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Saint Germain, Cosmic Aquarian Alchemist (VIDEO)- Beautiful Basics 10

Saint Germain, Cosmic Aquarian Alchemist (VIDEO)- Beautiful Basics 10

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  • Hi Eric, the Beautiful Basics series includes 10 presentations so far, Saint Germain's being the 10th one. there are not 9 other presentations on Saint Germain. The other presentations (3 audio and 6 more video) introduce the Buddha Nature Chart, the many facets of light and God through our understanding of heavenly heirarchy, and introductions to the other Lords of the Rays--El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, and Nada, each in a separate video. If you are interested in hearing these, click on my name up at the top of this blog and all of them will appear in reverse order. Have you heard David's radio show on Saint Germain's prophecies for 2015? You can hear it by clicking on the YouTube icon on our homepage. It's in the middle column with 5 other social media icons in the "Announcements" section. It will get you to all of our YouTube presentations, including Beautiful Basics. Also, Eric, Saint Germain's many messages through David can be read or heard through our HeartStreams database. Go to "Teachings and Blogs" on our menu bar> "HeartStreams and Discourses"> "HeartStreams Database>. Put in Saint Germain's name as the master. Choose "All" for the timeframe. Click "Search" and they will all appear in a list. It's wonderful to hear of your interest in this magnificent ascended master. I hope I hear from you again! Many blessings to you, Carol Wells
    3/11/2015 2:55:42 PM
  • I am having trouble finding the first 9 St Germain Cosmic Alchemis vidroed. Can you assist me in finding them please? Regards Eric
    3/10/2015 11:19:59 AM
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