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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

Lanello      February 01, 2008

Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
February 1, 2008  8:17-8:29 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

What is a Dictation?

              What is a dictation? A dictation is a message delivered by an ascended master¹, angel, or cosmic being² to an anointed and sponsored messenger through the agency of the Holy Spirit by special dispensation. A dictation may be delivered in numerous ways, although the most common is through telepathic communication between the master and the messenger. The messages may be typed, written or delivered orally.
            In the case of ex cathedra³ dictations, the master's presence is so tangible over the messenger that the oral delivery is as if the master is physically speaking through the messenger's vocal cords. During a dictation, the master's spiritual light energy or radiation is tangibly felt by the messenger, who becomes a conduit for the transmission of both the message and the divine radiance of the master's presence or higher consciousness. The radiation is often so great that all who listen or who are in close proximity to the dictation can feel a tremendous rush of spiritual light and energy during its transmission, even if it is heard via recording after the fact.
            A dictation of an ascended master is not psychic channeling through a medium, wherein messages may come through disembodied spirits who are not ascended in the light and free. By cosmic law, sponsored and anointed messengers may only receive dictations from God-free beings and not those who dwell on the astral or psychic or emotional plane of the earth.
             Each dictation is a spiritual experience, an opportunity for the devotee to be an active participant in the delivery of the dictation through conscious awareness of the sacred process that occurs during the preparation for the master's coming, as well as the actual message itself.
             During the time of preparation there is a heightened sense of spiritual light in the room where the delivery occurs. The messenger prepares his or her consciousness for the master's delivery through silent or deep meditation and concentration upon the light of God within the master's holy presence. And there is a heightened sensitivity to all vibrations in the surrounding area that may affect the transmission itself. Thus, for oral dictations it is imperative that those in the audience remain centered, silent and in a state of deep reverence and devotion while listening. Each participant may thus help to anchor the message and the radiation behind the message during the dictation itself.
            Another term for a dictation is a heartstream, for truly each dictation is delivered with great love and the spiritual light within it is accentuated and flows through the heart chakra4 of the messenger to bless all who receive it. For those whose inner spiritual sight is opened, they may see the master's presence over the messenger with great streams of light pouring forth into the room and unto the earth through the chakras of the master overshadowing those of the messenger. Every dictation contains spiritual keys for all who hear or read it for their progress on the path toward their ultimate freedom and ascension in the light. Thus, every dictation is a blessing and an opportunity for the devotee to rise higher in consciousness through the wisdom teaching of the master.


¹The ascended masters are our elder brothers and sisters, such as Jesus Christ, his mother, Mary, and Gautama Buddha, who have passed all major initiations of the spiritual path and graduated from Earth's schoolroom, returning by free will to the heart of God through the sacred ritual or process known as the ascension.  They are the saints, teachers and masters of East and West from all religions and cultures who stand in glory before the presence of the one God.

²Cosmic Beings are individual identities who have attained cosmic consciousness or solar beingness to a point where their auric emanations have expanded to embrace not just one planet such as Earth, but often entire solar systems and galaxies.  They are often given the title of God or Goddess to denote their attainment of a high level of celestial awareness while focusing for vast evolutions one particular God-quality, ray of light energy or stream of consciousness.

³Ex cathedra is Latin for "from the chair" and has historically been used primarily in Catholic theology to describe the process that would give a pope's edict a sense of infallibility.

4Chakra is Sanskrit for "wheel or discus";  and is used to denote a spiritual center seen only in the etheric body.  There are seven main chakras aligning along the spinal column, five lesser-known chakras in the heart, hands, and feet,  and a total of 144 spiritual centers within the supra-physical body.

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