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Maitreya      April 12, 2008

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
April 12, 2008  8:21-8:41 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Remember Your Vow

I am Maitreya and I would speak to you of the vow.
            The holy brothers and sisters attended to the voice of Sanat Kumara long ago and because of his great sacrifice came before the Lord and Lady of Venus to offer themselves for the mission of saving the earth. Many of you were among this company and as the Lord and Lady gave their pledge and vow to Alpha and Omega, to absent themselves from their home star and to come to earth there was a great impression made upon the universe of their sacrificial gift. And this offering created in that hour a spiral of light that when followed unto its conclusion would result in the securing of the planet and her evolutions fully in the light.
          It took one pair of twin flames for the dispensation to be granted and the avowal of their offering and sacrifice of the great light of their causal bodies was seen as sufficient to maintain the point of contact with reality for an entire world. And yet it also required that many come to support that mission and each of you, now for these long eons of time, have dwelt in the veils of time and space in order to aid the Regent Lord of the World and his beloved.
            At the conclusion of each epoch the spiral of that age comes to conclusion and fruition and within the earth itself and within the souls of many lifewaves there is the opportunity for the fulfilling of the original purpose of your coming, your sacrifice and of your own avowal to the light to support the Ancient of Days. This is a time of conclusion, opportunity and fulfillment for many. And Sanat Kumara comes with Gautama to once again impress upon your soul the original intent as cosmic purpose for the mission that we together have sustained on behalf of the earth.
            And the impression of the vow that you took and that you made personally to Sanat Kumara and Venus is once again impressed upon your being. It is a grid of fire, it is a matrix of light, it is a geometrization of the God-flame within your soul. It is the very impression of the One within you. The Lord God has sent his messengers in every age to remind the evolutions of light of their holy purpose and to call those who have forgotten the vision and the mission to once again take up their holy calling and to fulfill their vow.
            The mystery school that I was privileged to lead and to support is here again. And the teaching is being delivered once more to souls whose ears are open, whose minds are receptive and whose hearts yearn for the truth, the light and the way. A portal to the divine world has been opened through this dispensation of The Hearts Center movement. And those of you who would come to terms with your self, entering into the final spirals of beingness to fulfill your vow and purpose, would do well to understand the complexity of the equation within your self of light and darkness and to once and for all fully embrace the totality of the God-flame within in order that as you enter the final spiral you would see clearly, you would know fully and that all would be resolved within you.
            Look not outside of self for some sort of emotional support that would assuage the pain of separation from the divine. But go within to understand the nurturing aspect of that Mother Light, even within the soul and the spark divine that still abides within as that portal to oneness, that opportunity for grace, mercy and joy.
            Blessed ones, those who assail the very mouthpiece of the Word must understand the terms and conditions upon which they were accepted into the holy brotherhood and sisterhood of light. And therefore in this hour I bring before the vision of your soul the reminder of your office, the spiritual document that you signed as a volunteer for the earth and of the vow that you took, signing your name in letters of living fire.
            Peace be still and know that I AM God, the I AM THAT I AM within, saith the Lord Sanat Kumara, saith the Lady Venus.
            By love you will win and only by love will your vow be fulfilled and your mission be accomplished. Save yourself first. And then as a priest or priestess of love-wisdom you may serve at the altar on behalf of the evolutions of this planet. I have come. And the word of the Lord is here, is now and is sealed within those who would fulfill their vow.

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