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Clare de Lis: I AM Expanding the Mission of the World Mother through You!

Clare de Lis: I AM Expanding the Mission of the World Mother through You!

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Beloved Clare de Lis?
David Christopher Lewis?
June 18, 2014   12:06–12:44 pm MDT?
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
?Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
?Livingston, Montana

I Am Expanding the Mission of the World Mother through You


            Clare de Lis’ HeartStream today is a darshan, and those who are physically present here may ask questions. The title of the overarching message is “I Am Expanding the Mission of the World Mother through You.” Many of you know that one of the titles that Mother had was World Mother. It is an office, a title that comes through taking great responsibility unto oneself by harmony, by daily practices of oneness with God and by obedience to the law of being.

            For this darshan, you may come to the podium with any questions you have. Who would like to ask Clare de Lis a question?

Question:  This question might be a little bit off the wall, Mother. I’m an advocate and a lover of the gods of the mountains. I know that when you took over and replaced the God and Goddess Meru, they moved to our physical sun and also that God Meru is one of the gods of the mountains, along with Lord Himalaya, the god of the Swiss Alps and Orion. My question is, is God Meru still the god of the mountains or has that been passed on to somebody after he got promoted, if you will?

David:  There are many mountains to climb. You’ve climbed many of them. What happens when you’ve climbed every mountain? God provides a different type of mountain to climb. The mountains in the sun are magnificent. Instead of being concerned so much with titles or offices, use your question as a metaphor to consider for yourself what you’ve experienced on the mountaintops of life.??           

            What brought you to the peak experience of self-mastery as you evolved in your own being and mastered the dynamics of the use of ropes and special hiking equipment, of gaining footholds, of learning balance, of understanding the weather patterns and of studying the troposphere of the area and the vegetation as you ascended to the peaks? What did you become and what have you become as a result of these experiences so that you may be the god of a mountain, the master of self? Have you left the tracings of your own attainment, of your own spirit on every mountain that you have ascended? If so, as she sees it, can you now speak with authority about the path of light, the path of the ascent???           

           We get caught up sometimes with titles and with “This master did this” and “This master was this.” The masters are not so concerned about that. What they are concerned about is us and whether we are becoming the master. Are you now taking the lead of the God and Goddess Meru and consciously entering the Sun on a daily basis—the Sun within your heart, the Sun of your I AM Presence—and actually traveling in spirit to the spiritual Sun behind the sun to access new mountains, new discoveries, new isness, new beingness?

            So the Master puts the question back to you. What mountain would you be master of? Would you be the master over the mountain of pride, arrogance, rebellion and the non-isnesses? Once you’ve gained mastery over those, then you move toward the mastery of the magnificent virtues. Every mountain that you have climbed could represent a virtue that you have accessed through your ascent and hopefully now can model through your life.??           

            Instead of just talking about wilderness experiences in terms of, “Wow, this happened with this animal or this plant,” use all of those as a metaphor for self-mastery, for becoming more of God, for allowing God to continue to resonate and reside within you. When you take a picture of a beautiful scene, what does that truly represent in that moment of timelessness and spacelessness that brought you into the presence of what you have captured in that photograph? When you write a poem, the feeling that becomes certain words is what you desire to convey to others of the understanding and the attainment of a newness, a freshness of life that is magnificent, that is stupendous, that is beyond self, the lesser self.??           

            Each hour that you walk the Earth can be sacred. Each hour that you spend in nature—in the forests, the mountain fastnesses and the pristine lakes, either swimming, canoeing or paddling here and there—can be one in which Eternity reveals herself to you, where the Divine alights within your awareness and is impressed deep, deep, deep within your soul so that you can again access that suchness anytime that you desire by your attention, by your focus, by your love.

            Now, given all of this, when a great master moves on to a higher office and world, there is, of course, always one that that one leaves his legacy or her mantle with in order to carry on that mission upon one world, even as one accesses a new mission in a higher world. Knowing this, you should be in the mode of preparing one or even more individuals to carry on your message, your vision, your mission in some way. They will have their own specific creativity in the way that they carry on with what you have begun, in some instances, and that’s fine. The Master Morya’s message is different from Hercules’ or the Great Divine Director’s, even though he is carrying on aspects of their great mission on the blue ray.

