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Manjushri      September 11, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
September 11, 2008   6:45–7:20 am MDT
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat   8:08–8:28 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  Leadership through mindfulness is the need of the hour in many circles of life.

2.  Problems in communication often involve a lack of focused, loving intent and mindfulness to understand others' needs within their own life mission's context.

3.  Realizing the intrinsic value of peaceable presence over human righteousness, move thoughtfully forward with fullness of mind and lightness of heart.

4.  Entering the divine realms to catch the nuances of the Word requires the greatest caring and mindfulness for the souls of all who will receive your message.

5.  Trusting in your Self is the crux of beingness when your mission is challenged and your work's value is scrutinized by human minds rather than the rationale of Buddhic mindfulness.

6.  You are only believable when you first believe in your Self.

7.  Human rationale will never suffice for heart-centered mindfulness.

8.  God's great understanding of every sentient being's essence and purpose within the circle of the One through cosmic mindfulness is what we term omniscience.

9.  The possibilities for victory exist within the seed of your every moment's mindful work through presence.

10. One must be willing to be initiated by fire to be an initiate of the Spirit.

11. I am mindfulness in every life cycle, in every thought process, in every heartstream.

12. I am each moment's victorious outpicturing through mindfulness.

13. I am the flow of mindfulness through conscious acceptance of my Presence.

14. I am the freedom of every electron of my being to be mindful in its cosmic dance.

15. I am the essence of mindfulness through every challenging situation that arises.

16. I am working out my reason for being within the crucible of mindful action through joyful surrender to God's holy will.

17. I am the evolution of all mankind as it is occurring right within me here and now.

18. I am hailing many angels of mindfulness on the yellow ray to increase the frequencies of divine thought within my mind-heart connection in this moment.

19. I am setting my course and steering the ship of my life to be mindful through presence to all people at all times and in all places.

20. I am Maitreya's heart of mindfulness throughout this holy day, come what may.

Being Electrodes for Planetary Change

      The intensity of every situation that arises within your life occurs within the greater context of planetary initiation. And therefore, blessed hearts, when troublesome problems arise, depending on your attitude, your awareness and the magnanimity of your heart, you may move into greater opportunity to be an electrode for planetary change if you accept the greater currents that are flowing throughout the orb of your world home within the microcosm of your own world.
           When greater numbers of conscious ones accept the higher frequencies of the Spirit and the workings of the secret rays through their beings, then greater planetary transmutation may occur. But as some are not willing to bear the initiatic fire within their beings that will offset dire prophecies and the potential for cataclysmic activity, then there may not be the counterweight among the presence of the Universal Spirit of the Brotherhood of Light embodied to hold the field of this sacred balance betwixt heaven and earth that is the requirement of the hour. Holding this level of presence requires a tremendous self-effort in God and the belief and the sure knowledge through mindfulness that you will be there, that you will stand firm and that the balance will be held and the finger in the dyke will be sustained.
           Many of you have felt a surge both of darkness and of the possibility for holding greater light in recent weeks and especially during this cycle of the appearance of the Kali Mother and her teachings through Meru University. We are remolding you in light through mindfulness. And joy is the key to the victory of your sustaining that holy office as a lightbearer on behalf of thousands.
           When one or another leave[s] off of the invocation of the Word or of bearing their personal responsibility to be an electrode as they have vowed before the great Karmic Lord, then the weight accrues to one or another who offer[s] self in the divine equation to hold that counterweight. This your Mother has done. And this some of you are beginning also to understand, to feel and to bear as certain elements of the darkness are being extracted from the earth by divine beings at inner levels.
           Therefore, blessed ones, take heart. Depersonalize that which you may at times see outpictured in other heartfriends as lapses. Judge not, but hold all in the highest aspect of presence and focus of light that you are able through absolute bodhicitta, knowing that God will make up the difference through the collective awareness of presence of all lightworkers across the planetary home.
           It requires many from numerous dispensations and teachings and communities of light to hold the antahkarana in this hour such that the great Solar Lords may ray forth these frequencies that will gently raise the awareness of mankind and the mass consciousness. Some may be lost by lack of inner knowing of their oneness with God, living in the sea of samsara, not attuned to the currents that are now flowing around and through the earth. But others are awakening, and at certain inner levels there is a greater shift, with many feeling that something new is occurring as a metamorphosis of the Spirit within them.
           Therefore stand firm, keepers of the lightning and those of you who have vowed to hold presence, though the winds of darkness come washing upon the shores of your own being and assailing even that which you feel is the core of your self-identity.

The Opportunity of New Mindfulness through This Dispensation

      I am Manjushri, and I am here for each and every one that accepts the new mindfulness as opportunity within this dispensation of light. And though some see fault within the messenger or within others of the leadership, I say look only to thyself. Cast out the mote within thine own eye and keep on keeping on in your spiritual work. For as this small body of true divine believers in the oneness of the Presence holds this greater field of presence, there is an alchemy occurring whereby war may be forestalled, greater destruction mitigated toward the day of the greater appearance of the Lords of Light in form and of Peace, blessed Peace, coming to lend his great hand toward the new day.
           I am the mind of Aquarius and the flow of beingness in this hour, casting new lines of light here and there to souls who are being given opportunity to hold on to that line and to come home to the heart of the Mother and the new Alpha-Omega frequencies of heart-wisdom that we offer. This dispensation is rooted in the context of Buddhic mindfulness and love-wisdom. It was foreseen long ago and will move on through those who accept the full enfiring of the Spirit that occurs day by day by listening to the Word that flows and assimilating the vibration, the inner wisdom and the sure knowledge of God within themselves that is attuned to the vibration of oneness.
           Fear not. Fear not. Fear not, but be God-justice in action. Liberate the molecules of selfhood within, and your freedom to be God-taught will continue through the fount that we offer.
           I am Manjushri and I speak clearly through this one. And I offer my heart to those who would be true to this voice. Bless you, each one, in holy purpose and in cosmic resolve to know all that is, all that was and all that ever will be within the one-pointed heart presence of love-wisdom within. I thank you.

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