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Goddess of Purity      May 01, 2009

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David C. Lewis
May 1, 2009  8:10-8:23 am local time
Johannesburg, South Africa
2009 South Africa Pilgrimage

A Mighty Washing Clean of the Abuse of the Mother Light in Africa

The Erasing of 144,000 Years of the Infamy of Man Against Man and Woman and Child

(The Goddess of Purity chants for just over two minutes.)

            In purity's light, I enfold you. In the joyful presence of the Mother, her sacred gift is bestowed unto you. And to every child of the Mother, the sacred flame of purity is held brightly within my heart for your ascent, for the victory of consciousness wed to the Divine. Raise now the light of purity, O Lord! Raise now the sacred fire within these and create an aura of sanctity and stillness whereby they may always know your heart of light.
            O sacred fire of purity, blaze through the land of Afra! O sacred fire of purity, blaze through the land of Afra! O sacred fire of purity, blaze through the land of Afra! Now as my angels go to catch up with the Mother flow that I have sent before them, there is a swaddling garment of light conveyed unto every heart, wrapping them in greater crystal fire of purity. All that is anti-purity is sealed within the astral plane this day and may not emerge unless the Lord Astrea and Purity call if forth for consummation and transmutation.
            Therefore, the power wielded by the denizens of darkness is stripped from them this hour, that temporal power that they have gleaned by amassing unto themselves the energies of those from whom they have stolen the light of purity. And unto those who have raped the holy innocents, I say, stop! For that which you have stolen of the Mother flow will be required of you, you know, in the eternal cycles of your own being!
            And therefore if you would know God, then enter purity this day. Those who promote the darkness of the abasing of the Mother Light are called to task by the legions of Purity and Serapis Bey this day. And so there is a washing clean of the records of the abuse and the misuse of that Mother Light within all nations of Africa, especially in the Sudan, in Rwanda, in the Congo, Nigeria, Angola, Zimbabwe and South Africa. And so I wash clean these records by dispensation of grace and through the action of the violet light that you have invoked, blessed hearts, over these nine months and more.
            And so there is the erasing of 144,000 years of the infamy of man against man and woman and child. So, when we have those upon Earth who understand the divine equation of light and offer themselves in purity and in divine service to the Holy Lord of all life in prayer, miracles may ensue, the light may flow and the holy grace of purity may find new residents within the hearts of lightbearers.
            So I have come and extended my heart and my grace of purity to you. So may you extend the light of purity to all. (The Goddess of Purity chants again for 50 seconds.)

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