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Hierarchs of the Elementals      August 19, 2007

Transcribed by and date:  Janice Haugen; 070819

Proofed by and date:  Lenore Harris; 070820

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Beloved Four Hierarchs of the Elementals

David C. Lewis

August 19, 2007   6:09-6:31 am MDT

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana




Blessed Sons and Daughters of the Most High God,

            We come early this morning to give you a teaching on the four quadrants of being. For you have heard from the Knight Commander last evening that the Four Horsemen are riding again. And to understand the nature of their appearance in your world you must first understand the nature of yourself. As you know, you have four lower bodies and these are for the evolution of your soul in the lower planes of being, even as your Solar Presence and higher bodies continue to manifest the divine perfection of your God Presence in the higher dimensions of being.

            If the kingdoms of this world are to become the kingdoms of the Lord and of his Christ, then there must be the sweeping clean of the four lower emanations of personal beingness. And this the Four Horsemen are symbolic of. And their ride, whereby they do reap on behalf of the Lord God that which is just and true and also do call to order and to judgment that which is not real within the earth in these four planes, is such that each of you must understand that this action is for your own personal coming to grips with those elements of being such that you may move forward on your path.

            Yes, you may look to that which has outpictured in the world of form in the economy and in the world as unjust and a manifestation of mankind's lower nature. But have you thought on that which has outpictured in your own world, of which the world in which you live is also an outpicturing, blessed ones? Thus look not to others or to the unreality that you see in the economy, as war, as famine and plague, and as death itself. But look within your own being to determine what of your higher nature you have not yet fully assimilated and become. And determine this day, with the ascended masters' consciousness and Presence over you and with you, that you will fully employ the gifts and graces and talents that God gave you in the beginning when he placed within you the spark divine within your heart.

            As you both assimilate the energies that flow from your God Presence through your crystal cord each day, making them real and applying the resources of your Source in your work and service to life, you will have available to you all that you need to sustain the life of God in this dimension and plane of being within you. But if you are cut off from that Source by stopping the flow, in any way, within your four lower bodies then there is sin, disease and death and the death spiral manifest in your world. Thus there must be the cosmic chi of divine flow where you are, whereby you have access to the divine world for healing and for the assimilation of that which God desires to flow through you, moment by moment.

            Yes, the Four Horsemen ride and their ride is one that causes the earth to tremble and the hearts of mankind who have not come to terms with their own divine nature also to tremble. And thus the souls of mankind feel almost an austere manifestation of the presence of God that these, on behalf of the archangels who have poured out the seven vials of the seven last plagues, delivered to the earth. And so it comes swiftly, often as a torrent and mankind are stripped in the instant of the shortcomings of their own unself, such that all is laid bare; nothing is left except that which God would bestow. You must surrender the last vestiges of human nonsense and the non-senses of the human ego and move into the divine Presence of beingness as a co-creator with the divine One.

            You have heard the parable of the prodigal son. Well I say that all those who dwell in these dimensions in some manner are the prodigal ones. And we call you this day to come home unto the feast of the Father/Mother God, to put on the true garment of your divinity, your God Selfhood, as the personal witness to the banquet feast of the Lord God that he lays out for each and everyone who would receive of his blessings and of his abundance.

            Shirk not the responsibility that comes to all created sons and daughters, but accept your divine birthright and know the Presence, the Shekinah glory of the Lord God within you this day. You see, blessed ones, when you accept the garment and the mantle of fire, then there is balance within your four lower bodies. For the Lord knows exactly what you need and has placed within the cloak of the divinity of Selfhood that you may don that which brings harmony, that which is true, that which is of the Presence of God. And when you don this mantle, which means when you employ the full responsibility and the weight of light that this mantle represents, then the harmonization in the four quadrants, earth, air, fire and water within you, is manifest through the pyramid of Self. And you have access to the divine world through the point at the third eye of that pyramid through pure vision of oneness in God.

