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The Spiritual Lessons of Play

The Spiritual Lessons of Play

Play is kids work. It’s fun and it’s natural. How much more fun can it be when we naturally make it spiritual?

Toys can be props for this spiritual play.

Most kids love lego. Mine are still young enough to enjoy the larger size duplo. We’ve made all sorts of things over the last few years and are still creating. One time I made some stairs I dubbed steps to heaven. Another time my husband made a pyramid with a flame inside of it. Another time he made a Vaastu temple like our friend here in Patagonia has. I always liked making heavenly gardens. Or an organic farm. Of course, we make towers and cars and regular things too – we just don’t limit ourselves to them!

Having young kids, we also like playdough. Do you know you can mold and remold it so many times, just like your life? You can make so many shades of color, just like all the rays. I love mixing the greens and blues. It reminds me of those beautiful “great glowing greens and sparkling blues” we see in the Ode to Cyclopea song. My kids watch Heart Center songs, so they know what I mean when I tell them so. I’ve never made a playdough threefold flame, but I bet that would be fun!

Chalk is always fun to play with too! As well as the normal sketches of people, household objects and roads for tricycles, we also draw angels, smiley faced suns, even “hieroglyphics” from ancient civilizations.

All kids loving playing pretend so when my son came up to me one day with his colorful collection of ‘food’ – actually, leaves and flowers – I suggested it could be angel food and their ‘meal’ could invite heavenly spirits. A few boxes later and other such props and a little meal was had by kids and angels alike!

Spiritual play need not require toys.

Some of the best time is in the car when you are bored silly and in need of a word game. Have you ever played silly sentences using the alphabet as your guide? “Alligators always attack apples” could also be “Alpha authorizes and assists”. “Big bears blow blue bubbles” could also be “Beautiful beings bring blessings”. Can you think of a sentence for “C”?

The next time you’re playing with your kids, open your heart to the spiritual possibilities within it. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing or always or never. Spiritual play should be a fun and natural part of your life!


Please share. Do you have any tips for older kids? Do you have any other ideas for younger kids?





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