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Leto and Meta: Service within Our True Sisterhood in the Spiritual Realms (discourse)

Leto and Meta: Service within Our True Sisterhood in the Spiritual Realms (discourse)

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David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Leta and Beloved Meta)
June 20, 2014   9:07–9:27 am MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Service within Our True Sisterhood in the Spiritual Realms?


    This message from Leto and Meta is more of a discourse today, and the title is “Service within Our True Sisterhood in the Spiritual Realms.”??           


    There is great teamwork and collaboration in heaven, more than we may imagine. We often think of specific individual masters as being on their own and doing their thing. El Morya is there in Darjeeling and he answers our prayers, or the Divine Director is somewhere in Europe, or wherever he decides to be, doing his thing. Yet with the understanding of spiritual community, what has been called the egregor and what we have heard again and again through the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, we now know that when you ascend and become one with God, even though you retain your individual spirit-spark, your identity and the collective of virtues that you have outpictured through your life and continue to manifest, you are part of a great ocean of beingness that is the universal Spirit of light and of God.??           


    The sisterhood, the brotherhood, the sense of family and of community in the ascended state is very powerful and all-encompassing. You know instantly what you desire to know through telepathic communication from higher beings as you collaborate with them. You can instantaneously share with any divine being what you are doing and facilitating through your ongoing spiritual work because there is this sense of oneness. And even though there are thirty-three levels of the etheric plane, each one is not perceived so much as a separate and distinct level. There is a gradual increase in light as you go higher and higher into the most sublime regions of godliness and oneness with the Source. The ability to move higher is always there as an option. Even as an ascended being, you have to get used to the more rarefied and intense levels of light that play upon your being and that must be accommodated and allowed to flow through you. It takes time, if you could call it that, for an ascended master to really understand and master these levels to continue to move higher.??           


    The collaboration, though, in the service between the sisters of heaven is amazing, as we just saw with these three beings speaking as one in a very powerful way.¹ How did they merge their voices, their beings together as one? It’s simple for them, because they move as light beings right into each other’s company, into each other’s presence, which they have permission to do. And then there is a very powerful, glowing resource right there, which we were all witness to just a few moments ago. You may have experienced yourself, even in this life, a divine being actually moving through your auric field, or in your meditation practice you may have been able to become one with a master in consciousness by complete focus and dedication to that alchemy of oneness.


    In heaven, because everything is different and more real, beautiful and sublime, you can actually interpenetrate, with permission, with a divine being to experience the amazing light-energy field of that one for moments—not permanently, but for moments. And in that tryst, you ingest great divine light and energy. And there is the amalgamation of this force and power so that you can experience what it would be like to be a cosmic being before you actually have the full attainment to manifest that in totality all the time.??           


    The collaboration between Leto and Meta, and Mother Mary and other of the archeiai is wonderful to behold because they care so much about humanity. They understand all of the divine sciences, the dynamics of light and what can be brought to bear in our world because of the prayerful ones upon Earth—those who realize that these divine beings exist and who call to them and invite them, through their prayers, invocations and meditations, to enter our world. And their service has been magnified, accentuated and multiplied because of the calls and the attention of humanity, especially those in the “I AM” movement, the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse and now The Hearts Center, as well as other movements that do not necessarily have sponsored messengers. Even if the so-called messenger of a movement is not officially sanctioned by the Great White Brotherhood, if their members have purity of heart, are aware of these beings and pray to them, because of that purity of heart they too can have the light of these great beings focused in their world and assisting them.??           


    So the collaboration of these masters in their work is always sacred. When Leto and Meta work together in this sisterhood in the spiritual realms, it is always to bring blessing, boon and benevolence—the three B’s that we sometimes talk about—to souls, to all of us.


    Our work is to focus on demonstrating our self-mastery in order to truly access the higher levels of light that they can offer us. When we initially get to know the masters, we read about them and pray to them through the preambles of our decrees. Yet we have to ask ourselves whether we have really made the deeper connection with their Spirits to the extent that we can access their great abilities to help us self-transform and actually blend and merge with their light-fields, their immense auras of pure, starry and crystalline light.??           


    If you can shift from looking at the ascended masters as anthropomorphic, as human in form, and instead see them more as light beings, great divine-energy beings that you can actually plug into, merge with, feel and accommodate in your world, you may just have a greater infusion throughout your day, week, month, year and life of greater divine stimuli and the impetuses that will move you ever into higher consciousness. You have to first accept the possibility that this can happen for it to happen. If, as we heard in this HeartStream, you see yourself as less than, as only human, how can heaven fully embrace you in your divinity, in your true self? It’s daunting. They said that you have to dare to be God and not just invite God—really meditate and be the light to the point where that light sings and shines and dances within you.??           


    Part of what these great lady masters impart to souls of light evolving upon Earth who come to the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood is a sense that they are worthy, that they are God, that they have the light within them. These souls may come to the retreats at night in their finer bodies and some may even come by penetrating the veil in higher levels of meditation or by leaving their bodies consciously. The masters always fan the fire of this godliness within the disciples, the initiates and those who are moving into their adeptship to provide the sense that they have within them what it takes to master themselves, to move on and to fulfill their mission upon Earth. There is never, ever a sense of condemnation, nor is there any sense conveyed that the soul is imperfect, less than, a sinner—all of the stuff that we hear upon Earth.??           


