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Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray      May 31, 2006

Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray
David Christopher Lewis
May 31, 2006 7:20 - 7:40 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            Can you maintain the silence of equanimity in the heart? Can you silence all within you? From the point of reality of the crystal of your Self identified as the Buddha nature, I come. And I expand within the earth the presence of the aqua-teal light this day, purifying the waters and the water element at all levels within the earth body, within all life.
            From the seed within the atom and within the molecules that compose the water element-hydrogen and oxygen-I radiate cosmic fire substance. For within the aqua-teal ray is the perfected essence in water. And you may discern how, in the balanced action of the double hydrogen linked to the oxygen, there is a cosmic resonance, a dual polarity and a vibration that when joined with other molecules produce the effect of the anchoring of the Mother energies wherever this holy substance is found.
            Water is miraculous. And when the Lord God did compose his great symphony in the beginning, he saw the great flow that would occur through this creative effort wherein life itself could evolve from this point of entry into your world.
            In the beginning, the void received the spark of the divine, and life and light were born. And the waters were precipitated from the substance, the suchness of God which, being divided, became earth and water. And now you see the results in your world of this creation.
            I meditate upon the essence of the aqua light within the entire cosmic egg. Therefore I meditate also upon you. For are you not composed of this holy substance, blessed ones? I raise you to the meditation upon the purity within the seed molecule of Self. And when you understand the pure nature of this essence, then you, too, may become a Buddha.
            Drink me as I drink thee in all ways. Find me within each sip. Do not take for granted that which you drink, for you drink God. Every act, conscious, every movement in silent meditation upon the All within brings you to that point of God-reality. And yet, many lose the sense of the God Self by leaving off from their inner knowing of the divine individuality through identification with the self.
            The cosmic flow of water in its liquid state transformed into vapor and traveling in the atmosphere truly everywhere in the consciousness of the divine is one that you, too, may emulate as the Master Omraam has shown you. And then when you have gleaned more of the divine nature, you may once again be precipitated back into the liquid form to flow upon earth, gathering, gathering, moving, streaming more of the earth earthy to then once again cycle back to Alpha, bringing him what you have learned as a child to your parents, presenting the essence of your discovery, receiving the recognition and the smile and then going out to play another day in the sun.
            I AM the purity of the aqua-teal fire within water. For you see, fire can exist within the very atom within the molecule of the water element. This is a new concept, you say: the fire within the water. Meditate with me on this to discern how Alpha within Omega does give birth to cosmic realities unknown but which may be known by your application of the science of precipitation, harmony, even the music of the spheres. For even within sound itself as vibration, there is the conveyance of a field and a radiance that may be known by the mystics that ye are.
            I am the silence of the cosmic flow within you. I pop the bubble of your unreality, and I receive into my hands what is left: you in glory, in perfection. And I send you on your way into the sky once more to know the sun, the fire, the air. Oh, elemental life, you know the mysteries of the Buddha of the Aqua-Teal Ray. Teach mankind the Way, the Tao, the loveliness of our oneness. I thank you.
            Drink. Drink the aqua-teal light daily. See it entering your being, for you are crystal beings. And enter into my heart as you are subsumed into the molecule of God this day.

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