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Lanello      April 01, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

April 1, 2006  8:33–9:02 am  MST

Wellspring Retreat

Emigrant, Montana

Broadcast through Detroit, Michigan


Make Your Hearts Available for My Magnanimous Heart to Beat Through
And Together the Two Shall Beat as One!


Heartfriends of the Ages,

            I am here with you, sitting in a half lotus, and I invite you to join me in my giant wigwam. For I have come in the disguise of Hiawatha to draw my friends within the circle of oneness to my heart.

I have brought with me many whom you have known and who have ascended in recent years, both before and after my own ascension. And I announce to you this day the recent ascension of one friend from this state of Michigan, a radiant one whose love of the Knight Commander is almost unparalleled, one whom you have known as Virginia Fellows. And she wears a radiant headdress that I have prepared with a golden fleecy garment with frills almost as you would see as a buckskin but made of pure light, beloved ones. And of course, my friend Al Schein is here and others who have walked upon this soil—Guy Hudson and others who served at the Round Table of old.

            We are gathered for a purpose and that is to bring back to the remembrance of peoples of all nations and of the First Nations of this land the understanding of brotherhood, of unity, of honoring Mother Earth. For Mother Earth does cry out in this hour due to the great constraints placed upon her by the children of this civilization. And it is time, beloved ones, for a new culture to manifest upon earth whereby the industry and the technology that has been developed must bow to the needs for the balance of the environment at all levels.

            You have the wherewithal within the scientific communities to bring forth those technologies which respect Mother Nature, recycling the energies of the sun and of the four cosmic forces such that there is not placed within nor upon the earth or its atmosphere or within its waters those elements of pollution as by-products of waste from combustion and from your processes in manufacturing that have created a scourge upon the planet itself.

            It is time for the sons and daughters of God to stand and to raise their voices, demanding of those of the leaders of the industries and the governments and the economies to bow to the great light of the Sun Presence of love and to understand that true culture is born of hearts that understand the needs of all life, all of evolutions, including the elemental evolutions.

Therefore, I come within this city of Detroit and her environs. And I have been working at inner levels with certain masters to bring forth into the awareness of those who are responsible for the great industries that have existed here in this area the need for change and for an accelerated change. For the United States and all nations should no longer be dependent upon oil which robs from the very earth itself substances that should remain within the earth as part of the balance within the earth of the elements.

            Therefore, we are determined to work at inner levels with many at the heads of these industries—the automotive industry, the energy industries, the oil companies and those who are developing new technologies that you have mentioned, and we are bringing forth the plans of the Darjeeling Council for an accelerated process whereby change may occur. For as you have heard, other nations have developed these industries to the extent where they are not dependent upon oil from other lands which then requires the intercession of armies as you have seen to defend those resources and their delivery systems.

            Beloved ones, Mother Earth has provided for each nation the needs of the people that embody within those lands within the earth and the air and the waters themselves, do you see? Therefore, most nations, except those that exist on islands where the resources are slim, should not be [so] reliant upon resources from other lands but should ascertain what is available to them within the natural order and environment [of their own countries] for their judicious use in meeting the needs of their people. It is only when nations desire of other lands [their] resources, that you begin to see strife, conflict and the warring within those nations and their peoples that brings forth the never-ending process of chaos leading to terror and, God forbid, the final solution whereby the technologies that have been developed are used to wipe out great masses of people through the armaments of war that you have seen in the last and in this century.

            So, I have brought with me representatives from every nation upon earth who have recently come to the Darjeeling Council and other councils of the Great White Brotherhood to discuss the needs of mankind—not only for spiritual development but [in bringing about] those policies and changes that must be met if earth is to be able to enter a golden age according the cycles desired by the Great Divine Director.

So, we are behind schedule and resources in certain areas are scarce. And there must be a shifting within the minds of the people and within their leaders in industry such that all see the great need that must come forth, pooling resources, communicating within and between industries to make this happen. The resourcefulness of the American people you have seen in the past when all have rallied to bring forth into manifestation technologies that have allowed man to traverse across space, to land on the moon, to send vehicles to other planetary systems even beyond this solar system.

            Beloved ones, the industriousness of a people when, through proper leadership and one-pointed action, they move forward can truly be miraculous. So, I urge you to prepare inserts for what is needed for the graduated and accelerated transfer of the energy systems of this nation and all nations to new technologies, beloved ones.

Much has been stifled and snuffed out of new technologies for fear of loss of income, jobs, etc. And yet, if those in positions of power in these industries had embraced these new technologies, the world itself would look different in this hour. You would have more harmony, you would have more understanding. For there are resources enough for all, and none need horde them to their own devices at the expense of the common man and woman who strive with the sweat of their brow and with all that they have to bring forth the fruits and the bread upon the table for their families, their communities, their nations.