    Every time you read a book about a near-death experience, at least the ones that are truly inspired, there is a common theme that runs through them in terms of what people feel when they actually die and then come back, and that is that heaven is a place of light, of love. There is absolutely no a sense of hell or eternal damnation and that type of thing. Even great sinners and people who have issues in this life are embraced and taught, and the teaching that they receive is simply reflected by the ascended master to them so that they can rise higher and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. In other words, you have to do the work. You have to be the initiate. You have to challenge yourself and go higher and aspire to this divine life. It’s already there within you, yet you have to be undaunted and courageous to realize it, to accept that.


    We have heard about a lot of these themes and dynamics over and over through many mystical teachings, the ascended masters’ teachings and the more advanced esoteric teachings upon Earth. We’ve read about them; we’ve reflected upon them; we’ve read about them again; we’ve reflected upon them again—we’ve read, read, read. How many of us, though, have really taken the leap to go there, to be intrepid, to so suffuse ourselves in the ascended-master consciousness that we can allow our natural state of divinity to blaze through us; that we can call an ascended master a friend, be on par with that one and relate as a co-equal; that we can be without fear and the sense that we are little, puny creatures compared to their authentic, audacious God-beingness; and that we have the ability, as God beings ourselves, to befriend El Morya, the Divine Director, Maitreya, Jesus, Saint Germain, Mother Mary and the ladies of heaven?


   We almost have to role play to get in the mode of feeling that we are integrated enough, that we are worthy enough to live in this state while simultaneously, of course, not being puffed up and letting our ego tell us that we’re better than anyone else. There’s a fine line there. Many new-age people, unfortunately, strut around, saying, “I know Saint Germain.” There was this guy in Mount Shasta who made himself look like Saint Germain and basically called himself Saint Germain. He wasn’t Saint Germain. I will at least give him credit for attempting to live at this level. I do have to honor this individual for trying to feel what it’s like to be the Master. So there’s a fine line that you can cross whereby you’re obviously strutting about in your ego versus the real thing, which manifests when you have a deep abiding relationship, an interchange and interaction with the true ascended masters and not their fallacious, ungodly, interloping impersonators—a lot of adjectives there.


    There are so many who impersonate the masters. I would like to expose right now, on behalf of Leto and Meta, the name Sananda, which many of you have heard before. Unfortunately, many people think that Jesus has changed his name to Sananda. There are probably even people in our movement who relate to Jesus with this name. He has not changed his name. Sananda has been exposed long ago as being a false-hierarchy impersonator of Jesus. Imagine what it would be like if you claimed that Robert Beese changed his name to David Lewis. [laughter] He wanted everything about me. [laughter] “I’m the messenger now!” Now, he is a messenger in his own right and he has a right to do his thing, but you don’t go around impersonating and claiming that you’re someone else, and this is what these beings do. We always have to be careful when we start rising into the ascended-master realms that we are aware, conscious, that we never get caught in this web of deceit and deception of the quasi-world, which is really an astral world. I love you, Robert. I just used you as an example. You’re one of my buddies, actually. You get the gist.??           


    Some of the names of the seven Holy Kumaras are very close to that name. Sa-Ananda, I believe, is one of them. I would have to look at the names again. We had their names revealed during one of our Meru University courses. There is a being whose name is like that who is a divine Kumara from Venus, a very high being, one of the Lords of Venus. I’m not saying that Sa-Ananda is not the name of a true master; it’s just that it’s not Jesus. And for whatever reason, the masters interjected this little teaching here because someone somewhere in our movement had to hear that—maybe more than one person.


    There is so much disinformation out there, even in the Mount Shasta area. There are beautiful people who have been taken by certain misperceptions, misconceptions, because everyone wants to live in this la-la land of divine beingness even when they haven’t done the inner work to fuse themselves with the ascended masters. So they pretend, and through their pretension they kind of feel that they’re living in this great sense of beingness. Yet if you observe some of their lives, they haven’t accomplished much. They haven’t really done the work or proven, through the fruits of their lives, that they have this attainment. Yet if you look at the lives of the true ascended-master initiates—Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, for instance—you will see the amazing wealth and breadth of teaching that he has presented to the world, which is now coming out in all of these beautiful books of the transcribed discourses that he gave.??           


    I hitch my star to masters such as this, who have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are real, that they originate from the Source. There is a pure stream of divine, intelligent energy and consciousness that they emanate, that they deliver through their messages. I have to say that I have never found one word in reading Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s teachings that I disagree with. Yes, he uses different colors for the chakras than what we in The Summit Lighthouse and the Bridge and the “I AM” movement used. That doesn’t diminish his teaching or what he delivered to the Earth, however.


1. Prior to this discourse, the Goddess of Light, the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity delivered a collaborative HeartStream.


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