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Lady Kristine      February 05, 2006

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
February 5, 2006
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Precious hearts who love God,
            I am come this day to speak to all on behalf of the children and youth. These souls, evolving just as you adults on the pathway of eternal life, need a greater boost from our octave because of the direct attack against their lives and mission. Therefore, we of the ascended hosts have determined that we shall offer it this day through a release of fiery instruction to you all.
             Blessed ones, the youth need examples of those whom they can follow who will lead them unto eternal perfection. In this day and age, they have few examples in the mass media of those spiritual heroes and heroines whose purity of heart is the true expression of eternal glory. Therefore, I bring to you, as a collective body of Heartfriends(tm) this day, an assignment from the Lords of Karma for the raising of the youth of America and the world.
            As you know, in my last incarnation, I was given the assignment to assist the messengers, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, in both recording and then putting into print for distribution worldwide the blessed words of the ascended masters released through them. I worked tirelessly to see to it that their words were printed in as perfect a form as possible, accurate to the T and in a form fitting to grace the bookshelves of all ascended-master students for centuries to come.
            The Lords of Karma have asked that I come before you with a plea, and it is this: that you consider and work as a team to compile the lives of modern saints of ascended- master activities, who have walked the earth in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, who have ascended back to the heart of God. These are the true heroes and heroines of the spirit whose lives will be an example for your youth to follow. Many of you have known these souls whose efforts and lives have been a testament to truth and to a way of selfless love that leads to immortality, because in the process of giving, the lower self is lost and the Higher Self gained.
            Beloved ones, we do honor the work of Annice Booth and those who've assisted in compiling the great work and tome, The [Ascended] Masters and their Retreats, truly a volume of great proportions in bringing the message of the Great White Brotherhood to this plane. It is time, however, for you to take this message and expand upon it with more detailed accounts of the lives of many who have walked among and with you, beloved ones. These accounts may be prepared as part of a series titled Heroes and Heroines of the Spirit and prepared with colorful pictures and photos highlighting the lives of these friends of light.
            As you know, you have all been admonished to keep a journal of your own life
so that your personal story may be told after your ascension. It is time for these stories to be compiled and brought into print so that children, not only in your own communities but worldwide, may read of these inspiring lives and be catapulted forward on their own path of adeptship toward their ultimate walk with God.
            Blessed ones, you have the wherewithal to pull off this project, for I am lending my momentum of service and causal body toward its completion. You may call to me to first establish your team and then to take the information released through the messengers of recently ascended masters and then do the research to compile a synopsis of their lives with the key points highlighted of where they overcame certain tests and where it took a more-than-ordinary strength of will, wisdom and love to fulfill their calling in life.
            This project will be a long one, for there are many modern saints to depict. But as these volumes come into manifestation, they will become an ongoing testament to sons and daughters of God of all ages of what can be done because some have been victorious.
You may call to the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels, as well as the specific master whose life you are recording, to assist you. And thereby, you will also receive the direct benefit of grace of that one in the process. Isn't this a most glorious opportunity for self-transcendence, dear ones?
            I suggest that a few among you who have the skills, provide an outline of how this project may be accomplished, with the goal of releasing one book per month, beginning in July of this year at your freedom conference. Create, also, a template of what should be included in these books, which I suggest be no more than thirty-three pages long so as to keep them in a form easily read by children of all ages.
            It is time for the truth to be told. It is time for the word to go forth. It is time for our own to shine as a sun, as the true exemplars of light in the earth. For too long, those in Hollywood have been the stars and examples, good and bad, for the youth to follow. We must have the real lights sharing their voices, with the new generation of youth, to bring forth what will be the most daring and exciting changes the earth has seen since the coming of Sanat Kumara and the 144,000 to the earth. This can manifest through you, each one, first in your own consciousness and heart and then rayed out to affect the greater evolution of lightbearers throughout all systems of worlds.
            Beloved ones, this project will put you on the map of new-age spiritual organizations if you work together in harmony to bring it forth. It will involve all of you as researchers, compilers, writers, artists, editors and public-relations contributors. Whatever your skills may or may not be, all within this activity are included in this assignment, for all have the need to work to save the youth.
            And this, my dictation, is a partial answer to each one's letter to the Karmic Board asking for greater opportunity to balance karma and win your ascension. Mine was won through sacrificial giving and love. Yours may be won through the same process, though you may have the grace of a slightly slower pace than mine in your victory.
            I assign beloved Celeste and Tom and Paul and Janice as the heads of our team for this project, sitting on the cardinal lines of the cosmic clock for its fulfillment. For we need some among you with ascended twin flames through whom we may anchor our light to make it happen. Get your house in order to make it so. Meet weekly to assess your progress. Have clear assignments to all Heartfriends, who may pick a life to research and to record, even while each one continues to record his or her own life experiences on the path for the book that will one day come forth of your own life.
            I am with you always in the secret chamber of your heart. I am accessible and available at your call for your every need as you weather the storms of life and seek the rainbow promise of eternal life. I am your sister, friend and advocate for clarity and charity's fires of perfect love. Graciously continuing to ply my trade in heaven's domain for you, I AM Lady Kristine.

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