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Manjushri      August 26, 2008

Beloved Manjushri
David Christopher Lewis
August 26, 2008   5:55–6:22 am MDT
Broadcast through the Wellspring Retreat   8:08–8:20 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

Manjushri's Mindful Moments

1.  Follow the thread of beingness back to the heart of God.

2.  The essence of Buddhahood is mindful heart-centeredness.

3.  Replete with the wisdom of pure consciousness, emanate the simplicity of mind.

4.  Initiate a truce with the lesser self. Struggle not within the context of duality, and embrace the peace of the Presence.

5.  Close the revolving door of dwelling on past interplays with the shadow self.

6.  Every cloud is an example of the merging of the four elements into an ever-changing model of beingness. Learn from its airy essence of mindfulness.

7.  Forensic evidence is in: You are Buddha's offspring.

8.  Study with my bhikkhus1 and stand firm with my tertons2 in defense of your own indestructible Buddha Nature.

9.  Every day is an opportunity for a new shiny finish and gleam to be applied to your evolving soul through spiritual awareness.

10.  In your daily meditations you may till many new fields of awareness as you so choose.

11.  Every evolving spirit is creating a new world through its coursings.

12.  Identifying and knowing the center point of being must be your daily spiritual practice.

13.  Rehearse your new mindful awakening before you retire.

14.  Propagate one seed of Buddhahood within each mindful thoughtform.

15.  Relish the feeling of soul cleanliness within your core essence of godliness.

16.  Inherent within my every heart emanation is Buddhic love-wisdom in balance.

17.  The flowering of consciousness is every Buddha's ongoing avocation.

18.  Resplendent is Maitreya's wisdom smile and powerful is his mindful gaze.

19.  God has always foretold your destiny, for his being is locked inside of you.

20.  Realize the vision of your Higher Self through playful Buddha magic.

Fully Feeling and Embracing Your Presence

           The essence of Buddhahood arises from the lotus of love within your heart. And truly, when you live from and within the vibration of inner contact with Presence, your awakened consciousness sings of God's great desire to know all within the life of all created beings.
            Sentient ones feel, and through the feeling body there is contact with Presence. To fully embrace your Presence, you must feel the currents of light that flow. This feeling is not a sympathetic relationship but the acceptance of the continual stream of light as a river of fire that washes through your being, interpenetrating, through the divine vibration of light, all planes and dimensions of life. When through an understanding of your Buddha Nature you can feel this awareness by placing your attention within the sanctity of selfhood in God, then you exonerate the past and your propensities to misunderstand the essence of God, who you are. And you can fully know with a surety who you are as a God-realized monad individuated as an identity, yet born of the selfsame suchness and Presence as all.
           As a co-creator, you understand the processes of life, learning anew through each moment something of that mindfulness that flows through your core and out through your extremities, blessing and raising life that is also of this same suchness. When you appreciate through mindfulness the essence of God-good within all life, all life embraces you, and your Buddha Nature shines forth within all.
           Much has been spoken of forgiveness and of mercy and of compassion as the way toward Buddhahood. It is key for each one to understand the nature of these, not only as symbolic of surrender to Oneness but as the very essence of the overflowing awareness that each one must embrace within the budding lotus of light, who you are.
           Manjushri I am. And through this voice I exemplify perfect presence around and within you, for you to know the peace-commanding presence of joy, of fidelity, of harmony. Be one with Buddha. Be one of Mother. I am yours in the didactic experience whereby through mindfulness you know God. Thank you, blessed hearts.

1.  bhikkhu: [Pali]: A Buddhist monk, mendicant; a devotee of the Buddha who has vowed to follow the precepts of the Buddha.
2.  terton: Literally, terton means “treasure revealer.” In Tibetan, terton refers to an individual who in previous lifetimes was a disciple of Padma Sambhava. These tertons later reincarnated to spread the teachings (treasures) they received, which were deliberately hidden until a more auspicious time for their revelation.


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