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Lady Kristine      April 23, 2006

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis            
April 23, 2006 10:06-10:19 am MDT
Bozeman, Montana

Blessed saints of the living church,
            I am come this day with a dispensation of light from the Lord of Hosts to reconnect each of you more fully with your Divine Self through the work and love of your personal guardian angel, beloved ones            
            Therefore, in this hour your own angel stands to your side, to your right side, as your twin flame is to your left. And so, you now are encompassed about by a new-found presence of holy love this day. You see, there is no longer any excuse for you not to be love in action. For what is love but that perfect knowing of the heart of God, that perfect grace of inner contact with his heart? And this you may share most personally in your walk with God daily, with your twin flame and your guardian angel.
            I AM Lady Kristine and I am here to support you in all things, blessed ones. When you meditate on the interior light within that castle of your heart, serving at the altar, ministering with angels, tending the flame, I am there with you. Beloved Gemma and others of us who had the intimate contact with Jesus in one or more of our embodiments are weaving a spiral of light around the living saints upon earth in this hour.
            Those who in the past have suffered greatly for the Lord in the flesh (and yet who in this hour through the gift of the violet flame may offer their sacrifice in a new and lighter way whereby outwardly they may no longer be required to withstand the physical flagellation and the brunt of the attacks of the demons of the night upon their bodies) through the invocation of the sacred fire [may have] all darkness that comes by way of the errors of mankind consumed in this great light that may burn within the heart and being of these.
            Blessed ones, you have been called to invoke the sacred fire. And so, in this age you have a new opportunity to enter into a greater communion with the saints of east and west, [either] ascended [or] preparing for their ascension at inner levels.
            This you may do through meditation, through a deeper communion day-by-day wherein you reserve that time to shut away the noises and influences of the world from your outer consciousness, entering into that secret chamber of your hearts [to] truly know the divine light within.
            Many of you are gaining in that sensitivity of the soul whereby you feel more fully all that we as your sponsors, your helpmeets, your friends of light in higher octaves are attempting to inspire upon you in your work and service to life. You have readily available to you at all times our presence of love, our aid in great measure. For you know that the call compels the answer. And yet, at times you forget how close we may be to you. Yes, as close as a whisper. Just "one breath away", as Lanello has said.
            Take time to nourish your hearts through acceptance of the grace that may be yours each moment, each hour of the day. Many distractions may come your way. But through listening grace-even when you are engaged in business and conversation, in a walk in nature-you may still receive from our hearts our guidance, our love, through the intuition of that heart-mind connection within you.
            Therefore, blessed ones, receive now the grace and the presence of your guardian angel, the Angel of your Presence, as some have called him or her. Take his hand with that of your twin flame and know surcease from distress, from anxiety, from pain. And know the inner joy that is always available to you in every hour through this communion of hearts that we bring.
            Comfort is our way this day. Comfort ye my people, O God! For they have striven to give of themselves in highest measure the All through their surrender on the path of the ruby ray. Comfort ye my people, O God through the presence of the angels who now wing their way to every child of your heart and in whom there burns a threefold flame this day.
            Each may know thee, O Lord. Let each one receive their angel and know your heart, one with their heart this day.
            I seal you now, blessed ones, and serve you-with your guardian angel-your holy communion. Take and eat and know the grace of your God and the giving-ness of his heart through this substance this day. I seal you in holy love, your Lady Kristine. And I am smiling to my beloved and to all who served personally with me, with our Mother, even those who this day may not outwardly hear these words but to whom I speak in the recesses of their hearts as their elder sister and friend. Amen.

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