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Victory      May 15, 2007

Transcribed by and date:  Janice Haugen 5/15/07

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Beloved Victory

David C. Lewis

May 15, 2007  6:00 am MDT
Emigrant, Montana





Our Mission: To Carve Out New Pathways for Thousands

and Even Millions of Souls to Ascend Back to the Heart of God!



Blessed Hearts,

Your victory is imminent! In fact, it is here and now! And I am here and now! I am Victory! And when you attune to the heart of Venus, I am there. And in the early morning hours often when the very physical presence and image of the planet Venus is in your skies as well as the sun of Helios rising, then we blend the momentum of these twin energies of love-wisdom to bring to the earth a great impetus of fire such that when you attune to that level of cosmic radiance, you may be infused with the very sun presence of your own God Self where you are.

            Wise are you who rise early and pour forth love from your hearts in devotion and songs and praise to the living God, blessed ones. For each morning when this occurs within your world, then the angels graciously take the momentum of fire that you invoke and use it toward the holy purposes of God not only in your world and in the earth itself but truly across the galaxies. Thus through your conscious awareness expanding in concentric rings of fire, you can spread your wings as we do far across the cosmic ocean of God's awareness of himself/herself as love.

Did you know, blessed ones, that all those abiding on Venus have accelerated the fires of their hearts in holy love to the point of being a very receptacle[s] of those heart emanations from the very Godhead himself? It is true. And thus when you, through your own personal heartstreaming whereby you see the energies flowing from your Presence through your heart, [you] will see the scintillating rays of this cosmic radiance where you are when you attune with us. And we will be with you, blessed ones. It is only through a lack of the sense of God-victory in your life that you still remain mortal beings walking instead of flying across the earth!

            For, you see, in past dispensations of light, humanity in their higher awareness as God-beings, could actually lift themselves off the earth and rise as angels do to traverse their environs—to be here or there not only in consciousness but in physical reality. And so it may be for you, blessed ones, as you understand the sacred science of alchemy and the advanced initiations that you pass whereby your consciousness, no longer tethered to mortal form, may truly rise and understand the deeper mysteries of life in seven dimensions of being.

            In this seventh age many among those who are embodying in this hour have no sense of limitation of what can be for them. And thus you see, even at the soul level, these rising to cosmic heights of consciousness even while tethered to little bodies or baby forms.

O mankind, what is keeping you from that which we on Venus have long ago discovered—that it is only through a God-relationship and your understanding of the illimitable light available to you through your God Presence that you may fully master these planes and dimensions of being and become the fullness of your God-reality? O blessed hearts, it is time. And the time is now for you to self-discover that which God has always ensconced within your heart—which is the eternal flame burning there. And this flame, accelerated now in a laser action of light, may truly carve out new pathways for thousands and even millions of souls to ascend back to the heart of God.

            This is your mission if you choose to accept it! And it is no longer impossible, I say.1 It is possible within the domain of your world as you, day by day, perceive with us with new eyes the realities of heaven that are vibrating just beyond the veil of your conscious vision, blessed ones.

 So close your eyes as I take you in spirit into an ancient temple in your own world high above the earth that receded at the time of the withdrawal of the light of Shambhala from the physical plane. Perceive how now, blessed ones, even in this dimension of being within the atmosphere of the earth, cosmic Buddhas and bodhisattvas still maintain their vigil for mankind for the ultimate enlightenment and freedom of all. Feel with me now the very emanations of these with whom you can commune if you dare. These are wholly masterful ones, cosmic Buddhas—some who temporarily come to emanate with Gautama and Maitreya from other cosmic systems and some who have kept the light for millennia on your behalf.

            O mankind, truly life is a mystery. But this mystery may be known, even in the present reality of the now within you if you choose to be God. I am Victory! You can be Victory each moment of the day, blessed ones—this through conscious self-awareness.  For the reality of light that you are is manifest through right choice, right understanding, right motive, right livelihood and most especially being right with God by putting all within your world in order such that the comfort flame of the Holy Spirit may be where you are always, everywhere to all life.

 This is my message to this morning to those who have been faithful in the heart chakra and many more of you who rise early to greet the dawn, the dawning of a new light available through your own Sun Presence and through the light of Venus shining upon her sister star Terra.

            I Am Victory! I am with you! I will not accept anything less than your victory for you if you will join me in accepting your own victory, blessed ones! Let it be so! Let it be now! Let it be here! Amen!


1 Allusion to the 1960's television spy thriller,  Mission Impossible       




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