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Parents, the Greatest Creators

Parents, the Greatest Creators

That title should add, with God.

I’ve been thinking lately about the power of creation and how we as parents have the most awesome chance to participate with the Creator of all, to create with Him/Her new life.

It’s interesting that one of God’s many titles is ‘Creator’. I would argue that it’s one of the most important. And not only for God but for us. While some of us may not be called to parenting, we can still create beauty and light, bringing inspiration, service or comfort to others. God really didn’t hold anything back when he created us in his image. He wanted us to create like Him. He also knew that our greatest happiness would not come in creating things but life, like Him.

Isn’t it interesting that in our world today we have those that swear using words that are a profane way to say ‘the creative act’. Is it because that is the most powerful act they can call upon? Perhaps they don’t think about it too much but I do think it’s interesting that the most life giving act can go from wonderful to terrible depending on the motive.

We have been given tremendous power as people. It is so everyday that someone has a child that I think we become almost numb to its sheer magic. A new child’s body really DID form from basically nothing, certainly nothing independent. And there, behold, is life. So wondrous. So magical. So divine, in potential if not in reality, that it should awe everyone of us each time we see a child anew. I love to gaze into the face of a little child whenever I have the opportunity. And whenever I see a pregnant women I silently bless her and salute her. Knowingly or not she is the handmaiden of the Lord, and through her, life continues on this blessed earth. So, whether you’ve already had your kids or have more yet to come into your family, know that you are truly blessed, O father and mother, to participate with the divine Creator of all life, in this blessed process of human life itself. What a miracle. And what a miracle you are!


Did you feel like a creator when you had your children?



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