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Kuthumi: Wholeness within the Divine Mind

Kuthumi: Wholeness within the Divine Mind

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Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
August 7, 2014 ¬†¬†3:30‚Äď3:51 pm local time
Quantum Leaps towards Solar Mindfulness
√Ėstersund, Sweden


You Are Valuable to the Path of Light??
The Importance of Accessing the Divine Mind through Stillness

?            The Divine mind is a beautiful thing, blessed ones. For seeing and envisioning and feeling from the vantage point of eternity and all that is comprehensive of God’s mindfulness bring one to a state of equipoise and equanimity within one’s own higher mind, trued to the Divine mind.??           

            When, through stillness, you access divine thought, you feel the subtle aspects and the vibratory field that is born of the omniscient state of pure perception, where many Buddhas reside and where higher mindfulness is the norm. For it brings into play reality, divine wisdom, eternality and cosmic truth in all of their effulgence and glorious manifestations. From the point of purest perception, you see clearly. And through this clear seeing, there is knowing and divine understanding of who you are, of what is resident within the cosmos of God’s eternal mindstream, of the divine processes involved in evolution itself and in the birthing of the new you in every moment of eternality within your Christic Presence, which is synonymous with the Word, the living Word of God.??           

            When you tap into the Source of all truth through this wisdom-field of beingness and the reality of pure mindfulness, I am there as a World Teacher with beloved Jesus and the Master Omraam to bring to you the nuances of what you require upon your Solar journey now, blessed ones. For as you move through the evolutionary states of pure beingness as a light worker, you share the integrity of your own Solar Selfhood, as you are already realized in that true divine essence of your Godhood and your divine nature. And in this, as an initiate of the sacred fire, you may bring forth wisdom teaching, inspired sharing and all manner of glorious wisdom nuggets and pearls to enlighten those entrusted to your care.

            Many of you have begun a new path, transiting unto the stars in consciousness in moments of divine connectedness, whereby you feel the ever-present nature of God washing upon your soul and allowing you to simply be who you are as a God-conscious one. When you are truly involved in the work of the Universal White Brotherhood, blessed ones, affirming and reaffirming your own divine station as essential to the revelation and the unfolding of the path of truth in this age, there is brought to bear through your heart, through your mind and through your spirit the manifest reality of great virtues and blessings and the effulgence of what you as an initiate may both represent and present to the world.

            Oh, some of you think in your outer minds that you are not so essential to our cause, and some hide, as it were, a little bit in the shadows, not seeking any human approbation. And yet, dearest ones, you are valuable to the path of light that we are seeking to release unto humanity through this teaching and through a number of cosmic outposts across the world, whereby the truths of the divine masters are released; whereby we continue to aver that which must be incorporated of the path in one’s day-to-day life in order to release all that no longer serves the spirit and to simultaneously accept and assimilate the new wave patterns and frequencies of Aquarius.??           

            As you perceive with new eyes and a new enlightened mind the universal truths of the Great White Brotherhood, there is flashed forth through your own Christic mind engrams of sacred gnosis for the planet and the vast evolutions of light who live here upon this sphere. Yes, dearest ones, every time you participate in one of these events and when you listen to or watch intently one of our cosmic releases of light, there is anchored within your world and in the proximity of your environment, the space that you inhabit, great cosmic light essences. Many angelic and cosmic beings often take note of your awareness at that moment. And when you are ready and available to be those points of light and beacons for us, we flash forth the radiance and the divine streams of God-consciousness through the crystalline patterns of your own Higher Self to assuage the hurts of those among men who are experiencing something less than God-consciousness, even as we radiate the healing light and the comfort flame of the Holy Spirit through the vessel of your being, the chalice of your God-identity.??          

            O blessed ones, if you would simply take those ten or fifteen minutes in silence each morning to reestablish your great God-connection with your True Self and have the daily infusion of a divine reality right in the sacred space where you live and move and have your being, you would see how perceptive you could be and would make greater progress on your path. You would release those blocks within your subconscious that you have been struggling with, often for eons of time, and there would be for you great joy in accepting that which heaven offers moment by moment of the virtuous outpouring of the gifts of the Spirit to you, O blessed hearts.??           

            It only takes a shift in consciousness to be able to perceive the new reality that the ascended beings are sowing all across this world. And the great chohans of the rays are here for you to commune with day after day, week after week so that you may receive exactly what you require on your Solar journey. Yes, if you would simply be still and know that I AM God within and feel your Presence shining through your spirit, often being more bold and assertive in radiating forth the light of your Presence, there could be a transformation of this world such as you have not seen for decades, centuries and even millennia, blessed ones. All it takes is for a few initiates who know who they are, who are Self-realized in God to accept the terms that heaven offers so that this Earth may be transformed in light and a number of evolutions may be awakened to the true spiritual worlds, which have always been there and yet which few access by divine intention through love, compassion and the gifts that come when one embodies kindness, holiness and the virtues of God within one’s heart.??           

            O blessed ones, the World Teachers are here for you to enlighten you day by day. Yet few call upon us. Few of you accept our presence in your midst, in your studies and as you attempt to perceive beyond the veil the eternal truths and the mystical elements and divine formulas of higher alchemy and divine mindfulness. Yet you are here, and I am here with you to shine forth my love to each one of your hearts in a greater radiant field of beingness.??           

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†¬† I accept you here and now for just who you are, not who you were yesterday or who you will become tomorrow. I know your internal struggles. I know the virtues that you are yet seeking to outpicture day by day. I feel that which you feel. For as you are disciples of light, the World Teachers are truly invested in every aspect of your lives‚ÄĒmore than you know. Therefore call to us. Invite us into your homes, into your meditation practice, into your gardens and into your daily active lives. We will restore the divine you in the experience of the Now, in the practical application of what you have learned of divine truth in your daily lives, blessed ones. And in this restoration, which is a spiritual renaissance, you will know all that is essential for you to embody, to release and to accept. For in this, there is the fulfillment of the cosmic dream of who you are as a Solar being in potential living and walking and breathing upon this Earth in this age.??¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

            Yes, we require the conscious ones who look to the Sun as their source of all beingness and who, being absorbed into and assimilated by God, will then go forth as godly ones to enlighten humanity and to embrace every creature, as we have, as a loving friend, as a beloved, as a spirit divine.

            I now shine forth my light in waves of cosmic peace across Scandinavia, blessing every soul, charging the atmosphere, the waters and the Earth itself with Solar joy and cosmic presence. And all who resonate with the light of living truth and picture-perfect peace will feel a new source of inspiration, a new vehicle for Divine Self-expression and holy understanding of all that is God-good, all that is beautiful, radiant and worthy of the sons and daughters of God to know, to feel and to be invested in.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Now, blessed ones, as you release one or more blocks within your subconscious and unconscious selves, I accept them, I transmute them and I return unto you new light, new energy, divine radiance for your freedom, for your enlightenment, for your divine happiness. You see, it is God‚Äôs great pleasure to give you the kingdom,¬Ļ which is the consciousness of heaven and of all divine ones who are waiting for you to ascend and enjoy the fruits of a life lived to the glory of God. When you finally let go of the ballast of your yesterdays, the karmas of your ancient past, we will be there to receive you as the prodigal sons and daughters returned to the banquet feast of light,¬≤ free at last to know God in God‚Äôs entirety and in God‚Äôs eternality. Bless you, O my souls, my friends, my great beloveds. I thank you.?

1. Luke 12:32.?
2. See Luke 15:11‚Äď32.

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