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K-17      July 03, 2007

Beloved K-17

David C. Lewis

July 3, 2007   6:04-6:28 pm  MDT

Bozeman, Montana



The Yearning for Freedom:

When You Call, Many Answer!


Blessed Heartfriends,

            The nature of freedom is the topic upon which I would speak. For as you prepare to celebrate the independence of this nation, you should also look within to understand the nature of your soul's immortal birthright toward freedom. When the founders of this nation and the writers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution came together to pen the sacred documents that would lay the foundation for the establishment of a culture and society, they understood the very nature of man and of the yearning for freedom.

            When a people sets forth through intention the great God-desire to establish a society whereby these freedoms are enshrined not only in the hearts of men and women but in the very documents upon which that society is governed, then all of heaven takes note. For, blessed ones, we understand something of the nature of freedom itself, having loosed ourselves from the bonds of mortal existence and entered [through] the gates of [immortality to] the divine [world.] Without the foundation for a free society whereby all are truly governed from within rather than from a tyranny, there can be no soul freedom for the masses. Yes, one or two here and there, even living within a totalitarian state, may attain to their immortal perfection. But, blessed ones, this is not what we, the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood, have had in mind for the ultimate victory of this planet and her people.

            And thus, those who were inspired by the Master Saint Germain, came forth to prepare those sacred documents. And many signed their name unto that attest to the will of God that would be outplayed in this great nation. America is under attack, but we see the attack from within as the greatest threat to the destiny of this nation; not only those forces from without that some have named “terrorism” and other forces that move against your society.

            It has always been so that those who would place controls upon the people point to forces outside of the souls and hearts of the people themselves, such that measures could be put into place to take and strip from them some of the very foundational laws and freedoms that had been placed there by many who strove with all of their minds and hearts to set forth these principles and values for your society.

            Therefore, I come with a report unto you of what has been transpiring at inner levels not only within this nation but within many, that we the ascended masters are concerned about and [for which we] request your calls, decrees and ongoing vigils in order to meet head on the forces of darkness that move in the night and that assail the very foundational principles that you take for granted.

            Blessed ones, there is a moving stream of some within what some have termed a shadow government not only within America but within other nations that move behind the scenes to carefully plan on a long-term basis the subjugation of your souls. These are overshadowed by certain ones on the astral plane as their psychic overlords to inculcate through hidden measures in the laws that are enacted within your nation, certain matrices that would allow your government and its leaders to take control at certain key points in time when the threat level is seen as high upon your soil.

            This is not the plan of the Great White Brotherhood. And thus, you must call for the exposure of those specific line items within laws that have been passed in recent years that must be undone in order to safeguard the freedoms that you, as I have said, take for granted. You have heard of the previous assignments given unto you by the Goddess of Freedom and beloved Godfre in this way. And yet I say, that there has not been a focused action of light on the part of our devotees in your Saint Germain services and in other prayer vigils that would allow the laser action of the light to pierce through and consume these threats.

Therefore, I am suggesting even in advance of the coming of Hercules, that you consider establishing a committee composed of a number of heartfriends, at least three to five, who will do the necessary research to understand the very laws of this nation and to bring to your outer awareness that which is not to the great benefit of the American people. Unless and until there is a greater action of laser third-eye focus in these matters, at times I am handcuffed in my ability to take action in the world of form to avert certain calamities, blessed hearts. Thus, Lanello, Mary Wrobleski, Lady Kristine and Cyclopea may also be called upon to assist you in this discernment process which will allow you, through a greater action of your community calls, to pinpoint the specific areas in need of intervention by the heavenly hosts. And then, when a pool of light is established as a resource for us, we may take action at any time and any place to intervene and bring forth the devouring of darkness and the establishment of the light.

Some of you have recently commented on the need for giving 144 calls to beloved Cyclopea to the messenger. This may avert much, but it is also true, blessed ones, that the call to me can be considered your new call to Cyclopea, if you desire, for we work together. And through a powerful action of the light whereby a number of my lieutenants may move into action, there can be divine intercession on the very physical plane that you would be amazed to see how your calls are outpictured in this way. There are those among you who serve at night in your finer bodies with me and my legions. And to each of you who does make the call daily to Archangel Michael and to other of the ascended hosts, I give you my undying gratitude for the calls that have gone forth.

