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Lanello      January 01, 2007








Beloved Lanello
David C. Lewis
January 1, 2007   2:43–3:09 pm  PST
Phoenix, Arizona


Work While Ye Have the Light

 It is a clean white page that I would write upon in script today of this sacred venture which each of you has committed to, to some extent. And with my hand I would record the events not only of yesteryear but of what is to come, O God, through these hearts who have come to the fount of wisdom once more.

Each of you is given ten sheets of white paper to write upon for the coming year. And in six months hence when we gather for our Freedom Conference, you may offer to me what it is that you have accomplished to build with the builders this great movement of light. As you know, as Longfellow I wrote that tome poem which one of your friends has put to music. And it is time that you review those words. For once again Mother and I come before disciples to cajole you to put aside all lesser desires and to work toward that one gleaming goal of the City on the Hill and of the divine edifice that we together do build.

You have seen what can be done by humble hearts attuned to the divine will.  It takes focus and a concerted effort on the part of many to both plan and to out picture what El Morya, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Kuthumi and I do foresee as possible.  There are a number of scenarios of how we can move forward our plans. And yet these are adjusted based on the commitment and the focus of those who do step forward as servitors of fire to fulfill our requests.

Each one who comes to these events was ushered by an angel or a master, for it can never be otherwise that you pierce through layers of density and of oppression of the human consciousness to be open to our words and vibrations.  And so I say, bravo unto you who have made the effort and laid forth your supply upon on the altar of this movement graciously. For your giving shall not go un-noticed, and your hearts will receive in full measure the blessing, multiplied over and over of your gratitude and thoughtfulness.

            As Mother and I have surveyed with El Morya what is coming upon on the earth and just as, as was shared with the inner staff of The Summit Lighthouse before I took leave of this planet the need for an allocation of resources toward the survival of the Community of the Holy Spirit and the activity, so we have discerned the need to bring before the greater body of those within this activity the need to consider once again the pooling of your resources and a concerted focus toward that which will safeguard not only the teachings for many hundreds and even thousands of years to come, blessed ones,  but of also safeguarding your own beings, your families and those possessions which you need and require to continue life in a certain realm of comfortability upon earth.

            Those of you who live in fairly near proximity with each other in the various cities of various states and regions should consider how you can have a plan whereby, first, you know each other and then how you can come together in planning for whatever eventualities may arise upon earth due to the shifting sands and the changing seasons and cycles of the return of mankind's karma.  And although in this hour we do not recommend that all of you move to one particular location in which to live near each other, yet it is prudent to consider how the resources and talents and gifts of various ones among you may be shared toward the greater goal that we have set forth for the victory of light upon earth.

            As Hearts Centers are established wherein there is the agreement among heartfriends to come together to both worship, to teach and to share these teaching with many, you will naturally come to know more of each others lives, challenges and needs.  Consider how, in a spirit of community, greater work may be manifest if you work in consonance with each other completing certain assignments, even as Hearts Centers, that we have given the greater body of those within The Hearts Center in our dictations and how as a virtual community you may expedite your communications, sharing those specific resources even throughout the world that you can as you are able.

            For those of you know knew me in the flesh, you knew how important instantaneous communication between myself and the heart's center and my chelas was  and how I went to great measures to ensure that I was never out of touch with those who served and what the masters could deliver through me as a messenger to those minutemen and women who were ready to strike a blow for the Lord through their voices raised in holy chant, praise and decrees.  This you have done somewhat, and yet there is still lacking a certain planning and participation by greater numbers and a focus so that you can actually manifest this communication at any hour of the day or night when called upon to communicate an urgent message to the brethren from the messengers on our behalf.

            Your vigils, planned graciously by one here, have done much to secure a guardian action of the light upon earth. And for that the entire Darjeeling is grateful that you have fulfilled my request for the cascading vigils, blessed ones. Now we move swiftly to secure the stability of greater regions on earth through even greater focus and for the protection of the continents and those landed areas of the globe that still may be in jeopardy that the Brotherhood deems as necessary to safeguard for a time and a time and a half a time.1

There has been rumbling in certain quarters of the earth as you have seen, and even in this hour the messenger, Rebecca, has shared our concern of the potential for cataclysm from the breaking off of a certain portion of the ice shelf of Antarctica recently.  Your scientists have wisely sounded the alarm to the governments of the nations of what could occur through global warming. And yet there is a malaise over the populace of the developed nations whereby in their comfortability they do not see the potential of what is coming because they do not wish to give up their creature comforts so that many more upon earth may be safeguarded through attuning to the heart of Mother Earth and returning to the basics of simple living in harmony with the land, even in a civilization such as you see across the earth where industry and technology have unfortunately taken their toll to the detriment to the balance of life on earth.

            We recommend in discussions in Darjeeling that more among you are prepared for the eventuality of moving away from the larger cities into areas that are safe with acreage in or around your Hearts Centers that can accommodate the growing of crops and the securing of those resources which can be for your longer term survival in communities of light.  This will take sacrifice from some, shifting gears from their current level of living as well as their current occupations. And this may be for some a considerable challenge to rearrange their lives in such measure.

We understand, and yet we come on this first day of the New Year to give you ample warning, blessed ones.  For though the master Saint Germain has instructed you of the need for preparedness, few among you are fully ready for any eventuality that may come when the power is turned off or the winds create havoc or the rains come to wash away that which you have thought that you need to survive.

I am not an alarmist, and yet prudence is required. And those who see the handwriting on the wall, know whereof I speak. For there has been within this economy for decades a fragility that is truly untenable for the permanent securing of this land toward the golden age civilization that Saint Germain desires to manifest. In this light I direct the council of The Hearts Center to immediately begin discussions on how the greater body of heartfriends may move forward with a clear understanding of this request, studying carefully my words as well as those of Saint Germain previously given and shortly to follow my dictation.

It is one thing to become who you are fully, but it is another to have the very ground under your feet shaking such that your very life may be in danger. And therefore attunement, discretion and planning are needed at all levels for the safeguarding of the mission of the Great White Brotherhood through this movement, blessed ones.

The Mother of the Flame, your own Elizabeth, has remained upon earth and begged time and time again to stay until a greater level of this mission and movement and organization was secure and many more among you had been contacted as that force and dynamo and foundation for the ultimate delivery of our messages through a movement but also for a greater action of the light that could be accomplished through greater numbers who would come to this fount of teaching. It is incumbent upon each of you to consider how you can graciously share our messages with greater numbers among the body of spiritual believers across the earth. And therefore consider how concurrently with your preparations for survival long term, you can also amplify and amp up that which is our ability to contact souls to receive the most up-to-date messages that we bear and that we deliver to you.

This is our message on this New Year's Day. And upon these ten sheets you may write volumes not only of what you will accomplish throughout this six-month period, but when your resources are pooled there will be a greater tome which Morya and I can present to the Lords of Karma of accomplishments within this cycle, such that we can secure greater dispensations in time for the Freedom Class in Bozeman, Montana.

Work while ye have the light. And I dare say that you have much more light in your auras, do you not? Therefore act swiftly, assuredly to be the ones, the true-blue ones, to be the Lighthouse of Love and its constant beacon may be safe haven and warning for many more among mankind to return to the shores of reality, safe in harbor and secure in the love of God.

I thank you, blessed ones, for your great spirit of givingness. Unto each one who has given and striven I, Lanello, give you an angel of my magnanimous heart to fan the fires of your work physically in the earth.  Take advantage of this dispensation and call upon this angel. For truly your strength will be as the strength of ten because your heart, also pure, may manifest miracles, miracles, miracles of light for victory always.  I thank you.

 1Revelation 12:14


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