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Rose of Light      December 31, 2007

Beloved Rose of Light
David C. Lewis
December 31, 2007  8:15-8:30 am CST
Light is the Alchemical Key
Chicago, Illinois

The Love Touch of Rose of Light
I Come to Increase Love in the Earth

            Most beautiful hearts, whose radiance I see, whose love I feel and whose aroma wafts unto me because you have called to love. I am Rose of Light and I extend a helping hand and a helping heart to you today as a bridge from this year to the next and from a life lived sometimes not so conscious[ly], to one where you may be fully present in the love of God.
            As you meditate upon the lives of the saints and vicariously experience with them the travail that at times occurred within their hearts with the very piercing of that heart with the ruby love of God in their great desire to be acceptable in the eyes of God, there is created within you an avenue of light whereby you, too, may experience this divine relationship of greater love within the heart of God.
            I proclaim you saints upon Earth this day, even if it is for one day, because in this sacred alchemy of the Word you have entered into the sacred science of love and understood in harmony with each other how greater love is required in the Earth for this Earth to be transformed into the sister star of Venus, one of freedom for all.
            Thus, blessed ones, I come to increase love in the Earth. And, as you know, this at times does cause certain among mankind's hearts to fail for fear, for they do not understand God's love fully, having dwelt so far and so long apart from the heart of God. And yet, I commission each of you as my representatives of love, even as the Holy Spirit does move through you, seeking those through whom he may speak and emanate and practice love in a greater givingness of self to others.
            Some among you have striven and striven and striven to experience love, both in human relationships, but also in the divine one-on-one experience, whereby your heart is melded within the very heart of the Beloved. And you know nought else but love in that moment. What is love, I ask, but the very knowing within your heart of God where you are?What greater love can anyone have but to lay down that love through a life lived to the glory of God in the self-emptying process of knowing truly the allness of God as you bestow your own Selfhood while serving others?
            The roseate hue that I would bring this day to bless you with and to ensconce your soul within, is one that will be individualized for each one of you in a unique coloration, based on the evolution of your heart. Yes, did you think that only your soul evolves? Well, I say truly, blessed ones, that your heart also is moving in the stream of God's light and energy. And as you enter into that sacred heart of oneness, then your heart does expand, your heart does evolve into a heart of purity, a heart of great love and joy and radiance.
            As you take time each day in presence, to worship the one God and to obey the first commandment of Jesus to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, body, soul and spirit, God gives you of his heart. For, as above, so below in this divine relationship God cannot help but offer unto you what you as a sentient soul offer the One.
            Therefore, take time each day to experience divine love in some way, first within your heart in stillness and then offering that love in a very practical manner to others in need of greater love. The rose of light who I am I extend to you as you as you extend love and compassion to others. The rose of light who you are becoming through greater love, connectivity and divine emanation may truly be for others a way out of the dilemma of a selfhood lived outside of God's aura of love.
            Therefore, you, too, can be that bridge for others to know God in a greater depth of experience, in a greater beingness of cosmic joy within the very heart chamber of the Divine One. Enter that chamber now with me whereby you may know only love, only light. Embrace the Beloved of your own higher being and self and know truly in this moment outside of time and space within this chamber of love the great allness of God's love for you.
            I take now the roses that you have strewn in preparation for my coming and I fling them into the atmosphere of the Earth, for their radiance and grace and blessing may flow to all life upon Earth. I thank you, most wondrous hearts, for your careful attentiveness this morning to love. And before you leave this room this morning I desire to impress a personal remembrance within your heart of my love for you that I pray and hope that you shall always remember this sacred tryst of our hearts that you may have when you sing and pray to me or to any of the masters and angels of love.
            So, come forward and receive my touch, my heart one with yours.

Note:  After the dictation Rose of Light blessed all present one by one by tapping their heart chakras through the index and middle fingers of the messenger. The messenger and a number of devotees could smell the gentle aroma of roses filling the room during this heartstream by Rose of Light.

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