            Thus work on sweeping clean your unconscious and understand the nature of the subconscious as the repository of the engrams of light from your Higher Source, that when energized and sustained as thoughtforms of divinity and matrices of perfection, may be for you keys to your victory. Wiping clean the Aegean Stables also is flushing clean the Aegean Stables, as Hercules has manifested, is also a parable of the need for each one to clear out the lower aspects of your memory body. And thus when this occurs, blessed ones, and the only memory left is that of your true Self and of the Lord God and his love for you, then all will be well, all will be in peace, all will be maintained in the cleanliness which is next to the godliness of personal Selfhood with your Source.

            Thus, move heaven and earth within through the giving and sustaining of the action of the violet consuming singing fire and accelerate this light to its laser frequency, whereby there is within you that pinpoint accuracy of cosmic gnosis in the dissolving of all that is unreal and the acceptance, simultaneously, of all that is real in the now. This is your work with the Four Horsemen—to assist the earth itself in sustaining life upon planet earth as you know it.

            We are the Four Hierarchs of the Elementals. And this our teaching to you this day will bring about, first in your own world, when applied, and then within the world body itself, that harmony and balance that you seek. For you know the divine world, blessed hearts. You truly know that oneness with God for you have experienced it in your higher bodies and it will always be the desire of your soul to bring that into manifestation within this world and plane of being. Call to us and the elemental beings and the four cosmic forces that we represent and that we direct the course of light through. And then when the Four Horsemen come, you shall not be bereft of light, you shall be there. For that which is real within you they will amplify, for you have already surrendered the lower nature of self.

            When all hell breaks loose and the four cosmic forces are in disturbance, as you see it, even then there is balance being brought about within the earth. For you see the elementals cannot sustain the imposition of mankind's darkness and karma. And thus they must release that darkness that has been placed upon them. And this you have seen in the storm and the wind, the lightning, the thunder, the fire, the earthquake, the cyclone, the hurricane.

            When more of mankind employ the divine light within their world to sustain the harmony and balance in these planes, blessed hearts, then there will be the softening of the work of the elementals and you will see Eden come, truly, once more upon earth. But until many more take up the proffered gift of the teachings of the ascended masters and use, day by day, the resources of the spirit to invoke the sacred fire on behalf of the elementals and the nature spirits, then you will see a continuing action as you have seen it in recent years, whereby that balance is brought about only through cataclysm, earth changes and the dire results to the lives of many.

            We amplify now within you the light of Christhood and your own Buddha nature in the four planes as you are willing to accept it, become it and sustain it. Let God-reality, as the entrance and gateway to the physical world, vibrate within your consciousness such that all that flows from the etheric through the mental, the emotional and finally into the physical plane is truly sifted through the thought processes of God through your own higher mind such that you, also as a representative of the Lord God in this plane, may sort out that which is true, that which is unreal—almost as little children playing their game, “He loves me; he loves me not.” For the wise uses of your energies, which the Lord God does love within you, are made permanent and the unwise misuses of that light, which God cannot enfire with permanence, are let go like the dead leaves or the old petals of the flower which wilt and are no more.

            Blessed hearts, we thank you for your attendance here, day by day, and the sustaining of the flame that you hold on behalf of thousands and even millions of lifestreams upon this earth. One day you shall truly know all the work that you have done on behalf of mankind and the elementals and nature spirits. We are grateful for your great hearts of fire. We bless you and we send you on your way with wings of fire to ascend to the highest heights of God-consciousness to once again employ that divine science of spoken mantra and the word of the Lord through your sacred throat centers. We are with you, even in your travail, even in your testing, even in the stripping of your garments. For, blessed ones, then, and only then, may the Lord place upon you the robes of righteousness that are reserved for the saints robed in white.

            You may enter into this holy body of our brotherhood through the sanctification of your souls, through the wine of the spirit, the bloodshed by the lamb himself since the foundation of the world. And this action occurs through that invocation of the spiritual fire of the violet transmuting fire—which I ask you to employ for the remainder of your vigil in great measure on behalf of the elementals. We thank you. We buoy you up. There is light at the end of the tunnel, blessed hearts, and that light is the light of God that is always victorious because God loves you and because you accept that love within.

            In the name of the divine Mother who sustains life in this plane on your behalf, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit most holy, we serve. Amen.









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