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Ray-O-Light      November 12, 2006

Beloved Ray-O-Light
David Christopher Lewis
November 12, 2006            8:00-8:11 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana
            Intrepid ones in whom the Flame of Fearlessness does glow, I am here, determined with you that each of you should conquer that slimy character known as fear. For you see, blessed ones, if you are to move into higher consciousness, then truly that which you would access from your God-source cannot be colored by the doubt, the fear, the paralysis and the death that ensues when you do not see and know who you are.
            Therefore, I come to lend my momentum not only to those within this movement of light but to the leaders of the free world and even to those who would, at the direction of the ascended-master sponsors of their nations, move into a higher frequency in this hour. And so, those among mankind who come into those positions now have opportunity to surrender the lesser self once and for all and to be true representatives of the people. Whether you hail from the East or the West, I, Ray-O-Light, send my ray unto you in this hour such that you will [have opportunity to] overcome that which has held back the peoples of your nations heretofore.
            And so, the ray is upon you and that which is not acting in your world from a point of reality must go by the wayside. And the legions of Ray-O-Light now surround every nation upon this planetary body and there is a stripping action now of that doubt and fear [and destruction] that is a leftover from ancient ways, even in the subconscious of the race [of all peoples] whereby they have [lost] the memory of what has ensued in the past. And I strip from the mental body and the emotional body and the memory body the records of destruction and death, even that which, blessed ones, you have in your electronic belt as those records of your demise in the past which do surface at times and create inroads for the forces of darkness to once again enter your world.
            For you see, when you have been slain for the stand that you have taken in the past, it creates a certain paralysis such that you do not desire to step forward and make your gifts and talents known to the world. Therefore, some of you have abided in this sense of fear for lifetimes. For when you did step forward, those who did not understand your path then took it upon themselves to do you in. Well, I say this day that God Almighty is your benefactor and your protector. And the legions of Archangel Michael and my legions of Ray-O-Light come now to re-enfire you and to create a forcefield around you such that you will no longer have fear or doubt about your mission in life to do the sacred work of the Lord.
            So, beloved ones, step forward! Step up to the plate and know that if you are to have your victory, you can no longer dwell in the shadows of the shadowed self. But you must, you must, you must come forward into the light and, as one of our chelas has said this morning, no longer hide your light under the bush or the bushel. Therefore, blessed ones, radiate forth the flame of fearlessness through action, through your mind, through your heart, through your being, through the doing and not only the speaking of what we have asked you to do. Many of you, even in this movement of light, fear what others will think if you step forward to speak the truth. Is this true? Well, I say it must no longer be so. For you have the wherewithal, you have that within you, which is God, to fully manifest when you accept it as the total reality of who you are.
            Therefore, my angels now create an action similar to that of the circle and sword of Astrea. But it is also a ripping action and a stripping action whereby this substance that has beset some of you for far too long is literally stripped like bark from a tree off of you and from your electronic belts, blessed hearts. Therefore, I manifest now the Z-ray, the Z-ray, the Z-ray to zoom into your subconscious, to zoom now into those patterns and to strip from you by this action of this Z-ray forcefields and grids and patterns left over from past lifetimes. [Ray-O-Light gives forth a buzzing sound lasting ten seconds using a monotone pitch. The pitch is then raised two times in eight-second intervals with added vibrato in the sound as he clears doubt and fear from both those present and those listening on the broadcast.] It is now no more if you accept it so, blessed hearts. And this fear and this doubt can permanently go into the flame if you will accept it. Do you accept it, blessed hearts?
            When you give your calls to Astrea, nightly we hope, you may add my name to that of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray. And from this day forward you may also see a very slight tingeing of that circle and sword blue-white fire energy with the emerald green that is a part of the action of the fearlessness flame.
            When you are fearless, then God can use you, blessed ones. And I say, that we desire to use you twenty-four hours a day for the work of the Lord not only when you are conscious in your outer being but when you are conscious working at inner planes while you are asleep. Yes, you remain conscious, superconscious, at higher levels even while your physical body sleeps. Did you know that? So, just because some think that you are unconscious outwardly does not mean that you are not attuned to and dwelling in that higher consciousness of your reality, working, striving and doing the work, blessed ones.
            Therefore, I have come this day. The work is accomplished. You have parsed and understood through your discussions certain manifestations of what doubt [and fear] is and what it can do to you. But it may no longer be a part of your repertoire, even your vocabulary or your lexicon, because you are the overcomers through God-mastery and through the manifestation of fearlessness.
            Read the story of Leonidas, your own Serapis, to understand what it will take for you to fully master this energy and move forward. Read the history and know that those who are at the point of the spear leading mankind higher, are the ones whom Archangel Michael and his hosts and I would work through to deliver mankind into a golden age, a crystal age of victory.
            This is our desire and this can be yours also, blessed ones-when you are the full manifestation of fearlessness which is faith, hope, victory and love all wrapped into one fiery flame. I thank you.

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