saint Germain and his beloved Portia.
            You see, blessed ones, it was imperative that the lost teachings be shared with the masses so that the souls of mankind could prepare for that which should shortly come to pass upon Earth, namely a new walk in love with God through the Aquarian cycle. These higher teachings on freedom, alchemy and adeptship are now being embraced everywhere upon Earth. If it were not for the founding of this activity by the Two Witnesses, which has carried on now for over fifty years, that understanding—as a prerequisite for that which is now being born within this and other activities of light—could not have manifested. You are the great beneficiaries of the givingness and the work of these two and should not take for granted that which they laid down as their very lives for you, personally, in the midst of this world equation of light, dearest ones.
           Yes, I was there to witness these two in action day after day. And the afflatus of their love, one for the other and upraised to the Eternal One, I saw, I experienced and I embraced. And in ways great and small I attempted, through my own humble heart, to outpicture that which they would present to the world as the Everlasting Gospel, as the truth of the ages, the mysteries revealed in this time so that thousands and even millions could walk the path of light to return to the heart of God. Therefore I honor these two noble spirits, now wed as one, and it has been my privilege, as a sister and friend of your Mother, to be the one to reveal to you this day her inner name.
            What grace flows to the hearts of those who are true to God. The same grace that these two have borne, you also may bear—in your own way, in your own experience—to many souls, dearest hearts. Take their example and make it real in your life. Take the teachings revealed, experience them within the laboratory of your soul and know that just as Jesus desired that many walk upon Earth as living Christs, so the Two Witnesses' greatest hope is that each and every one of those whose lives they touched will be born anew in Spirit to walk as living Buddhas and Mothers, following the path of the bodhisattvas, the way of divine love.
            God is great. And day by day we will continue to reveal more of that which is emerging from the retreats of the Brotherhood and the dynamism of the new revelations of the Spirit that must continue to be vouchsafed through those to whom is entrusted the work of the ages in this time of transition.
            So we begin a new journey, a sacred journey, here in Austria, so near Lanello's retreat over the Rhine, near Bingen. We are grateful for your presence, for the true love that you have expressed, one to another, for the joy and the new frequencies of light that you have been willing to bear by embracing this dispensation, our messenger, these teachings and the new crystalline patterns that originate from the heart of the Buddhas above.
            I am Lady Kristine, and I christen you, each one, with the holy oil of grace as you embrace the lacy, fiery light of love.
            [Lady Kristine breathes the breath of the Holy Spirit, sounding purusha on the outbreath (3x).]

Messenger's comments:

            Lady Kristine is showing me that for many, many months in our time she tatted and prepared the ascension wedding veil for Mother. And it was her great joy to be there as the ascended matron of honor for Mother at the eternal wedding of her soul with Lanello's.

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