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Astrea      April 24, 2007

Beloved Astrea
David C. Lewis
April 24, 2007   8:07-8:15 am MDT
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Am Come for the Clearance of the Planetary Body
A Twenty-One-Day Vigil for the Removal of Planetary Darkness

            Gracious hearts who have understood the dynamism of the Spirit through the word that you have invoked, I am come this day for the clearance of the planetary body by the light of my Casual Body! I am Astrea, and I wield a circle and sword for the preparation of one soul and the preparation of many souls for the victory of the ascension!
            Blessed ones, when you have come to the point in the fulfillment of your dharma where you may enter into the very beingness of God, I AM there, the Kali Mother is there, and the ascended hosts serving on the white ray come to infuse you with that sacred fire from the base to the crown, wherein there is not only the distillation of the Spirit where you are but there is the full ensconcing of your being with the light-essence of God the Father, God the Mother, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! And thus you, in the City Foursquare and the pyramid of life, become that white cube, that white stone, for God in manifestation in the Earth! This is our desire, that many more of you, blessed ones, come unto your own, your own God Self, and realize the full potential of your Godhood! Will you do this, my hearts of fire?
            Then, blessed ones, come with me now in consciousness as I take you for five minutes to my retreat in the heaven world. For this is a dispensation where you will see the work of the Elohim for the clearance of the planetary body, and you will have shown before your very eyes our maps, our cosmic maps of the planet, and how through your calls each day we use the light-energies that you have invoked for the very girding of the planetary body with the light of the ascension currents. For this Earth must become that which God has foreseen—a star of victory, a star of freedom!
            In the very center of the base chakra of this planet, we now emanate the perfected ion of the sun. And as the Z-ray is manifest through our own, through the Mount Zion, you may attest to that which God has worked through you as a son or a daughter of God. [Astrea sounds the Z-ray.]
            I carve out now from the Earth a certain quotient of darkness of the misqualification of light of the Nephilim gods who waged war against the sons and daughters of God and the angels of light. And Enoch now stands with me to declare that the hour is short for those who have usurped their positions in hierarchy to defame the very name I AM THAT I AM. These are now given a last opportunity to bend the knee lest they succumb to that which will take them ultimately to the Court of the Sacred Fire.
           Therefore, blessed ones, I ask you to enter into a twenty-one-day vigil. And by the power of the three-times-seven, there will be the action through your giving of your calls to me forty-eight times each day a certain intensification of the light across the planetary body for the removal of vast quantities of mass entities and darkness through your oneness of hearts and the employment of the light through your chakras! Heaven is descending to Earth. And those who do not understand the nature of light will have given to them by the angel of their own Presence the sure knowledge of that which they must do to once more enter into the light of God.
           This is my message. Take it to heart! Purge from yourself and allow the angels of the Lord and the Elohimic light to strip from you now all that which the Kali Mother has exposed and will continue to expose day by day for your surrender into the flame. If you let go, blessed ones, this substance will not burn you to your detriment; but if you hang on, then woe unto you, O soul.
            I am the Elohim of the fourth ray. And I burn and consume the planetary dweller-on-the-threshold by the authority of the sons and daughters of God who have invoked my presence this day. So be it, O God. Amen.

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