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Prosperity and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect

Prosperity and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect
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I'd like to talk about the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and this is from a chapter out of the book "I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams I am. I am. I am." However I believe that this is a fundamental lesson and a fundamental skill on the path of the initiate. Something that just we have to make a lot of progress on and a lot of mastery on in order to earn her ascension. I'm going to to read some and then I'm going to really to you how this is really ended up being a very large lesson in my life, and it might be helpful or inspiring to you based on what I've learned.

So this is the Third Law of Prosperity in this book, and The Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

"What goes around comes around. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. You have heard about the Law of Cause and Effect all your life. You know it's true. What you put out comes back to haunt you or to help you. What you might not have understood is how this law combines with the Law of Multiplication to dramatically impact your success.

"Please note the following diagram. I see it in my sleep. For more than two years, practically every time I asked Marilyn question she drew this diagram. Memorize it, because it is one of the keys to your success.

"You will undoubtedly notice that there is one line going out to others in many lines coming back to you. This is the Law of Multiplication. What you put out gets multiplied atleast tenfold. If you put out positive energy, you get back a multitude of good. If you put out negative energy, you get back a multitude of grief and hardship. If you put out anger, you get back to sea of anger. If you put out happiness, you will get back a storehouse of happiness.

"Very simply this means every time you say, write or think mean-spirited ugly, hurtful and hateful things about anyone you are putting out negative energy. You are creating for yourself exactly what you do not want. Since what you put out comes back you multiplied, your negative energy becomes an order to the Universe asking for a heavy load of trouble to be dumped directly on your head. You know this is true. You've heard it your whole life. You've heard it so much, in fact, it sometimes sounds trite or melodramatic. Nevertheless it is as true today as when your mother first said it. When you talk bad about someone else you are only hurting yourself.

"A friend of mine who is normally in excellent health called one afternoon in the grip of great pain and suffering. She felt she had very little reason to live anymore, that her life was horrible. She said that her son had fallen from his motor scooter and broken his collarbone. Her mate and she were fighting constantly. Her cat had marked her bedroom for the third time that week. She was too sick to go to work, but she needed the money because her daughter's college tuition was due, a bill that was rightfully the obligation of her ex-husband the Blankety-blank-blank-blank. Finally we got to the source of the problem.

"She was furious that her ex-husband and had been for a long time. She was thinking and speaking of him in less-than-complimentary terms. She was creating an order for incredible pain and suffering for HERSELF!

"Once she recognized that she was creating her own misfortune and disease, she changed her attitude and her life brightened immediately. She decided that her ex was doing the best he could. She decided it was her responsibility to deal with him and the best way she could. She decided to expect nothing from him and always work through her lawyer when it involved the kids. She protected herself by giving goodness out to the world.

"Now in this example, negative energy returned quickly to the sender. In other cases it can take years before that pain comes back you. The only thing you can be sure of is that it will come back.

"The opposite is also true. If you send out loving, kind, magnanimous and caring words, thoughts and deeds, you will receive that goodness back multiplied. What you give is what you get. No doubt about it.

"Sending out negative energy is a bad habit....

"Change your attitudes. Develop new habits. Think good thoughts. You can do this."

So I didn't read the whole chapter, but these are the parts that I wanted to just dwell on a little bit here and talk about what I've learned in this respect and hopefully inspire others to maybe try some different things. I've noticed in my life that, in summation, there's really four different stages or ways this can manifest. And one of them is that in the least beneficial way is that what we give out as a habit, as energy, is blame and negativity and it can manifest in its worst in talking, saying things negative actually telling people about your negative story. The stories you tell yourself about the reasons for the circumstances in your life--and talk and talk and talk about it and the lack and so forth. And then a more subtle version of that is simply what emanates from your aura as the result of your thoughts and your feelings. And the thoughts and feelings part is a very subtle part but it's really important, it's really, really important.

So, that's one--and then another level of this is to simply kind of do nothing. And it's like basically not giving much, hunkering down in life. Living in a life of sort of relative inertia of not giving, not receiving that much. And there's a variety of circumstances that can kind of lead a soul to want to do that. Some souls are very very sensitive and they don't want to be hurt. They feel like they've maybe been attacked in the past and they they basically just want to protect themselves.

If you actually don't emit much energy because this whole game is energy, right? Everything that we can emit or receive really is energy. Whether its abundance in the form of, oh, things, or joy, or anything; it's all light-energy. Money is light-energy, donating things to charities or serving others. Just actually doing a favor for people, or actually maybe a large favor for people or serving life by, maybe oh, writing books or doing things that in a larger way inspire people. It's all emitting from your aura energy in various ways.

