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Maitreya      August 13, 2009

David C. Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Lord Maitreya)
August 13, 2009  8:08-8:30am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

A New Way of Gentler, Compassionate Communication

           Good morning, everyone. Beloved Lord Maitreya has conveyed to me that it is a new day in the annals of the Brotherhood in the way in which the path of initiation and chelaship is conveyed. In the past there has been the dynamic of the guru, especially some of the Eastern gurus, being intensely firm and stern with their disciples. And at times this brusqueness and the intensity of the fire that comes through has been perceived by some as problematic, to the point of some [even] desiring to leave the guru because they feel there is a lack of kindness, harmony, et cetera.
           What has been conveyed to me this morning is that there has been a gradual shift in the way in which spiritual fire and the ascended masters' direction, guidance and teaching is being shared in this coming Age of Aquarius. And that shift has brought us to a more Buddhic approach of compassion, gentility and a very, very tactful approach which is nonviolent and in a very new way brings us from Pisces to Aquarius, into a love model that is a more intense but also a more refined form of love.
           This approach has been sanctioned and authorized by the highest councils of the Brotherhood such that we, each and every one, can move into a more Buddhic field of beingness, a state of presence and divine quietude within our hearts and a sense of adeptship that moves us into the very living presence of Alpha and Omega in the highest form of humility. Jesus brought a new model in the age of Pisces, which was a model of forgiveness and mercy and kindness and love, moving away from [the] model of Aries, which was intense and firm—the sign of Aries [being] the ram, [which] at times butts its head up against others.
           As we move into Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, it is incumbent upon us to understand a new way, a new path. And Mother Mary has inspired Marshall Rosenberg and others to help us move into this new understanding of our internal language, our outer language, the way in which we interact and communicate. And what Lord Maitreya is conveying today to me and to all of us is that we can embrace this new level of compassion that allows us to live in presence and nonduality, to no longer judge and analyze from a human and mental viewpoint, but to truly bring about a higher level of communication, an eternal presence that is very, very gentle and kind in its offerings.
           The gentle approach, the kind approach is one that can win hearts in a beautiful way, that does not stir up rancor or reaction as the stern path of the past has often done. Now, internally, within us, many of us have had the experience of being hard on ourselves, of being demanding of our[selves on our] path in an almost impatient way of wanting to do our best, to outpicture the highest. And at times this has been problematic because sometimes we can come to the point of almost breaking because of the brittleness of this methodology and pathway.
           And so as the winds of Aquarius are blowing and as we are moving to a new model of compassion, as we prepare for Lord Maitreya to come to the earth and to lay a new foundation, we can embrace Saint Germain's wonderful understanding of alchemy and of God-love, of the Great Divine Director's wonderful heart. And the entire Brotherhood has shifted in the way in which light is conveyed, teaching is rendered and the path may be understood.
             As we develop the stepping stones of our understanding of that path, Maitreya asks us to consider how even [the] ways of a stern approach [used] in recent decades and years can be moved into the gentle way, the way of Kuan Yin, the bodhisattvas of mercy. And as we embrace the Mother principle of life, the Mother's way, we can begin to understand that we have learned certain lessons in the other approach, the old approach, and begin to embrace people at the highest level of their own Buddha nature, seeing the perfection within each one. And even with inconsistencies, imperfections, peccadilloes and the human element, we begin to understand that it is no longer necessary to call out, to objectify and to specify the errors in a way that is blunt, that is brusque, that is terse.
           I myself have gone through this training in the past, and for many of us it will take quite a shift in our awareness to understand that the entire Brotherhood, above and below, has moved into a new approach, a new way that is in some aspects what Lanto has said is the new way and what Morya has said is the New Blue. The New Blue is a higher and more subtle blue from Alpha and Omega as we are shifting and moving from the Kali Yuga into a different yuga, whereby the golden age can come as mankind en masse embraces forgiveness, mercy, compassion, love and does away with the confrontational way, [which] has not served humanity, through war, violence, action and reaction. [This] way is really a carryover from Taurus and Aries and not even truly the Piscean way of Jesus the Christ.
