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Gautama Buddha      June 29, 2008

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David C. Lewis
June 29, 2008  10:52-11:08 am MDT
Freedom in the Age of the Divine Mother
Big Sky, Montana

Come Back to That Point of God-Beingness Within
Right Speech as a Spiritual Practice:
InBreathing Words of Untruth for Transmutation, Then OutBreathing Words of Truth

            In the peace commanding Presence, I come. And I emanate more than words, for I emanate from deep within you. The law of your being is true. And accessing that point of reality keys you into your divinity daily, hourly, moment-by-moment. From the flower of joy that I offer each of you, unfolding from within your heart, I, Gautama, place my presence here. For you have created a flowfield of stillness, which I require when I come.
            Though the Buddhas stimulate the higher mind within their disciples, this day I activate the currents of the heart of God that have lain dormant within your heart for eons. And as there is the clearing of your heart chakra to prepare you for greater love, so the love of the Buddhas is now accessible to you through the point and portal of reality that I open. It may be a tiny bud in this moment, but as you fan the fire and flame of holy love, this bud within your heart will grow. And through the heart-mind connection firmly established through presence¾presence of mind, presence of heart, presence of being¾many Buddhas inculcate within you a new quintessence of cosmic joy that may always be yours.
             The purpose of every spiritual practice is to bring you back to that point of God-beingness within, such that all that you do, all that you accomplish arises from the point of presence, in which you rest upon the lotus light of love.
            Sometimes we Buddhas speak, and yet because you are not in the listening mode, you do not hear our voice. And yet this day, you do. The field of joy ensconced all about thee, O soul, creates the vehicle for our communion. Sustain this field of joy. Morya has said, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth.” And thus Zarathustra spake, and I speak.
            What is speech but the flow of the word through the strings, your vocal chords, which vibrate in a particular frequency whereby you desire to express something from your heart, wisdom from your mind to another. Watch and listen carefully to your speech. Does every word flow from that point of perfect presence of your God-reality? Is every word expressive of the Word who you are as a Christ or a Buddha? In mindfulness, let that word be true. Let it sing. Let it soar. Let it surround the cosmos with God-intent, with mercy and kindness. The words of the Master Jesus still echo across the cosmic sea. And thus it may be for your words, O soul, spoken in holy love.
            Take back those words that you have spoken that have not been true, by your inbreath—receiving them back to the core of reality of who you are, washing them with the new wine of the Word and then, when the time is ripe, speaking them once more correctly with right speech. This is a spiritual practice that I give you this day for the transmutation of all misuse of the word. Simply breathe in now all of these misguided words of the past. And as the concepts, the syllables, the energy thrust behind them in unconsciousness are consumed within the solar sun of being of your Presence, see them now as the original Word of the One, which you may now speak in love.
            For initiates on the path of oneness, right speech is very important. For if you can begin to eliminate the creation of new, negative karma in this way, then all which flows through you may then arise from this new point of cosmic presence, and the past is dissolved into nothingness, into the cosmic void from which you may then co-create beautifully anew.
            In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.¹ Let that God, as the Word who you are from the beginning to the ending, encircling all about, be fulfilled within you as the I AM, as the All, as the One. Peace in the name of the Buddha within you, O heart, O budding one. Peace in the joy of living.

 [Messenger's comments: Gautama says that after you have practiced this ritual of breathing back the misguided words, you may have your hands gently come to your heart to seal your heart and with Mary—holding fast, maintaining and keeping the peace within—to know, to dare, to do and to be silent in this new knowingness of peace that comes because you have withdrawn the darkness from that which you have emitted.
            These words are a part of your soul energy, and this is even an aspect of soul retrieval because many of our soul parts have been lost through our words. It is simply like you see one [word] out there that you know that you have expressed with anger or unconsciousness and you pluck it back, bring it to your heart, see the energy misqualified transmuted. Let it resonate within your heart until all is washed clean. And in some cases, going back to the one to whom you spoke irrationally, asking for forgiveness, apologizing and speaking the words of truth that you should have conveyed.
            Thank you, Gautama, for your mindfulness and for this very lovely and simple gift to help us on our path. Let us meditate for the next three minutes in silence as we perform within ourselves this ritual.]

1.  John 1:1

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