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Omri-Tas      July 03, 2007

David C. Lewis (inspired by Omri-Tas)
July 3, 2007   8:01-8:06 am MDT
The Alchemy of Eternal Youth in Freedom's Flame
Hilton Garden Inn
Bozeman, Montana

The Story of Gerald the Giraffe

            Omri-Tas would like me to tell you a story, [which is] his story. And he inspired this upon me the other night, and I told my two children. So someone already knows this story, but she has to be quiet and not tell you what the story is about.
            But the story is about a young giraffe, and this giraffe was a beautiful giraffe. But when it was born, it had a short neck, [laughter] and it was also purple with polka dots. And all the other giraffes made fun of this little giraffe because he had a short neck, because, as we know, all giraffes have tall necks, don't they? And so other of the young giraffes were mean to this giraffe and used to laugh. And the giraffe's name was Gerald—Gerald the giraffe. And his mom's name was Geraldine, and his dad's name was Gerry. [laughter]
            Well, Gerald asked his parents, “Why do I have a short neck when all other giraffes have a tall neck?” And his parents said, “Well, that's the way God made you. And we're very proud of you, and please don't worry about what the other giraffes say, because we know your heart, and your neck, [laughter] and someday you'll discover why God made you with a short neck.”
            Well, as it turned out all the other giraffes fed on the leaves of trees that were very tall, and this was their primary diet—all of these leaves of trees that were ten-feet tall and taller. But Gerald, he had to feed on the leaves of bushes and smaller trees because he couldn't reach the other ones. Well, as it turned out, one winter all the giraffes got sick, except for Gerald. Now, why was this? No one really knew, but they were all astounded that Gerald was the only giraffe that didn't get sick. So, as it turned out, Gerald fed on a particular bush that had leaves with a certain healing property in them that kept him immune from the disease that all the other giraffes [had] caught. But no one knew this. It was a secret [of] God['s].
            So, the giraffes wondered why Gerald didn't get sick. And they observed what he ate and they observed his life, and they finally figured out, well, maybe it was his diet because it was different from theirs. So they studied in their giraffe laboratories the properties of all these different plants that Gerald ate. And, lo and behold, they discovered that when they ate these same leaves, they got whole—they got healed. So they started eating them, and everybody got whole again.
            Well, if it were not for Gerald with a short neck, all the giraffes in this area could have died because they were all so sick. They wouldn't have known what to do. So then they realized why Gerald was born with a short neck. And they all came up and nuzzled their necks against Gerald—they had to bend kind of low [laughter]—and thanked Gerald. And they said, “Gerald, we love you. We're never again going to make fun of your short neck, because you helped save all of us.”

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