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Spend Time in Silence in the Great Silence within the Inner Chamber of Your Heart

Spend Time in Silence in the Great Silence within the Inner Chamber of Your Heart

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Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
August 28, 2013 8:20–8:29 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Spend Time in Silence in the Great Silence
within the Inner Chamber of Your Heart

Precious Ones,

We the brothers in light, the brothers in white have come this night to anoint you within the tripartite light of that immortal spark that is already within you, which we have expanded and now fan throughout this body of lightbearers to allow for a greater action of the sustaining in your daily lives of what you have gained this night.

If you will pray, if you will spend time in silence within the Great Silence that exists in a certain sacred space within the inner chamber of your heart daily, I, Padre Pio, will work with you to allow you to maintain the state of connection with your Buddhic Self, even allowing, for some of you, miracles to manifest for healing, for the sustaining graces of the Holy Spirit to be yours and for a greater peace of presence to be yours throughout your remaining years upon this Earth.

What was it that I felt during the Mass, during my devotions to the sacred heart of Jesus and the immaculate heart of Mary and all of those rituals that we, the monks of the Capuchin Order, engaged in? It was, dearest ones, the light within our hearts of our own Christ essence, which was formed within us as we gave God obeisance through our vows and disciplines, our prayers and times of silence.

Did you know there were cycles in my life when I was not allowed to speak at all? This required, then, through the intensity of that discipline, my going within. And I did. I contacted the flame within my heart and it grew and resulted in all that you know of my life story—my receiving of the stigmata, the miraculous gifts of the Spirit provided me, the healings and all that ensued, by God’s grace. If you desire greater light, then, through love of God, invite it and accept it as God’s virtuous outpouring of his Spirit unto and within you by your focused attention upon your heart and divine love. And within this experience, know your True Self through the flame that burns brightly within.

Thank you for your service to the light daily. Your prayers are heard and answered as the Christ negotiates on your behalf as the Great Mediator betwixt heaven and earth. If you have not seen the results manifest from your godly desires and prayers, then let go and allow the Christ to fulfill all according to cosmic timetables and the holy will, wisdom and love of God in balance.

I request that this service receive its rightful place in video form in a prominent position upon and within your website, dearest ones. For many of you it will be the key to the fulfillment of your destiny as you go deeper within, accessing that which is essential for your victory over self.

I thank you and I anoint you, each one, with the Holy Spirit’s fire within your chakras, within your heart for love to increase, compassion to expand, kindness to be the norm within your lives. Blessings and salutations from all of the saints in heaven, the numberless numbers of brothers and sisters in white.

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