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An Immaculate Conception For Everyone!

An Immaculate Conception For Everyone!

Did you know that Jesus is not the only one who was capable of an immaculate conception? Your children can be too! It’s a Hearts Center teaching, though I believed it either way,  that Jesus’ conception was normal too, albeit holy and sacred. And yet, we can do the same! I remember reading Mother Mary who said that she and her family came to be that example, not the exception (Beloved Mother Mary, Dec. 24, 2006). Of course, Jesus was and is a special son of God and had a magnificent destiny as teacher and divine example. And yet, God desires all of us to be like that.

Is sexuality a corner of your life where, for any multitude of reasons, God has been absent? It was once that dark corner in my life. Let God in! Only good can come of it.

I think the important thing is that we remove the sense of sin that has consciously or unconsciously snuck into the human race. We are children of God, divine sons and daughters, and sinning or falling short, does not mean we are ruined from the beginning to end, just that we have stumbled. It is not Adam’s fault, nor Eve, God bless them both. I like to think of them as archetypes, and their sin, more disobedience than anything to do with God’s command to multiply.

The world would tell you that such actions that lead to the creation of a child are worldly and sinful and full of human desire, but this is all a matter of consciousness. How else will God give birth to his avatars! (With Earth’s current way of reproduction.)

I remember reading in Omraam’s teachings (Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon) about our consciousness. Indeed, where is it? Do we reproduce like an animal with only instinct and human desire or is there some sacredness to it all? If God is in both partners and in and around us, can we also choose to acknowledge that? I know, it’s not the way of the world. It’s not an overnight transformation either but one that can take time. Then again, maybe for you, it won’t. I can testify that my consciousness on such issues has transcended worlds from where I began. I’m sure there are many more worlds to transcend.

So, families out there, those considering starting or expanding your family, please consider how you can pass on to your child, not only your human traits but your divine ones too! Consider how, by intent you can not only ‘get pregnant’ but how you can co-create a magnificent body temple for the sacred soul that is to be your son or daughter.

I really love what Surya recently said about bringing forth God-children and about making life sacred again by infusing love into every act and deed and thought and feeling, including the bringing forth of children.

I hope I have not embarrassed any through covering this sensitive topic. I believe it’s an important one. How else can we raise up a new generation and what better than from the very beginning?

Let children be born to us in sacredness and awe! God is so present and powerful in them, even as in us!

For you: Do you believe in the Immaculate Conception? Why or why not or perhaps how do you still believe in it, with a different interpretation?

Here’s a little more from Mother Mary. It was too good not to share!

“When the full story is told, blessed ones, that although I carried the virgin consciousness of the light of the Mother flame, Joseph as that worthy father, was truly the physical father of not only Jesus but his siblings, then there will be a shift in consciousness such that all know that they, too, in the bearing of children may enter into that holy state of not only bearing a physical child but the soul and the Spirit encapsulated within that one as a potential Christ or Buddha. If mankind simply looks upon Jesus and me as anomalies or something that is impossible to also manifest, then this detracts from the great purpose of our coming and all that we did for and on behalf of earth's evolutions.”


And for the scholars among us, another related Heartstream by Mother Mary.



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