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Buddha of the Violet Ray      July 01, 2006

Beloved Buddha of the Violet Ray
David C. Lewis
July 1, 2006  8:49–9:10 pm MDT
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

We Surround the Earth in a Giant Crystal of Amethyst
The Miracle Laser Action of the Violet Ray

           I alight on a lotus of violet fire to transform the Earth this hour. And I take each one of you on a lotus also of violet light with me as we rise above the atmosphere of Earth into realms of immortal perfection, [which] you may know this night.
           I am the Buddha of the Violet Ray, and my meditation in the lotus is upon the alchemical fires of transmutation. Many adepts and lamas from the East in their sacred meditation upon the OM do contact the action of the violet fire for the consuming of all that is unreal.
           And so in this hour many Buddhas and bodhisattvas are now hovering with you above the Earth on their cosmic lotuses of light. We see the evolutions of Earth in this hour, the drama being outplayed upon Earth at all levels of society in all nations. And through the action of our oneness in the heart of God, we will perform a sacred service to life through your hearts, one with ours.
            We now ring the entire planetary body with our Presence in this hour through the calls that you have given unto the Elohim, the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain and other masters serving on the violet ray. We form cosmic rings of fire, like [those] surrounding the planet Saturn and Neptune. And at every level of the stratosphere in the higher realms around the Earth now vibrate tens of thousands of Buddhas, augmented with your presence in their midst. And by the invocation in this hour, I send the ray unto and through each one of you into the very physical quadrant of the Earth itself.
            There is the interconnectedness of our hearts and the fires descending through your chakras unto all evolutions. This is as a laser action of light in this hour, and we are connecting many focal points of light upon the Earth where devotees of the Great White Brotherhood do reside and [where] those who walk the true path of oneness in Christ and Buddha and Krishna in all religions do abide, all those in whom there burns a threefold flame.
            We now activate through the soul chakras of each one the light of the violet ray, and there is a great laser light display this night upon Earth. Hold this visualization, beloved ones, and through your heart chakras, activated by my own, you may be electrodes for the action that we desire to accomplish this night.
            We now surround the Earth in a giant crystal of amethyst, which is being created and formed by the angels of the violet ray in consonance with the Buddhas in the heaven world, and the entire Earth is now encased in a crystal of amethyst in this hour. The atmosphere of Earth is rarified and purified through this laser action of the violet light. The minds of mankind will receive an impetus of fire and transmutation as never before known through this action of our interconnectedness in the antahkarana that we are now focalizing.
           Burn through, O laser light of the violet ray in this hour! Burn through, through these hearts of fire! Blaze forth! Annihilate the forces of anti-freedom at all levels within the Earth body itself. And as the Knight Commander is preparing to come and speak with you, the forces of freedom now are on the march upon the Earth body itself through the protective action of this violet light that we have created together.
           Blessed ones, you may perform miracles if you believe and if you can visualize and hold in your third eye the matrix of perfection for Earth. It takes not a few but many to perform this alchemy, and so this can only be done at certain crucial times around solstice where many heartfriends are gathered together and can merge the energies of their hearts and minds and chakras for this work.
            We are continuing the laser action of light now, which does dissolve certain mental patterns within the mental belt of the planet and in the minds of mankind, paradigms of all that they have held of imperfection of their souls, the sinner consciousness that has permeated even the substrata of the Earth itself through the acceptance of the lie of original sin. Burn through now that lie that has been foisted upon mankind by the fallen ones in Church and State!
           The Earth is raised one notch in vibration this hour. And the Kali Mother and her retinue are also here to activate certain centers within your subconscious for the consuming of records and patterns that have held sway within you for aeons, beloved ones. And I also focalize the laser light of the violet ray into these patterns to erase the cause, effect, record and memory of certain momentums that have held sway within you through your acceptance, through your belief. [Now] you may hold a new paradigm for yourself as a God-free being. You can rise above the level of these past momentums if you truly desire transmutation and change in your world! This which we focalize is for all lightbearers upon Earth and not only for the elect of God.
            O laser light of the violet ray, consume now darkness in the astral plane. There is the penetration of the light now into the lower regions of the astral plane, even below the seventh level into death and hell itself. Burn through, O laser light of the violet ray into the fourteenth layer and unto the seventeenth layer and down to the twenty-second layer in this hour! We may go no further than the twenty-second layer of the astral plane by dispensation from the Lords of Karma. But there is the cleansing of certain momentums even in the astral plane of the planet itself through this laser action of light. This is a sacred work of lightbearers when together the momentum of our fire and determination to save sentient beings is magnified by many ascended masters who work in harmony.
            So the angels, now, of Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are descending into the astral plane with their helmets and their full armor of protection and freeing certain souls who are accepting the action of the light in this hour. And there are released from the astral plane at the twenty-second level and above seven thousand souls in this hour. This is the work of the angels in harmony with mankind and the heavenly hosts, the Buddhas above and below.
           During the remainder of this conference, blessed hearts, you must call for these seven thousand to ascend to those higher levels of the higher astral plane, where they may one day be snatched by the legions of Archangel Michael to even abide in the lower etheric planes or to return to embodiment, free from certain momentums that have burdened them. This dispensation was granted by the Lord Sanat Kumara as a result of your daily rosaries in calling for the raising, the saving, the freeing of sentient beings.
            Blessed ones, when thirty-three or more of you come together and in harmony and in unity and in oneness give this rosary for the freeing of sentient beings—even if it is over the broadcast—then we can accomplish much, you see. We are only limited by your own consciousness. And so if you can raise and elevate your own God Self-awareness to a higher level of the etheric plane and see as the gods see, then you can accomplish more; for what you can see, you can be. Therefore use your imagination. Use your God-given gift of sight. Erase from your consciousness any manifestations of limitation and know that what God can perceive through you can manifest as the miracle action of the violet ray.
            So the angels have taken these seven thousand in this hour in this rescue mission. And the astral plane is now sealed once again at those points where the angels did penetrate into the astral plane so that there is not any rupturing of the astral plane from their descent and entry and ascent from the astral plane. Many of these souls are grateful to you. Some you have known in past lifetimes. Some have been caught in maya as a result of the lies perpetrated through the churches of the world, wherein they did not fully understand the law but entered spirals of negativity. Many of these souls are youth[s] who in recent times have, through depression, entered into a downward spiral, having chosen the path of suicide instead of light. Mercy is granted unto these in this hour to rise. And there is a certain action also of creating a buffering between the astral plane and the physical plane so that those forces out of the pit cannot create a rupturing into the physical of more of what they would seek to create upon Earth.
            Therefore through this laser action of light there is the penetration at the first level of the astral plane, even into the lower level of the etheric plane, of this crystal-amethyst energy. It is as the creation of a vortex, of a matrix of fire and cosmic-light substance as a band around the Earth body itself. This may be sustained through your calls daily.
           And certain fallen ones who had previously held sway in their determination to wreak havoc upon Earth are now aghast at the work of the angels and the masters and the Buddhas and boddhisattvas in consonance with you in this hour, for they will no longer be able to hold sway at a certain level that heretofore they had full access to.
            So you see, beloved ones, the miracle action of the light. We in heaven are grateful for the calls to the violet fire whenever you are able to make them. As soon as you make the call, angels take the energy from your word and utilize it. And when great reservoirs of fire are created through the action of many of you coming to these conferences and decreeing in your centers during your vigils nightly and during your weekend events when you have the cascading broadcasts, we are able to use these reservoirs for the action of this miracle light by dispensation.
            So I recede and return you now on your lotus to this place upon Earth, wherein you may hear the words of the Elohim of the Seventh Ray.

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