And some people choose just not to do very much of that. They kind of hunker down. And that can be the circumstance of, oh, maybe some previous lives where there was a fair amount of reaping, you might say, and we've been paying our debts to life and it can be sort of traumatic to our lives. And you know we just came through, all of us, in the last few thousand years in the Middle Ages, and probably have had some tough lives in that respect. And so we can sometimes fall into that pattern. I can tell you that's where I was.

So, the second stage you might say is basically not doing much not volunteering not really venturing forth very much. And so in the end in that respect not really creating much of a positive trajectory of sowing the fields with anything. And so with that you can expect a weak harvest, right? Another stage of this is to receive from your angels and your guides, from time to time, the impetus, the impulse or maybe from your parents or through any avenue whatsoever, the invitation to give. The invitation to donate, the invitation to step up and do something a little bit more than what you maybe had the predilection to do.

And I remember many times in my life where I had at a key point in my life, the impulse. And it was like a thought inside my mind and I know now that it was my guardian angel or my sponsoring master or somebody and they weren't telling me what to do but they were they were opening an avenue to an opportunity to sow, to emit, to give service to life--to do something that would create a bigger upward trajectory in this respect. And by God's grace, I was sensitive enough and actually had the courage, I believe, to become a "yes man", to step out of that, oh, sensitive Pisces guy that was sort of trying to protect himself. Especially as a young child, trying to protect himself from that big, bad world and not be too jangled by all the hustle and bustle and all the energy of all these aggressive people and stuff like that and to step up into a new sphere and say "yes".

We've all seen or maybe you've heard about or seen that movie that Jim Carrey was in called The Yes Man. And he was like this, he was like this. He was living a kind of a gray life--just staying in his little conservative sphere. And he was very miserable with this, and he didn't understand how to get out of it. He went to a seminar, and in the course of this seminar, I believe that he made a commitment to say yes to everything that everybody suggested to him, which takes an enormous amount of courage. And he did it, and it really changed his life. He found a beautiful woman who eventually fell in love with him. And the circumstances of his life became very much more bountiful because he stepped out and started to become more of an emissive, sun-center and giving and interacting with people and giving, giving, giving and saying yes. And that was the key there.

And I can think of many examples in my own personal life as a child, as a teen, growing up. at certain points I had this inflection point where I had to decide to do something that was a little bit scary for me. And yet I stepped out on the gang plank a little bit farther and it didn't hurt. It maybe forced me to work harder and to try to learn to accommodate energies that I wasn't so familiar with but it all turned out well. And, in fact, in many cases they tended to be things that were service to life in one respect or another. So, I'm very grateful for that and for the eventual habit that I built of saying yes. I didn't really have that habit when I was a child. and I built a habit of saying yes when I knew that I was being asked to do something.

So, the fourth stage of this, is I would say not to just say yes and not to just give because that can be done in a very obligatory way. I have seen this and I've seen it in myself and I see it in other people. They give either through the tithe, or donating, or serving others, because they think they don't have much choice. Or, they just do it because they kind of know in this intellectual way that the Law of of Cause and Effect will actually benefit them. If you actually look at their aura what's actually happening when their giving is there's this blip of giving--whether it's serving somebody or tithing, or giving or something--but there aren't revealed in the colors of the aura joy or excitement or the anticipation that you really understand what's going to happen. Not so much that you're just going to be rewarded by that, but that you're going to enjoy blessed life--that's the idea. Because that's when our prayers, that's when our giving are really, really magnified and they have a trajectory that shoots into life and it's accepted by all.

When we give in an obligatory way, it's kind of a dull, gray-brown kind of emission. It still is a giving, it still is something, this obligatory giving and sowing. But when you can make it a habit to do this with joy and anticipation and some jaunt in your step and, it does something. It propels it in a way that is far, far more effective and the blessing is even more magnified. And I've experienced this many, many times and I wanted to talk just a little bit. So, how do we migrate ourselves through these stages because I think at times we all manifest all four of these stages.

Whether it's blame and revolving our lack, or doing nothing, choosing to do nothing, or it is to give or emit in an obligatory way--and that can be done basically through our prayers that are basically just sort of done on autopilot or to give with constant joy and you're aware because you feel this joy and gratitude and it's emitting from your aura in these Violet-pink waves really that's that's the ideal. How can we do that? Because going back to what Thomas and Penelope Pauley said on the last page of this particular chapter, they say "Change your attitudes. Develop new habits".

We've all heard before "think good thoughts", you can do this, you think good thoughts. In an intellectual way we all know this but creating a habit--well we all have habits, and energy flows in our habitual patterns, right? And we are creatures of habit, and when we're less conscious we definitely tend to go more towards our habitual energy flows. So how do we propel ourselves out of that? Well, in anything on the path of initiation I think that one of the most important parts of it is consecration and commitment. It's basically squarely looking at the situation and saying "I choose to improve myself, I choose to bootstrap myself in this area" and I'm going to focus on it or some time", maybe a month or two. And I'm going to really practice this and I'm going to change my habits.

