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Lanello      May 13, 2007

Transcribed by and date: Patricia Carlson  7/25/07

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Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

May 13, 2007   11:18 am CST

Houston, Texas



Inauguration of the Hearts Center of Houston


            Will you my son, love, serve and follow the impulses of the Holy Spirit as a member of and as a leader of this Hearts Center of Houston, I ask? [Yes.] Then receive the blessing of the Lord. Will you, my daughter, also, love, serve and to the best of your ability emanate the light of the Mother here in this state and in this city for the holy purposes of light? [Yes.] Receive the blessing of the Lord. Will you my daughter determine to be truly the one through whom many may come to the fount of wisdom for their victory in this life and follow the ascended masters all the way home in this life? [Yes.] Then receive the blessing of the Lord. Will you, my son, be an example of a shining star to whom many may look as a fatherly figure for the wisdom of the ages and for keys to their own victory on the path? [Yes.] Then receive the blessing of the Lord. Will you, my beloved daughter, in whom I am well pleased, always be available as a flame of comfort as a mother for all in this environs throughout the state of Texas and follow the Word home yourself unto your ascension? [Yes.] Then receive the blessing of the Lord this day.

            I, Lanello, now seal with a ring of fire these servitors of light and all those here who have come to witness the inauguration of this Hearts Center for the greater Houston area. Burn through now, O sacred fire! Burn through now O sacred fire! Burn through now, O sacred fire, and release cosmic quotas of energy for the victory of this region and for the stability of the earth beneath their feet. Hold back now the waves and the winds. Hold them back now. Hold them back now and protect this entire gulf coast and the southeastern shoreline of this great state of Texas. Burn through, O sacred fire, O angels and elemental beings of earth, air, fire and water. Obey the command of the Lord God this day and safeguard those to whom this mission has been brought to be fulfilled for the salvation of many. This I ask and I command in the name I AM THAT I AM. And it is so. Amen.




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