            Whom have you left the tracings of your spirit upon in this life that will carry on the essence of your creativity? And if you have not found that individual or those lifestreams, consider that it may be more than a few. Have you imbedded your love and seeds of light within the sea of humanity? Have you invested your essence, your beingness in many disciples as a World Father? Now, we hear of World Mother. Would you be a World Father? We just celebrated Father’s Day. What did your daughter say to you on Father’s Day that brought tears of joy or meaning to your heart? Have you modeled for her what a true father figure is in every possible way such that when you breathe your last breath upon Earth, you know that she will feel fulfilled in the experience that you’ve had as beautiful souls interacting with each other, as daughter, as father.??           

           The oneness that we co-create in moments of love and cherishment of one another is what lasts for eternity. And when we have our life review, we will be joyous in reexperiencing, from a vantage point beyond ourselves, those moments in which great light was shared, emitted and expressed. We will experience them from every vantage point of every lifestream whom we have touched and from the overarching umbrella of eternity itself. If we can live conscious lives in which love is fully expressed in kind and creative ways in moments of deep perception, of ecstatic joy, then this life will be worth it. And every mountain that we climb, every Meru that we meet will be a friend, will be a lover, will be a part of our self. Thank you.

Question:  Beloved Mother, Clare de Lis, I would so appreciate if you would comment on how people are reacting to the sun. I’ve become aware of so many people who are fearful of the sun because of the solar explosions, sunspots and various things that make them feel that the sun is a dangerous place, whereas we all enjoy the sun and we honor it. I would love your comments on how to balance these thoughts and fears that people have.


David:  The Sun represents God, and, of course, in God’s heart there is never fear; there is only love. When you are speaking with a person who has an understanding of the Son of God—as the Logos, the Christ, the Word—you can share that the Son of God, S-o-n, also relates to the Sun of God, S-u-n. You can bring that awareness of Sunship to that one and share that it is wonderful to be experienced within the heart, within the mind and within the center of every cell of being. Then this perspective on the Sun will not seem so mystical or outlandishly inaccessible, and the Sun will not necessarily be considered as a strong force of fire that burns, consumes, overheats or destroys.

            Through our understanding of the Son of God as the Christ, we know that the light of the Christ is nurturing, healing and contributes to our well-being. This is the nature of God, to share his Son with us, his Sonship, in both son and daughter. When God gave humanity his only begotten Son—“only begotten” meaning the “One-ly begotten,” the one begotten through the oneness of Alpha and Omega—there was the essence of Alpha and Omega impressed within that being of the Sun, which extends to us as a beautiful radiance of perfection, peace and glory and is available all of the time.??            If people can just translate s-u-n to s-o-n and think on the various sons of God who have appeared throughout history—the great Words, the great deliverers, avatars, messengers, teachers—and see the Sun shining through those sons and daughters, then the fear can be resolved and dissolved and a new awakening to openness, love and friendship with the Sun will begin. The Age of Aquarius is really the age of friendship with the Sun in a new and powerful way. This friendship means that you enter into a relationship that is there through communication and communion, through doing things together, having fun in the Sun.

            Think of the best friends that you’ve had in your life. You simply desire to be with that person, to share life with that person, to share new discovery. Imagine doing all of this with the Sun. It ends the mystique and allows for a deeper type of mystical awakening to occur within you. Friendship and familiarity evolve into a mystical union and oneness. When there is always love in that familiarity—amity, congruity, unity—you can share with those who are ready to hear them the teachings that have already been delivered on the benefits of solar gazing, solar living, solar communion and the solar sciences.

            How do you discern if someone is ready? Let the Holy Spirit decide by praying to the Holy Spirit and then listening and obeying the Spirit’s voice that speaks within you. Sometimes we try to coerce people to accept what we believe and what we have accepted as true, though we can never truly coerce anyone to accept or believe anything. The Holy Spirit, however, is the great communicator, refresher, comforter and teacher. When we are attuned to the Holy Spirit, the words that flow through us will very discretely bring exactly what is required to that individual. The greatest preparation for any discourse, delivery, teaching or sharing that you will ever give in life is to be still and know that I AM God and to allow the Holy Spirit to refresh and charge you so that you can, in turn, refresh and charge others in love.

