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Snow King      February 04, 2007

Beloved Snow King and Queen
David Christopher Lewis
February 4, 2007 8:50 am local time
Bergvik, Sweden

Purity's Fiery Radiance to Bless Heartfriends in Scandinavia

            In the presence of cosmic devas from out the Great Central Sun we come. And we are comforted by this body of heartfriends who love the snow, we know. For you have embodied here in the north where the essential light of our radiance does grace the earth in a tangible manifestation of God's eternal grace as that blanket of loveliness upon the earth.
            Yes, beloved ones, we are the Snow King and Queen. And the crystal-fire light that we bear is now distributed across the entire planetary body in a radiance of fire, [of] star-fire light, even that which you have seen as little children when your fairy godmother comes with her wand to sprinkle light upon you, changing that which was dense and dark or mournful into heaven's joy, loveliness and beauty. The washing action of rain that descends enfired by the cool air of the higher atmosphere manifesting as snow, is a reminder unto mankind of the flow of God's light that is ever available descending from the Presence moment by moment to bless you.
            Have you stood outside during a gentle winter snow and caught the flakes upon your lips? Have you felt them upon your face and looked up and beheld the glory of God even as he seems to wink at you through the light and the radiance of this floral gift? You see, each flake, beloved ones, self-identified and unique, is an expression of the Godhead borne on winds to the earth. And the newness of this snow upon earth is a reminder that you, too, can renew yourselves, day by day, moment by moment, in the fresh light that is borne unto the earth by angelic presences who also wing their way with the sylphs in and among the snow as it comes.
            O yes, the sylphs are ever present with the descent of this grace that you know as snow and they often smile unto mankind as they gently wing their way unto you. And though at times through the fury of the wind they also rush almost violently to deliver the water element in crystallized form unto the earth, yet even then they are at the beck and call of cosmic devas who deliver exactly that portion and quotient of this energy unto mankind, based on their karma and dharma, based on that which is needful through the prayers of the righteous and also that which comes sometimes in great torrents to deliver unto mankind the return of their misdeeds as a message for learning life's lessons.
            Beloved hearts, this day we shine forth the radiance from on high unto all of Scandinavia and the northern climates during this winter season. And we adjust the cycles of nature's movement according to mankind's karma. And by dispensation through your prayers we will bring unto the lands of the north a greater action of our love, not always as physical snow-though you would desire this-but also as that spiritual boon that will raise you into new levels of God-self awareness on your path home to the heart of God.
            As the earth spins around the sun each year we travel north and south from the Arctic regions to the Antarctic regions, delivering the whoosh of the breath of the Holy Spirit through the snows that come. And we work with all elemental forces and nature devas for the transmutation of what can be consumed of the density borne within the atmosphere. For you see, that which mankind puts out and emits in all manner of untoward vibrations and darkness must go somewhere, you see. And we choose to capture those misqualified essences, purify them and then return them to the earth through elemental life such that mankind, not even truly knowing of our presence or that of the elementals, may still yet receive the blessing of our offering and service to life.
            Purity's fire, blessed ones, is a radiance that all should know and seek to honor and to accelerate within. For the flame of purity within you as that Mother Light rising on the spinal altar will assist you in winning that radiant light that prepares you for the eventuality of your ascension. And when you understand the nature of purity as the very breath of the Divine Mother and the currents of fire-liquid-rarefied light that rise through your chakras-nourishing, cleansing and radiating that light through all the channels of your being-even that which the mystics have seen as the meridians, then you will know the essential nature of your own Godhood in form, allowing that radiance to fully manifest through you as a shining light to also bless the earth and her evolutions.
            Each time a child or a son or daughter of God awakens and the light is quickened within that one, there is a new glow of the spirit. And this you often see on the face of the saints as a halo of fire. And I see, blessed ones, that many of you are now shining as these saints in the earth, through your devotion, your constancy and your love. Keep on keeping on in the giving of holy mantrum and prayer and song. For the light that you bear on behalf of many evolutions, even beyond Scandinavia, is truly great. And you are for Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus vessels of beauty and holiness on behalf of many souls who look to you at inner levels for that spiritual nourishment that you know so well in our presence and as you pray.
            We come to grace this land with our tangible reality in this hour. Know, O mankind, a new light of purity within. Cast off the darkness of yesteryear and the sense of unworthiness that has been a weight upon your soul for lifetimes. You are gods if you choose to be so, O mankind.1 Choose wisely to bear the light in the chalice of being by keeping your lamps trimmed with the holy oil of gladness and of oneness with your God.2
            We are the Snow King and Queen and we now stand here to bless those of you who have been true to your marriage vows in this life. Come forth now and receive the pure white essence, the salve of heaven, the oil of the Lord for your protection and sealing unto the day of your ascension in the light, when you too will know fully that which we bear today.
            In the name of the Divine Mother, in the name of the Shakti of the Lord Alpha, O Omega, use us as your instruments as we bless your children this day.

1Psalms 82:6; John 10:34
1Matthew 25:1-13

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