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Padma Sambhava      January 16, 2006

Padma Sambhava
David Christopher Lewis
January 16, 2006 9:35 - 9:55 pm MST

            Truly you have come to the point on your path where you are ready for greater initiation and direct interaction with ascended beings who have to this point waited for you to arrive to a certain level of the balancing of your karma and the gaining of an understanding of this path of adeptship and of the leaving off from your path of certain vicissitudes that have kept you from understanding the nuances of the tests that are required to be passed before immortal perfection in this realm can be sustained.
            Beloved ones, many of you have descended from higher octaves having chosen to save sentient beings. The conundrum for all is to return to that point of the original level of cosmic consciousness and attainment whereby you can bring to bear in this world the full-gathered momentum of your causal body as it relates to your mission. Therefore many of you-having developed certain talents, skills, and spiritual powers through attentiveness to the disciplines of the spirit and the flesh-have come to the point where you can bring to bear greater light in your work and service.
            You are striving at a new level. You are perceiving at a higher level and you are witnessing great change at an accelerated pace such that day by day you almost do not know what is coming in the way of opportunity for greater service to life.
            The reason we as Buddhists have had the ritual of creating with the colored sand the yantras and then sweeping them away is because the impermanence of daily attainment under the context of what is required in transcending cycles almost hour by hour within your mind and heart is that which this ritual reminds you of.
            Therefore when you come to a new-found level of attainment, the key for you is not to relish it or dwell within it for too long but simply to say unto me, "Padma Sambhava, I am ready now for the next teaching and level. And then I come to bear witness to that next step for you, beloved ones.
            Some have become comfortable in a certain level of understanding and attainment thinking that they had arrived at a point to which they would not have to accelerate again daily, beloved ones. This is folly, for all of us ascended are moment by moment transcending ourselves as the Great Divine One also does.
            Therefore look to the wind, look to the melting snow upon the Himalayas, look within nature to ascertain how cycles move and how even the birds do move moment by moment to seek a higher level and a new-found perch upon which to gaze upon the source of their nourishment. Yes, you should gaze upon your beloved God Self for new-found nourishment at spiritual levels and through direct attunement the empowerment and the enlightenment with new shades and dimensions of light can be yours through the asking, through direct participation with us as your gurus and teachers.
            Life is a schoolroom and Morya has said that within this activity there will be life- long learning, as you have heard. What does this mean for each one? It will be personal for you depending on what you can bring to bear in your study and application. Therefore rest not on your laurels. Rest not on the same cushion month by month or in the same place within the sanctuary physically or within your heart, but seek a new view. Seek a fresh approach.
            Master each lesson and within that lesson there will be the key to the next, and the next, and the next. Ascertain even by your own inspiration what is that proximal level to which you must stretch and thereby you will pull many up with you in the process.
            I give you the visualization now of each of you as a kite, yet I am holding the string from my realm and pulling you up, up higher. Your great desire must be not to let go to the thread of contact but to yearn for new heights, taking in from that new level, moment by moment, new prana, new spiritual substance which after you have passed through does pass through you to nourish others.
            This is the key for all who are on the cosmic journey. Pass quickly your tests and then pass upward and leave a legacy for others in the process-clear handholds, footholds for those who are coming after you to follow.
            The Mother has left many footholds. Where will you leave yours? Where will you leave your mark? In the great cities, in the wilderness, in the schools, in the universities? Leave a legacy of light and in that example many, many more will follow and one day their kites too you will pull up, up, up into the stratosphere of cosmic attainment because you first allowed me to bring you to a new and higher level, beloved ones.
            I take now my students to the Tushita Heaven to commune with cosmic bodhisattvas who have long ago transcended not alone this world but others but who yet remain in the higher reaches of the earth plane looking down upon mankind and discussing what is required to raise mankind. You may have a direct intercourse with them this evening when you hear this message and they will tell you what is required of all who are aspiring to be teachers and communicators of the teaching of the Buddha and the Mother. Take to heart their words of wisdom. Remember them. Write them down. Become them for a new generation of light upon earth.
            I seal you in my diamond radiance, multi- colored shimmering around you now. I seal, through the action of the secret rays, your mind to be the mind of Buddha.
            I am Padma Sambhava. Let us begin a new yantra together. And in the multi-colored design that we will create the Lord of the World himself will come to see what we are creating together and in the joy of his appearing and his assent to this work, we will find a new-found joy of discovery in saving sentient life and presenting a new path upward into the light of the new day.
            I am with you in your initiations, beloved ones. Call to me. See me upon your crown when you give my mantra for I will prick your mind each time you utter it until your crown will glow as the Buddha, the Enlightened One that you are already if you will accept the fullness of your attainment this night.
OM Buddha. OM Gautama. OM Maitreya. OM Issa. OM Sanat Kumara.

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