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How to Cleanse for Vibrant Health

How to Cleanse for Vibrant Health

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Natural health expert Donna Korth shares some great ideas for safe fasting and cleansing. In the Hearts Center, our spiritual masters recommend we fast one day a week for purity. When your body is pure, you will feel more energy and closer to God!

Here are some key points from Donna's talk:


 Fasting is important!  And, if you are diabetic or have health  issues, see a naturopathic or other natural physician and make sure it is okay for you to fast. One easy way to fast is to take one day a week and just drink vegetables juices. You can dedicate that day to God, and fast physically and spiritually.


Ideas for Detoxes

 We all need to cleanse and detox at times. The aim is to eliminate chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and more. The internal detox is necessary to cleanse your kidneys, colon, liver and skin. We can detox in many ways, with targeted supplements, herbs, and specific herbs to remove heavy metals such as mercury.  We can also use specific cleanses for yeast, fungus and parasites.

The signs you need to detox are: headaches, back pain, memory problems, brittle nails and hair, exposure to drugs and pesticides. The body needs to get rid of pharmaceutical drug residues and chemicals, and the liver may be sluggish and struggle to remove these.

There are short term and long term cleanses you can try. The short term cleanses include a 24 hour juice fast, chelation therapy with supplements, detox teas, colon cleansing, and skin brushing.  There are 4 main areas of elimination: lungs, intestines, urinary/kidneys, and skin. Try a dry skin brushing before or after you shower, all over your body. This helps your circulation.

The long term detox are dietary changes, such as avoiding meat and high carb foods and eating more vegetables and juices. Be very careful with fruit juice as it is too sweet. There are herbal teas and supplements, and the exercises of the Five Tibetan Rites. There is yoga, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, massage and meditation.

An Epsom salt bath is a good way to release toxins.  Add 1 cup Epsom salts to you bath and you will sweat out toxins. Epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate.

Magnesium is a very important mineral that helps calcium be utilized. Donna doesn't take calcium supplements; she has seen it cause bone spurs in people.  She recommends magnesium to help absorb calcium and magnesium will help you sleep better, as well..  It's also a  gentle laxative.

 Another gentle detox is to take fresh lemon juice in water, about 1/2 lemon to a glass of water. This will alkalinize your body, and the citric acid from the lemons breaks down fat molecules.

As far as colon cleanings, there are herbs for this, but be careful with the herb senna, as it is habit forming. If you are interested in learning about enemas or colonics, you can contact Donna about this.

There is an apple detox diet, for 3-4 days you eat only raw apples. Yellow delicious apples are the best for this.

If you buy non-organic foods, A Clorox bath for your vegetables and fruits  will detox and pesticides and energize your food. It must be regular Clorox, and not lemon Clorox or other kinds of Clorox.


Avoid GMO food

 Donna discusses GMO  food and how it is harmful.  Both sugar from beets and sugar from corn are genetically modified.  If you see "sugar" on the food label, it is most likely GMO sugar!

GMO foods may be tomatoes, potatoes, some squashes, zucchini, soybeans, cottonseed oil, canola oil, Hawaiian pineapples and papaya, and farmed salmon.


Other ways to be pure!

 Donna uses a polarity pillow, an energy charged board the size of a cutting board. She places her vegetables and fruits on it to detox pesticides and herbicides.

There are many things we can do to be pure and we can always  pray over our food. Ask the angels to purify the food every time you eat.

Houseplants also are useful for a pure environment, as they will take chemicals out of the air.  And we want to avoid fluoridated water. Water that has gone through the Reverse Osmosis method has most of the fluoride removed. You can often buy purified water, and  it's even available at Wal-Mart.

So these are some methods to keep us pure!





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