In addition to these threats that I have so generally enumerated, I also bring to your attention the very threats to the fabric of your society working through those who would bring about a monopolistic society on behalf of the healthcare industries, the pharmaceuticals, the medical professions and in the natural food industry, specifically.

For, blessed ones, their entire plan is to bring about the subjugation not only of your souls but of your body temple through the introduction of manmade chemicals into your bloodstream. And thus, if you would maintain your ability to imbibe the natural products—organic, non-GMO grown vegetables and fruits, grains, seeds and nuts and legumes—you must understand what is taking place. Name the specific companies that are involved in this conspiracy of darkness and then take action by writing your representatives to ask for a greater intercession for freedom for the American people in this area.

Can you imagine what it would be like if all of your health food stores simply vanished because the constraints placed on the manufacturers of natural products were so total and complete that they could no longer afford to provide you with those products that you currently take in? Can you imagine if the HMO's gained further controls upon society such that you no longer had access to the natural healing methodologies that you currently utilize? And you could only go to an allopathic physician for treatment, whose entire mindset is one of giving you chemicals instead of those substances which you know, in and of themselves, are beneficial to your four lower bodies and their health?

There are many plans that we will simply not allow to manifest by a great determination of our hearts, one with yours. And when you feel the fire burning within your heart to declare the truth, then you must speak out. You must give your lectures. You must come forth and tell the people what is occurring. For a grass roots approach is always the best. And a groundswell of opposition to that which many of your leaders are introducing in Washington, can make great strides in turning the tide if enough voices are heard and if the prayer work and support of proper legislation comes forth, blessed hearts.

Thus, I highlight only a few areas. And many of you are already experts in knowing through the internet what is occurring at many levels of society though I would not bring fear into the equation. For I, with beloved Ray-O-Light, am a fearless one for the Lord. Yet the information and the intelligence must come to the fore so that the lightbearers can take action at all spheres—etheric, mental, emotional and physical—to avert that which the fallen angels would seek to outpicture upon the planet.

Yes, I serve in the Cosmic Secret Service. And I have the Master Guru to report to—the Great Divine Director and the Keeper of the Scrolls, for we work hand in hand toward the plan of the Brotherhood for the light. When you call to me, many answer, for we have a giant network in heaven and upon earth through whom the light may flow. And the intelligence, as the intelligence of God, may be distributed such that those who can do something about these problems have the knowledge, the foresight and the wherewithal to move into action on an instant's notice to bring forth the answer to your calls.

The love that you feel for America and also for your own nation, for those of you who were born elsewhere than these shores, is great. And the Fourteen Ascended Masters who govern the destiny of this nation and of your own nations are there for you to call to, for they have the keys to the divine plan for all evolutions born within these nations. If at times, you do not fully understand what is taking place, meditate upon the divine plan of yourself within the greater context of the divine plan of the nation in which you were born or in which you currently reside. For as you commune with us, blessed ones, we will give you the keys to the victory of your own soul as well as the victory of your nation.

O, America the beautiful! We sing unto thee as the land of the free and the home of the brave! Embolden these hearts, O God! Enfire them with the flame of freedom such that at any hour of the day or night when the forces of darkness would come to steal away their liberty, they will rise to greet that darkness, raise their swords of fire and declare with Mighty Victory that they shall not pass and that the light will prevail upon this earth!

Blessed ones, I thank you for your attention, your calls and your love. And lest I wear out my welcome, I return now to the nation's capital to observe all that is transpiring such that I may give my timely report to the Darjeeling Council and the Council of the Royal Teton in preparation for the deliberations of the Great Karmic Board who will answer your letters very soon.

All of heaven is proud of those of you who strive for your own victory and for the victory of the light. And this entire room is filled with the presence of your brothers and sisters in heaven who love you so. Feel their hearts of fire and their support for you, blessed ones. And know that God is real and that America, as the true Israel, the New Jerusalem, shall be victorious because of hearts of fire such as yours. I thank you.


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