And there's lots of different ways you can do it, but consecrating yourself to something like this is the first step. And then another step is to find a way to keep repetitively changing the energy flow. And, you know, they have little rubber wristbands that people wear that are meant to be a constant reminder of something. That's an example of something that could work for some people. You put on a rubber band around your wrist and it's meant to remind you--because it's kind of this foreign thing that you're not used to seeing--to do something. Like in my case, what I had to do, and I continue to do is to to remind myself many times during the day "do you feel gratitude and joy flowing from you"? If not, refocus recenter it, or "what am I emitting"? That's really that the key phrase for me. What am Imy emitting right now? And, by God's grace, I've asked myself this question for so many years that in the effort effort of improving this thing that God has given me the ability to see my own auric emanations--the colors. I can easily see the colors.

I didn't used to, and I actually don't have an easy time seeing others really. It's just it's for me. It's for my own, not edification but my own development. I can see my the colors that I'm emitting at any given time. And it didn't happen at first, it took a long time to get to that point because I cared so much about overcoming this particular initiatic lesson. And once you can get to the point where you you make a habit of noticing and then make the habit of changing gears and continuing to emanate this joy and to say yes, continuing to emanate gratitude and saying "yes" to, especially to the things that maybe the Masters or your guardian angel is suggesting you do--you are creating new habits. You are changing the channels of energy-flow in your aura. And that's what the path of initiation is all about.

So, I wanted to share this with you because it was a big, this is a big thing in my life. And I have spent a lot of time on it and I was very grateful to see it in this book. You can actually talk about this without really so much talking about money, or anything in particular. In fact, they phrase this this whole chapter not all around money or tithing or anything like that. It's really about everything, every kind of energy that emanates from your being. And I've also found that it's important to work with the different levels of it, okay, so there's lots of different energy.

If you would just become really centered on this lesson with regard to oh, your prayers, well great. You could create great channels of prayer blessing and this emanation from your aura could be very well developed. If you don't develop the channel and the habit and the energy flow of volunteering to help the people around you, for instance, that that will be stunted. The path of initiation demands that we learn to do this energy flow, this emitting on all different frequencies of the spectrum which includes serving others. It includes maybe giving of your substance, like for instance donating your things, giving people your books or giving them things that they would benefit from and its just sitting around in your life, just taking up space. Taking up space is a stultification. That's that situation we were talking about where the energies of sitting still and there's inertia.

Giving it away, giving away creates this flow. And you can give of your time to serve, you can give of your substance, you can tithe money. And if you do just the first two, but you don't tithe your money, I think there's this stultification, there is a stunting of that flow because money occupies a specific area in this frequency of energy in time and space. So, another level is your thoughts and your emotions. We just talked about that. And disciplining what you're emitting there. And another level is your prayers and your meditations and your specific emissions to bless life. If you work all those different angles, and there's probably many other examples, and there's many other types of emissions from our aura from our being that really matter with respect to this law of Cause and Effect. I don't mean for this to be comprehensive, but it kind gives you sense that it's important to hit all the notes you might say. Hit all the notes and to learn to make hitting each one of those notes an easy thing and it's a natural thing and magnanimous thing.

So that's what I'd like to share. And I've had so many wonderful experiences just developing this. An example yesterday was that my wife's sister and her son were moving, are moving here, and they brought a big old moving van and they needed some help unpacking it. And they don't have a place to unpack it yet, we had to put it in as a storage bin. And it was cold, it was windy and it would have been very easy for me to just do this in a very, I would say, obligatory way. Yet, I and my whole family joined them. And it was a big truck, it was all their belongings. And it took some time to unpack that and put it in the storage bin. But I personally chose to try to run around and try to be joyful and have some fun around it. And that was my part of not just saying "yes", but to actually bless it, to bless it, to bless it. And that was because I have some habit of doing that and I entered into a consciously to do it again.

Another shining example of stepping up and saying "yes" and consecrating one's self to this type of emitting on the path of initiation is what our hosts here Ron and Dwinn Dubrowski are doing. It takes tremendous courage I would say, to say "yes" to be a broadcaster. And it takes tremendous discipline to do it day after day, week after week, month after month. Yet, The Law of Multiplication is going to just knock their socks off when they get to their life reading at the end of this life and they see what is coming around their way. I predict and I will guarantee that they probably can't even imagine how astonishingly blessed they will be as a result of choosing to do this. And it's an example of listening to what the Masters are asking for, and then stepping up and saying "yes" and then showing up day after day and doing it with joy doing it with gusto. And my hat's off to you Ron and Dwinn, and all the broadcasters who do this because you're my heroes and I am so grateful for what you're doing. And you don't have to respond right now, but anyway... That's that's all I'd like to talk about as far as The Universal Law of Cause and Effect 01and the prosperity the soul



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