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Spirit of Christmas      December 25, 2007

Beloved Spirit of Christmas
David Christopher Lewis
December 25, 2007   8:01–8:16 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Abide Always within the Holy Presence of the Spirit of Christmas
and Know the Eternality of the Word

            I am the Spirit of Christmas here, and I am the Spirit of Christmas everywhere on this day that you have dedicated to the remembrance of one, Jesus, who, having expressed the full radiance of the Christ in his life, set forth a foundation for that selfsame Christ-identity to be realized by all.
            I have been very busy of late. For you know, blessed ones, that I ensoul the very Spirit of Saint Nicholas. I am the one who empowers his sleigh and his reindeer by sprinkling the sacred essence of Christmases past, present and future so that they may take flight throughout the world.
            I have been known to alight at the North Pole, but also at the South, not only of this world but of many worlds. For you see, there is the Spirit of Christmas that lives and moves and has its being within all worlds and not just on planet Earth. For the Christ is the Christ everywhere throughout the universe; and the Spirit of Christmas, as that essence of the Christic light, blazes in the hearts of all those who understand the nature of the Christ Spirit no matter what world they hail from.
            So the jolly old man Saint Nicholas comes, and little children try to espy him coming down the chimney and placing presents beneath the tree. Well, I say this day that I bring something of your Presence here. For I have amplified the very Christic light of Christmas within your own causal body and Holy Christ Self, and this day I deposit greater love fires of joy—the joy of Christmas—where you are right here within your own heart.
            What do people love about Christmas that makes it that special day that all children look forward to? It is the giving and receiving of gifts and it is the joy-filled aspect of life, of sharing, of family, of hope and of peace. Within you, each one, there is an ancient memory of that perfect time of Edenic consciousness when you lived always within the very Presence of God. Would that all mankind would understand the true meaning of the Christ Mass and how each one can return to that Edenic state of pure bliss within God's loving heart.
            Saint Nicholas comes. And I come overshadowing him and his many elves and workers who have worked overtime, just as some of your staff have in recent days in preparing those CDs. And thus they hammer and they sew and they mend and they manufacture all manner of divine spiritual gifts for the sons and daughters of God who are moving up into a higher consciousness and awareness of the Christ Spirit within themselves.
            Day by day as you partake of the very essence of your own Christ nature in your prayers, decrees, songs and services to life, the blessed Christmas angels come to deposit within your own causal body, which is truly your own tree of life, many, many presents and gifts of the Spirit that you will always have access to, to play with, to use and to share with friends of light worlds without end.
            Come with me now, blessed ones, as you in your souls hop upon my sacred sleigh, pulled by Rudolph and others. As we go high, high, high up into the sky and around the Earth this night, this day, we see below the homes of millions of Earth's evolutions, the smoke billowing from their chimneys. We see the fires within their hearts and we observe, home by home by home, the pleasant aura of givingness of these families in their sharing and receiving of gifts that mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, friends and co-workers and, yes, good old Saint Nicholas have deposited beneath the tree.
            Now we wrap all of these families within our arms of love and send forth the holy radiance of the Christmas Spirit to each and every one. For where there is love, where there is family, there is the Christmas Spirit. And each and every one of you, as one of my friends and as a part of my holy family, may partake of this sacred ritual of rising on your wings of light and abiding with me each Christmas Eve and Christmas morn as we perform this sacred ritual of amplifying the light, the love, the fellowship and the family joy-spirit within each and every home.
            We also now go to those who have no homes or families, who have no hope or are bereft of that Spirit, either because of personal choices or because of their life circumstances, and we embrace each and every one. And I call forth millions of legions of Christmas angels to descend into, through and around these blessed hearts, sending comfort, grace and the Spirit of Christmas also.
            Yes, this day there are no more Scrooges upon the Earth. For even the old Scrooge bent the knee and understood the very nature of the Spirit of Christmas in the end. And the carol was written¹ and the carols were sung, the joy was shared, the sacred turkey or goose or bird was carved and eaten, the plum pudding was had, and hearts and souls warmed with that new spirit of friendship, of family and of love partook of my very Spirit, your very Spirit, God's Spirit of joy in that hour.
            Would that this Christmas Spirit would be expressed across the Earth and across the planets and the stars every hour of every day for all eternity. You can make it so by the Spirit of your own Christ consciousness, by the love that you share, by the warmth of your heart, by the radiance in your aura, by fulfilling your dreams and those true wishes that you had as a child for peace on Earth, good will toward men.²
            Blessed ones, enter now the Spirit of Christmas in this childlike state and know truly the aroma of this love. Do you perceive the scents of the angels? Do you feel their caring hearts for each one of you? Then abide always within this holy presence of the Spirit of Christmas and know the eternality of that Word, which is the Christ, the Logos, and which is behind and within the Spirit of Christmas.
            I bless you now. And as we return to this place and depart from the sacred sleigh and come back to our seats, sing your carols, sing of joy, sing of the new Jerusalem, sing of the Lord Christ. And in true joy and love for each other, embrace always the light of the Christ of your friend, your family, your co-worker and know that joy of the Spirit of Christmas always.
            I thank you for arising early. For you see, blessed ones, I never sleep on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. And I would have you keep me awake with your prayers to me throughout the year so that you may partake of that Spirit of godly Christ Mass joy always. I thank you.

1.  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
2.  Luke 2:14

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