           So what does this mean? It means that we shift in our own awareness and consciousness to embrace a more feminine approach, if you would, a more gentle spirit in the way in which we communicate, bowing to the light of the Christ in others, giving people the benefit of the doubt rather than instantaneously analyzing and judging [from our human perspective] their motives. It means that people are innocent until proven otherwise. People are not noted as being fallen ones or dark and evil, but we see everyone in the light of the Christ, as the Creator made each one in God's image and likeness. And we are no longer quick to attempt to mentally categorize, isolate or parse individuals, systems, et cetera, into little boxes [whereby we] name, qualify and identify them. We look at the totality, [at] the whole of God's being through all creatures, through all of God's creative sons and daughters. [We observe] the entire panoply of the creation itself from a new viewpoint, a new stand[point]. And this is the approach of the mothers and of the ascended lady masters, who are coming more to the fore in their approach, which is this gentle approach.
           So Maitreya encourages all of us who are striving for adeptship to consider a more Buddhic way. This does not mean that we compromise the principles of light, of standing true to our true nature, of championing the cause of righteousness and of being communicators of truth, but it means that it is done in a way that is not demeaning [and] confrontational to the point of being caustic. [It means] that we [so] disarm those who have been problematic for the ongoing evolution of earth by the most intense, loving and compassionate approach that they simply have to understand what it is that is being conveyed because of the complete tact and diplomacy [with]which a new message of light [is being] qualitatively and compassionately offered.
           I saw a video yesterday of a man who was confronting Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania at a town hall meeting. And I can tell you that even if this man had had a message that was appropriate, the way in which imperil came through his being was not a way that is the ascended masters' way in this hour. And it did no good to deliver a message to either Arlen Specter, to Congress or to the people of the United States that people would [not] respect, because he himself was agitated to the point of being really out of alignment with his own purpose. And he was trembling, he was angry. And this is not the way that will get across the message in this hour and in this age.
           Think of Mother Teresa and how this little angel and wisp of a body had a powerful message of love and compassion, of service to humanity. And she had almost a mouse of a voice, and yet it was a powerful voice because of her presence of humility, chastity, obedience and love and seeing the Christ in all. Think of Kuan Yin and how through a most powerful action of holy love and mercy and forgiveness she conveys her message and she can disarm those who have hatred in their hearts, indifference to the sufferings of mankind, et cetera.
           I believe that The Hearts Center is a new opportunity for all of us to grow in this way, to become more compassionate. And I personally am challenged and desire your assistance to remind [me] if at times I slip back into old patterns of being somewhat confrontational with heartfriends in the way in which correction [is] conveyed. I believe there is always a tactful and diplomatic way, that every form of correction or observation of problems can be communicated so that in the highest interest of all we may all grow, we may all come up higher and we may all fulfill our highest purpose in life.
           So let us study compassion as Lord Maitreya would convey it. Let us study kindness as he emanates it. Let us study and emulate, reflect upon and imitate the ways of the Buddhas, which are the gentler ways of using spiritual aikido to very gently disarm the ways of [those] we have in the past considered the wicked, [who] are simply the ignorant, the unconscious ones. And let us take away from our vocabulary certain words and phrases that no longer serve us in the highest way, that continue to have us live in duality, such as fallen ones, et cetera.
           There are a few prayers even in our prayer book today that I personally will no longer give because they come from a space and a place of this more dualistic model. And some of you may still resonate with this, and that is fine and you can give them. And I understand, based on the framework and the pathway that you have walked, how you feel that you must stand up and almost shout and make your voice be heard in a certain way. But I, for one, feel that a more gentle approach, [which] can still be very, very powerful in its essence and in its fiery nature, can be delivered through a stream that creates a flowfield that for everyone is more soothing, full of the Holy Spirit, full of the compassion of the Christs and the Buddhas and the Krishnas and is no longer in that confrontational way, stirring up reaction and all of the negative qualities that at times can beset the men and women and children upon this earth who do not have the teaching that we have or the understanding that we are attempting to convey.
           So I ask you, each one, to consider your own forms of communication, your own level of presence and of how together we can always respect, honor and hold with the highest integrity the light [with]in [our] eyes [as] our [perfect] vision of each other, how we can be less and less confrontational and more and more conversational and respectful in the ways in which we speak with one another [so] that we may move forward the Brotherhood's plan for a golden-crystal age of love-wisdom for Aquarius.
           God bless you, each and every one. May this day be the highest outpicturing of your Presence, your mission and your holy way in the way of loving God and serving humanity. Bye bye.

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