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Hope      May 26, 2006

Beloved Hope                                                            
David Christopher Lewis            
May 26, 2006 7:13-7:32 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Blessed ones who are always striving to know God,
            I come this day to give you hope, for I am Hope. And I bring to your outer awareness the fullness of the love, the joy, the presence of your guardian angel. Your guardian angel holds for each one of you the greatest expectancy of hope for your victory, for all that you are becoming, for all that God sees within your heart as the fullness of that presence of joy, of love that the creator holds for you always.
            Blessed ones, there is always hope for each soul created by God. And only unless and until that one fully and finally casts aside all desire to know God, does hope recede from the soul. When, through prayer and intercession, you hold for a soul that flame of hope-whereby not only the guardian angel of that one, but many of the hosts of the Lord may come to surround that one, to caress that soul when in the gloomy pits of despair-the light may enter, buffeting up, raising up and glorifying that one unto the point of her own God-reality, where once again she may move onward and upward into the light.
            No one knoweth another's walk fully, and so ye should never judge why one is taken and another is left. For the one taken at an untoward hour may be that one that God does pluck from the earth for a higher purpose when cycles are completed for the evolution of that one betwixt time and space in your realm.
            But this desiring to be in another world should not be that opportunity which is taken upon oneself prematurely, blessed hearts. For then the cycles are aborted and one must come back to learn the lessons unlearned, to experience the pain of separation that others have felt through the act of taking one's life.
            You see, many of you in small ways take your life daily-relegating the light of your own God Presence to a distant shore-rather than fully embracing your Godhood in the now. So, what you see as a desperate act of another, many among mankind are now performing in smaller, bite-size ways day after day through the suppression of the pain that they feel as separation from their God Self.
            Hope is the key for you all in determining how to move forward when at a certain point on your path you feel listless, helpless and know not how to move upward into the light. For you see, Gabriel comes with me to lend you a sure hand, a strong arm to climb past the craggy, rocky ledges of life. But only if you take his hand, or mine, shall you receive the blessing and the benefit that we would bring.
            Few among mankind call to Hope often. For it seems that only when in despair and distress does mankind seek deliverance from our bands. Yet, we would weave a garment of light around every son and daughter of God every morning. For when the sun dawns upon you each morn, there is opportunity. There is hope anew for you to rise, to become all that you are meant to be.
            Therefore, when you look upon the sun each morn rising in the eastern sky, think of Hope. Think of the blazing light of the angels of the fourth ray, [who] come to give you that push, that head start toward a life of God-virtue, transcendence and holiness.
            This day is a new day for each of you to embrace hope. This hour is the hour of power whereby you may be drawn into the very heart of God through the acceptance of his grace, bestowed not only by angelic hands and your own guardian angel, but through that flame that has always been your opportunity for God's self-identification, wherein you may enter into the stillness of your God-reality moment by moment.
            We come when called upon, but we ask you to consider embracing us in consciousness so that you too may be the evidence of things hoped for, as the faith of God and the glory of things yet to be known, as the hope and the wonder of the awe-ness, the all-ness of God.
            When you have hope in your hearts, then you may be at peace, even in the midst of the greatest trials that you are undergoing, blessed hearts. When you have hope, then the mists of maya are cleared, and you see the beacon upon the shore compelling you to come to port safely, to come into the warm hearth and home and be received again by your God, out of the stormy night, the dark night of your soul.
            The light at the end of the tunnel that all pass through when making their transition is the light of Hope. For Gabriel and I stand hand in hand to receive all those who would walk and rise into the light, you see. Therefore, know the light! Be the light! And share the light with all who have taken a turn backwards on their path. Compel them, O holy ones, with hope, with charity, with faith in your hearts.
            And though the greatest of these is that holy charity of love, yet through the humility that comes to you when in that dark hour you reach for the light of God, yes, in that hour, even crying great tears, it is our strong and firm support that will move you higher so that one day the fullness of love may reside within you.
            We announce to you the tangible and most present opportunity for your victory, each one. The choice is up to you whether to continue and move and take that next step in hope or not. We ask you please to choose the higher road, to opt wisely, to walk into the light always.
            [Hope sings a chant in an angelic tongue.]
            I caress you with the sound of hope. Be washed in my fire and know, through God-desire, the radiance, the joy, the wonder of hope in God this day. I thank you.

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