            Come to the table, come to the circle and commune together, O sons of man, as the First Nations did when called by me to discuss how we may work together in peace to bring forth a civilization of understanding, harmony and love among mankind. It is time, beloved ones, for the truth to be known at all levels. And through your internet, you are aware of many conspiracies to suppress the truth. And though not all conspiracy theories are accurate at all levels, there is truth at certain and many levels.

And therefore, when you come to a realization of what is needed to bring to light the truth on a topic or a concern, it is no longer acceptable to simply read and read and read and not do anything about it through your calls and through the spiritual resources available to you through the internet broadcast, the cascading vigils and the means we have given you and that Saint Germain has given you to educate your fellowman on these issues.

            Therefore, work assiduously. Set up your teams, work on the most crucial topics, develop your fact sheets, have continuing prayer vigils monthly on these topics, working while ye have the light of my beloved one in embodiment for as long as she can sustain her physical body with you, working with these messengers, supporting them in all ways so they may continue through their work to hold the balance in the earth at all levels with us of the ascended hosts.

Do not forget those who have walked among you who have ascended and yet need certain karma balanced to reach the hundred percent mark. For as you know, even I needed many years to balance the remaining twenty-five percent of my karma. And so, the blessed Mother did add my name to the preambles. And I was invoked in every decree, for which I am grateful. For when done so, I could move among mankind, inspiring ones here and there to do certain work. This example you may use (and you are using [it]) by adding the names of those who generously and gratefully accept your calls so that they may be of service to you and your realm.

            Why, beloved ones, there is such an abundance of ascended masters to whom you may call that you may have a multitude walking with you at all times. Yes, each of you may have an army of celestial beings, of angels and masters surrounding you. And there is no excuse for you to bemoan your state in sympathy of your human condition. For the divine ones whose energies are always available to you simply need the call to act in your world at any hour.

            I extend the feather of light to each son and daughter of God within this activity and within all true activities of the Brotherhood of Light. Take this offering from my heart as a token of my love for you and my continued presence as guru in your midst.  Some of you have reserved a chair for me in the sanctuaries. You may do the same at your tables or inviting me to be your co-pilot in your vehicles when traveling. Yes, I would commune with you heart to heart in a most personal way. I simply love to be with you, do you see? There is no greater love than the love of the guru and the student when the bonds of our friendship have grown because of trust, because of the great love we share in our mission together to save sentient beings.

            Therefore, I extend my arms to embrace you, each one. And this wigwam has grown to quite a large one in this hour here in the Midwest. I embrace the sons and daughters of Afra in this city and in all cities. And Afra embraces you, each one, who have stood firm in your commitment in invoking the sacred fire daily. And Saint Germain thanks you from the bottom of his purple fiery heart for your calls to the violet flame, for they are making great inroads into the earth that ye know not of.

As your vision increases in what you know can be accomplished through the action of your meditations and prayers and mantras and fiats and decrees, beloved ones—as your consciousness expands to take in more of light, as you research and study current events and what is occurring on the planet through the lens of your witness to life upon earth, we may enter through your consciousness to intercede if you make your heart available to us through which to beat.

Yes, make your hearts available for my magnanimous heart to beat through! And together the two shall beat as one! And we will be victorious! For as Morya said, “We were winning from the beginning!” And I say, we will win all the way with the Master Morya and with Saint Germain to fulfill our reason for being upon earth.

            I thank you, beloved hearts, for your great love of humanity, your caring, your sharing and your personal mantras given in these last few days. Yes, they have truly made inroads and have been heard at the farthest reaches of the cosmos where celestial beings are now saying, “What is happening upon earth? We hear these calls and we must answer and wing our way to the blue planet to assist the souls there.”

For, you see, your calls are always acted upon. And when given in purity and with right motive can cause the most magnificent changes upon not only this planet but other systems of worlds through your belief, through your acceptance of the ability of the Word to act through your invocation. Become masters of invocation with me. Speak the word of truth and the victory shall be ours.

            I seal you for your continuing vigil this weekend. And I may just return on the last day to give you a report on your progress, beloved ones, if you would like. Be up and doing for God. Do not despair but march forward as conquering heroes, for that is how I see you now dressed—not to go to war against each other but to stand forth in full regalia in your garments of light to be witnesses upon earth of what true love is. Lest I wear out my welcome and continue to speak forever, I take my leave of my blessed friends. I thank you.

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