            So no matter what you teach, let inspired love be the essence of what you share in the teaching through your deep devotion and prayer to God, your time with God, your communion with the Sun. The Sun will give you the keys. A daily practice of entering into this friendship, even for a moment—talking with the Sun as if the Sun were your best and most beloved friend or even your spouse—will serve you well. At the retreat over Lake Titicaca, disciples are taught to make greater contact with the Sun of their Presence through this practice of the Presence.??            The ascended masters are great administrators of light, great deliverers of light. We can take our cue from them and be administrators ourselves, though not in the sense of managing others about the ways in which they work or conduct business or their lives. A true administrator is one who facilitates the unfolding of the Spirit within those with whom he or she is working, with great aplomb, great care and great understanding of the dynamics of their souls and what they require moment by moment to make progress on the path. A true administrator takes care to assess himself or herself in the process of sharing processes, ways and means, and in giving directions, et cetera. For in the administration of a team, a group of souls, whether youth or adults, there can be the tendency to think of oneself as above or beyond others. Be careful that in the mode of administration and delivery of teaching and sharing that you are always the servant-leader. And in that hyphenated term, servant is first. Remember that, all of you. If you ever devolve to the point of thinking of yourself as a leader without the word servant before it, be wary of self; be careful.

The Sun is the greatest servitor in the solar system, for the Sun is always shining upon everyone and within everyone. This is service to the max. This is love of the highest order. When people know the Sun as you are discovering the Sun—as a being of light—they will have no fear of the Sun. They will meld their being with the Sun, and the Sun’s rays of love and light will simply transmute all cares, burdens, sorrows, pains, ailments. The Sun will inspire upon each one when it is time to go inside, wear a hat and even put on sunblock. Listen to the Sun, for her wisdom is always within you and speaks in moments of peace. Thank you.

Question:  My question, beloved Mother, is about Meru Learning Centers. I’m very interested in helping our youth, especially through music, and would like to know what your updated vision might be for Meru Learning Centers and how we might revitalize them.

David:  You can’t have a Learning Center if you don’t have children to come to it. And right now in our community there are not those desirous of coming to something that doesn’t exist. The first step is to talk with the youth within our community and get something going. The Learning Center can be online temporarily. Don’t be so concerned about creating something physical that would be hard to sustain throughout the year if people are not living in proximity with one another to be able to establish it.??           

              Begin the conversation again with those who desire to be involved, and start somewhere. We’ve had starts and stops with a number of programs, including the youth program. Sustaining something is a lot more difficult than starting it, initiating it. So create a plan that allows for something to be sustained through funding, through the involvement of individuals who are committed over a length of time to stay true to that purpose, that vision, that goal, that mission. Once you have a firm foundation of people who are committed and have proven that they will stay committed, rather than just giving lip service to it, then you will have the means to actually create something in the physical. Until then, dream big. Create in your mind’s eye exactly what you feel this could be and will be, and then take the baby steps with others whom you will collaborate with to make it so.??           

             If you were to go to the I.D.E.A.L. Society, you would notice that there are not that many children, and they don’t even have their own school. They go to the public school. Why? They have been there for twenty years. Most of the people are in their fifties or older. You have to have young people who are willing to have children in order to have the children who will attend a learning center. So we have to shift consciousness to look at what we must collectively do to magnetize young, inspired, creative people to our movement who will carry on our mission, create families with children, who can then be a part of learning centers.??           

             You’ve heard the word permaculture in the sharing during the radio broadcast. If you haven’t noticed, the messenger and his wife are deeply involved in permaculture, as is the I.D.E.A.L. Society. This is a vehicle for the eventual drawing of young people into our greater community, who will find their wonderful mates and have children. And this next generation will then create kinder-gartens, or gardens, in these permaculture paradises that will exist throughout the world.

            So the best thing that you can do to win people for our message is to know everything about this new culture that will become permanent—first in the eye of the Divine Mothers, then within your vision center, and then physically as you make your vision a reality by work, by getting your hands in the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting and replanting. All of these cycles are part of what a learning center will be when it is established. And the teaching methodologies that will be shared will be even newer than what Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori and others have co-created to date, because they will be integrally involved in the Now through our experience of bringing oneness to the Earth. Through this new understanding of accessing light from the sun, we invest in a permanent culture of harmony and peace, divine progress and love.

            You can co-create new permaculture principles, beyond what Bill Mollison, Sepp Holzer and others have shared to date, which you will discover through your work in your communities with others of like mind and heart. Creating heritage and organic seed banks and sharing knowledge at farmer’s markets is only the beginning. Much more progress will be made as you collaborate, teach, share, learn and relearn from others who are in the fields of life using spiritual fire to reignite the Earth in this new wave. Permaculture is a new wave. And if you’re not on that wave yet, if you’re not surfing it, you’d better get on that wave because it’s an amazing wave to experience. The vibrations and the frequencies become a part of you, and they will be that which you will ever ride to the fulfillment of your victorious life in Spirit. Thank you.

            Those are the three questions we’re taking for our darshan, and I’d like to offer the opportunity for Maria Montessori to share now.


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