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Ray-O-Light      July 23, 2008

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David C. Lewis
July 23, 2008  7:31-7:41 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

If You Would Bring God Fully into Your World,
Rise in Consciousness!

Blessed Children of the Sun,
           Do you know that you are a ray of light? Well, I know that I am a ray of light because I am Ray-O-Light! And in fearlessness I come this day to strip from you all that has assailed the God Beingness of who you are as sentient ones locked into God Reality. The day that I fully accepted the divinity within me was the day that I merged with the ray of light of God. When will this day come to you, O soul? Maybe it has already come. And yet, at times, still you fear the God Reality of the allness your being, rather than fully accepting that which and who you are.
            Therefore, I come this day to inculcate within you [a] greater
God Self-identity, whereby you may always know in reality that you are this ray of perfection from the heart of God. When you accept this with a full knowingness, then nothing can deter you from the course of your soul's evolution. When you fully accept, without any human clarification, the total God Beingness of your Buddha Nature, then no tiny and puny demon can taunt you or in any way dispel [from] you that which is true about you, which is God!
            If you continuously accept the lesser manifestations of beingness within your aura, then how do you expect us to comingle our fire with you, blessed hearts? If you would rise into the God-ideal of your Reality, then how can you stand to accept those delusional frequencies of the notself again and again within your mind as the maya of darkness?
            I say, it is time that the ray of light who you are fully blaze forth and shine within your world. If you can and will and determine to accept this God-ideal within your world, then I will be there and my legions will come. And if at any time there is not enough faith in your world to perform miracles, then I say, we will add the luster of the light of God in the equation whereby the miracle manifestation of that ray of light of our hearts will make up the difference, and then you can fulfill all within your world.
            It is a simple equation, blessed hearts. If there is less of your acceptance of the God Reality of who you are on this end of the scale, then it will not counterbalance that which God has provided for you as God Beingness on this side of the scale. Therefore, when you rise into the full knowingness of who you are, then in balance that which is true, that which is you may fully manifest in the here and now. But if you have the woe-is-me consciousness and continually accept something of the lesser self, then that scale goes down and God recedes up, away from you in spirit, do you see, blessed ones?
            Therefore, if you would bring God fully into your world, rise in consciousness. Perform that which it is your right to do in this sacred rite of acceptance of perfect balance in your world, for thereby the ray of light of perfection may always be yours. You may see what is before you as opportunity, for Victory and the legions of Victory with Ray-O-Light will come and clear that safe passageway through the dark night whereby you see the light at the end of the tunnel. And you direct your eyesight, your perfect gaze upon the goal, and you move through everything to claim that victory.
            Blessed hearts, many of you are nipping at the very heels of the angels as they course through the cosmos in your meditations and in your greater understanding of the divine processes of the Lord. Yet we would have you grab onto our feet as we soar and as we transcend cycles and star systems to perceive the corona and the aureole of the Divine One, the rainbow of eternal promise right before you in Spirit.
            Therefore, call upon us. Move with us and know the God-self-transcendence of the flame of fearlessness whereby through divine audacity you determine to be the intrepid and courageous ones who, come what may, will strive with all of your hearts to fulfill your reason for being upon Earth. Yes, we are audacious ones, for we have determined that nothing less than God is good enough for us! Will you determine this day that nothing but the light of God within your world is good enough for you, I ask?
            Then make it so through your every thought, through your every word, through the emotions that flow through your feeling body and through the mind of the One that may fully resonate within you because you are fearless, fearless, fearless to accomplish all that you came to this Earth to do!
            I am Ray-O-Light! And I sing the song of light now to your soul. And on the light and sound ray may you receive, blessed hearts, the fullness of the strains of the Legions of Fearlessness this day to once more in the victorious sense go forth to conquer all. I thank you.

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