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Omraam      April 08, 2007

Beloved Omraam
David C. Lewis
April 8, 2007   5:14–5:29 pm local time
The Resurrection of Freedom in the Americas
Imbassai Bahia, Brazil, South America

Strengthening the Chain of Hierarchy
for the Building of the Antahkarana of Fire across the Earth

           I come with a double dose of sun-fire light, [which] I convey directly unto your heart. I am Omraam, and I come to introduce you truly to my master—the magnificent one who stands behind me¹, waiting in the wings to enfire you with greater sacred energies for your mission here.
           Blessed ones, the light of the Sun who you are is real! If you would accept this reality, then you will have the key to your divinity. As you sungaze daily, or as you are able, I will be there to give you greater intimations of what I have gleaned in my meditation upon the sun. For the energies of the Sun behind the sun that I did contact led me directly to the very heart not only of my guru, Peter Deunov, but unto, through the thread of contact of the Brotherhood in White, Melchizedek.
           This lineage of which this messenger has spoken is true and real and maintains the balance for many evolutions of that which is possible for mankind to attain to when he relinquishes the lesser self and accepts the greater light of Sun consciousness. For you see, blessed ones, that Christ Light is the emanation of Melchizedek and that which Jesus, the Lord, attained, was first fully modeled by this cosmic being, to whom the Lord did look, even as he looked to his own guru, Maitreya. This ancient priesthood is one that many of you have known. And some of you, though a few, are members, even in this hour, having passed the initiations of the sacred fire that are required for entrée into this sacred covenant with God.
           First and foremost, there must be trust between the guru and the chela whereby that which is conveyed is fully taken to heart [and] honored by the disciple [and is] utilized in his life for his spiritual work [in] as great [a manner] as he is able. When this sacred bond is established, then there is, as it were, a feeding tube established between the guru and the chela whereby there is the constant conveyance of wisdom and gnosis heart to heart. This requires the attainment of the disciple to the level of being the obedient one in all ways, whereby the sacred trust is not misused or abused. Having attained to this level of responsibility, the disciple also becomes a shepherd unto others, whereby hierarchy is maintained through the flow of the interconnectedness of that light from guru to chela and from chela as guru to the next chela, and so on down the chain. [There]by the light is maintained at all levels of beingness for the stabilization of the very Earth itself.
           As [all] of you are members of this greater body of hierarchy of the Universal White Brotherhood, you can know an aspect of  this cosmic linkage, [which] allows the radiance of God's manifestation to be issued forth in this dimensional plane for the sustaining of life as you know it upon Earth. When one or more of various disciples of various masters lose contact with the greater hierarchy through their letting go of the spiritual path, then the master above you must make up the difference in terms of the light energies that he employs, even seeking other disciples to take the place of the one who has let go of that tie and that bond.
            Thus, blessed ones, to aid and assist the guru and the master above you in the greatest possible way, you should consider how you may pass your tests with flying colors such that the master may receive more from his guru and continue to convey to you greater understanding, wisdom and love. [Then] you also, being obedient and true, may carry on the sacred work given unto you. It is as if the giant chain of hierarchy is constantly being raised and new links in that chain forged through disciples becoming teachers to the point when a certain critical mass is reached, [and] this entire chain, as a golden chain mail, may circumscribe the Earth. And when it does, then you may see again a golden-age civilization.
           This requires strong links, and this is what we are about in this cosmic business of conveying the wisdom teachings heart to heart to one and all. When a certain quotient of fire is maintained through the disciplined ones, the saints upon the Earth, then there is established a forcefield of light such that a greater balance may be held for greater incoming souls, who themselves will provide the opportunity for a groundswell of cosmic consciousness that will raise the entire Earth in sacred fire.
           As you work together and develop your Hearts Centers—which I saw long ago as being established throughout the Earth, throughout the Americas—and you maintain the strong bonds of your fellowship, your spiritual fellowship with each other through prayer services, through communion, through gatherings, both social and secular, and for teaching, you add greater levels of the molten, golden liquid light to these chains within the hierarchical structure such that these strong links may be for us those critical ones on which we may trust for the constant building of this antahkarana of fire across the Earth.
           Thus we thank those of you who have been true to your words, your love—your first love in maintaining the fire, the flame and your spiritual disciplines. For this is the requirement that we see and that we take to our gurus—harmonious chelas—such that we may receive greater dispensations for you, blessed ones. And this sacred science you know so well because of that which you are even now receiving in daily dictations from our hearts.
           The Lord Melchizedek sees all and has within his cosmic vision—like that of Cyclopea— the full master plan of the Earth within the seed ideation emitted from his cosmic third eye. And through many true shepherds, he instills the vibration of cosmic purity through which each of you and those who have received the mantle of priest or priestess within this ancient order receive the infusion of the currents of Cosmic Christ-attainment to the level at which you are able to bear them for the sustaining of this antahkarana of fire across the Earth.
           This is your work. And though we may at times give unto you more than you seemingly can handle, it is for the purpose of giving you that cosmic goad to be able to rise higher in your own attainment, blessed ones.
           Thus I now give you the Master himself, who desires to speak to you in this hour.1

1. Melchizedek gave a HeartStream immediately after this message from the Master Omraam.

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