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Solar Logoi      August 28, 2005

Beloved Solar Logoi
David C. Lewis
August 28, 2005  (4 minutes)

Landmark Event in Detroit

Detroit, Michigan

Accept Now that You Will Walk All the Way Home with God
Nothing Less than Victory Is Acceptable to God

           The Solar Logoi come now to ensoul this solar system, which has been invigorated by the very presence of the Elohim Hercules! And so we take this opportunity, for he has cleared the way for us, to come and empower our sons and daughters upon Earth with the need to serve, to become ascended beings at the close of this embodiment and to join the ranks of those ascended masters who can, through concerted effort, raise the entire solar system into cosmic light!

Beloved ones, you have heard in recent weeks [of] the passing and the ascension of many whom you have known in this embodiment. What one can do, all can do! And therefore, you must determine this day to not leave one stone unturned but to step forward into the light and to step on that ascension dais at the close of this embodiment, take your ascension [and] anchor the light where you have lived. And by the anchoring of that light and your walk in this city or wherever you hail from, you can charge this planetary body with the ascension currents that will flow from your own I AM Presence and your causal body!

Through the empowerment that you receive from us in each dictation, you should take to heart the message. You should bring it forth into positive action in your world, and you should determine with all of your heart to make it all the way! For nothing less than victory is acceptable to God. Do you see?  [Audience responds, “Yes!”]

We come this day in the full fire that has been accelerating through each dictation that you have experienced. And when the Maha Chohan came and delivered to you the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the seven rays and the eighth ray, you were prepared for our coming. For the fire that we bring is so intense that your chakras can hardly stand it! Do you see, beloved ones? And yet we still lower the radiance of [the] magnificent power that God has given us to the point where you can receive this light if you choose to accept it. Beloved ones, fire for fire, you must rise higher! Do you see? [Audience responds, “Yes!”]

So take our offering this day. Take the offering and the challenge of Hercules and accept now that you will walk all the way home with God! Will you walk into the very arms of the living God, beloved ones? [Audience responds, “Yes!”]  Then we seal this session, but not quite yet.¹

1.  Beloved Mighty Victory gave the final HeartStream immediately after this one.

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