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Djwal Kul      September 01, 2007

Beloved Djwal Kul
David C. Lewis
September 1, 2007  (14 minutes) 
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

In Silent Contemplation You may Discover the Secrets of the Word

I Am Searching for Those Who Would Climb with Me
to the Apex of Cosmic Awareness in Stillness

Beloved Ladies and Gentlemen of the Flame,
            I come from the Far East to impress the radiance of my beingness in God upon you. I am Djwal Kul, and the refreshment of the Spirit—which comes to you through your own attunement, which is the at-onement with your Source—I bring.
            When you have entered into the sacred space from which the Word does emanate through your being, there is the echoing within every avenue of selfhood, and expanding out in concentric rings to include the entire cosmos, the soundless sound, who you are in God.
            Can you hear the strains of angels' voices in unison, in praise of the Most High as your voices merge with theirs? Do you understand the purpose of your voice and of how your throat chakra may be an emitter of that Word that you have become [and] also a receptor of the Word of God? Heretofore you have considered your voice and your throat chakra only as an active Alpha-thrusting portal. And yet, have you considered how each chakra, which contains both the Alpha and the Omega matrix of light, may also receive the impressions from the Source? Thus, in your quietude and in the inbreath, creating the space from which the voice of the OM does emanate, there is that divine polarity of Omega, which is necessary for you to understand in totality before that Word does emanate from your throat, blessed ones.
            Thus, we the ascended masters of the Far East have always advocated a time of silent contemplation, from which you may discover secrets of the Word that flow from the very nadir of God's inbreath. If you are only in the active mode of sending forth the Word, but you do not take that time to be the cosmic receptors of the highest aspect of the Word—who God is as your source—then you may miss a certain aspect of that which the Lord of all does send forth day by day unto each world, unto each manifestation of himself as consciousness in the world of form.
            Blessed ones, I would recommend that during your prayer vigils and even in your morning sessions, you take time—creating that sacred space within each thirty- to sixty-minute time [period]—to allow this very deep response of self to the impressions of the Divine One to flow unto you. For then the power of the Word that you may be a focal point for will have greater emphasis, balance and activating currents to impress upon the cosmos that which you seek to have accomplished. For, blessed ones, balance in the Alpha-Omega within is so important for many of you who are ascending the spiral staircase of attainment.
            The point of your God Reality in the here and now is a viable and active matrix, but within each line of the clock that you pass through, remember that there is, even on that line, the totality of a mini-clock, wherein the Alpha thrust must also accede to the Omega return. And in understanding the push-pull action of light, the outbreath and the inbreath, the Tai Chi of selfhood, you will discover the new essences of that which God would give to you in your meditation, in that point of silence, stillness and cosmic peace.
            Blessed ones, the secrets of the universe are reserved for those who, through intention and holy surrender, not only give but receive willingly, openly, with trust in the Divine, [and are] humble to the max, willing to be abased when that not-self does rise at times to take the helm of [their] own being. For if, blessed ones, there is not the full dismemberment of the not-self through your conscious appreciation of the totality of your being, then it would be better for some to wait to ascend the final bounding steps of the summit trek until their feet were sure. For in the rarified heights, when the winds do blow and the snows shift in an instant, you must be guarded. You must be fully aware of all that transpires within your consciousness and be ready for what may come.
            I am the Tibetan one, searching for those to whom I may extend the sure rope to climb with me to the apex of cosmic awareness in stillness. Speak of love. Speak of hope. Speak of peace within. And then listen intently to what the Lord does send in the sacred echoing of that Word unto the shores of Reality that you have become in sacred silence with me.
            Peace be still, O soul, and know the I AM as your God Presence alwaysnow. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

Let us take to heart Djwal Kul's message and reserve time in each thirty- to sixty-minute period of our sessions for some time of silence so we can listen to the voice of God within to know exactly what needs to occur next in our sacred dance with Shiva and the ascended masters.                                                                                            

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