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Lanello      July 14, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

July 14, 2006   8:05-8:26 am   MDT

Emigrant, Montana



Safety First for My Staff—at Home and in Preparing for the Middle East Pilgrimage


            The love of God never fails! The love of God never fails! The love of God never fails! And the beloved Solar Presence is that light!

I am Lanello. Did you enjoy today's luminaries? [The audience responds, “Yes!”] I was chuckling to see if you would chuckle with me. Today, I would speak to you about cell phones. Ha,ha. This is no laughing matter, beloved ones. For I perceive that upon the earth there is a plague occurring even as you speak. Was this not another quip that you didn't get? And I suggest that you consider the dangers of the use of not only cell phones, but portable phones in your homes. And if you must use them, then mitigate the effects through some specific devices that are on the market that neutralize to some extend the radio frequencies, the microwave frequencies of these units.

            Some of you have experienced the actual heat that occurs when you have phones almost attached to your ear for too long. Therefore, another measure is to get an ear piece so that the phone itself is not so close to your ear. However, I also warn you that if you then have the phone itself on your belt buckle or near at hand, the frequencies can affect your reproductive organs and the area of your body on which or near which you attach the phone. This is a practical message that I am giving you this day. And at times, we of heaven do do so for the benefit of the health and well-being of our disciples upon earth.

            The plague of which I was speaking will soon be known, for the companies that manufacture these phones have known the truth of the effects of these microwave and radio frequencies upon the bodies of mankind. For there is ample evidence within the laboratory of their effects upon rats. And we consider those among mankind who have withheld this information from the general populace to be betrayers of the people.      Therefore, blessed ones, a word to the wise is sufficient and I assign one among you who serves on the blue ray within the council of The Heart Center to compile research on the various devices that can mitigate the effects of cell phones and provide for all heartfriends the results of your research which may actually be augmented by not only your own experimentation but by a specific darshan with K-17 and David Lloyd who has been assigned by heaven to assist you in this area.

            Blessed ones, I would also speak about seatbelts. For I have perceived how some of you at times do not wear your seatbelts. Morya has admonished you to do so. The force will trick you into thinking that you do not need to wear them or your own dweller will trick you. This is foolish. I ask each of you to put them on, especially securing your children first then yourself before you turn on the ignition key. Will you do this for me? Many a life has been saved by the seatbelt and also the next subject [which is]are helmets.

            I also ask each of you to consider securing a helmet when you travel on your bicycles and even tricycles or when you do any other activity where your physical body is moving without the support or surrounding of a structural frame of protection that can seal you from impact and cause great damage to your skull and also your entire body. If your children engage in using scooters, sidewalk surfboards, [if they] roller blade or engage in other activities as I have said where their bodies are moving very swiftly and through a fall on concrete or other hard surface they could injure themselves, then I suggest that you all provide for them, train them, admonish them and make sure that they wear a helmet.

Can you imagine the great grief of a mother upon seeing her offspring incapacitated for life because that one did not wear a helmet? An ounce or sixteen ounces of prevention is worth the added discomfort which is only temporary as you know.

            Another topic is sharp knives, blessed ones. Recently, a heartfriend did receive upon his person a very deep gash upon one of his digits. There should be training [for] children at an appropriate age on the use of cooking knives and specifically providing safe haven for these knives outside of the reach of young children so that they do not injure themselves. It is foolish for parents to leave sharp objects in drawers that are openable to young children at an early age, blessed ones—as it is also foolish to leave chemicals and other substances that they may ingest especially toddlers within their reach. I am asking all heartfriends to take my advice today and secure your kitchens, your cabinets, your homes from potential injury to children. And if even if you do not have children but, at times, receive children onto your home, that you look for every possible plot that could occur and safeguard all from those plots.

            Many of you are moving into the mastery of not only the secret rays but the physical quadrant of your karma, seeking greater self-mastery of your bodies themselves. As you become more conscious through the teaching that you have received on practicing the Presence in the now, you will become more attuned to your environment and all around you at all times. Take this opportunity to divest yourself of certain things that you do not need any longer and/or to safeguard your families and yourselves from anything that could be used to, in any way, injure your physical body.

            As many of you know who served with me when I was embodied as Mark, we had staff meetings often on very mundane subjects such as these. And I would demonstrate or present to the staff almost in an inane way the need to follow a specific order, advice or practice in order to safeguard the community, the ashram, the sangha.   Part of your preparedness, in addition to all that has already been provided for you most thoughtfully, is to also consider what I am giving you today, blessed ones. And one more thing, which is this—that each of you understand not only first aid but the very rudimentary levels of advanced first aid, bordering on what an EMT knows such that you can provide emergency medical care at a higher level than previously understood by most of you for yourselves and your families. This can include a crash course from one or more within your community who have this training.

And we suggest that [you attend to this] before you leave for Luxor if indeed this trip will ensue. And at this time Serapis, Morya and I say unto you that if you pray diligently for the Middle East and work night by night together in harmony, that we will do all that we can to make sure that this trip still happens. Knowing that there is volatility in the Middle East, nothing can be fully guaranteed. And therefore we have already asked our representative on the council to research the cost of travel insurance such that if you do make your plans for this trip [and] if, God forbid, the trip must be canceled because of events transpiring in the Middle East, that you will not be out the funds that you have spent for this most sacred journey.

We are practical, beloved ones, and would not put you in harm's way to see the end result [as] your demise in the physical, would we? I say, Nay!  Therefore, we are taking all measures both within heaven and upon earth to ensure your safety, your survival, your victory.

            This is my dictation this day. I am here with my own. I empower you with the radiance from my heart which is becoming more magnanimous, moment by moment, not only through my own efforts in heaven but through the efforts of the disciples of the Two Witnesses upon earth. For you see, blessed ones, every ounce of striving and effort that you make which increases your own heartfires also does bode well for the earth and accrues not only to your own causal body but to your teachers and gurus.

            Therefore, I am grateful that many of you have risen to new heights of cosmic consciousness, taking to heart my fiat, “I am everywhere in the consciousness of God!” and then making it real in your life through heart, head and hand and practical spirituality.

There may be more dictations of this sort in the near future, blessed ones—more of what were called discourses, for I would continue to be with my own whom I love. Truly, the servitors within this activity are the staff of this movement of light. So, if you would join my staff, then provide some service to Morya El and me, and we will see just what you are made of—the staff of life, I hope. I thank you.  






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