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Ascended Master Lady Clarity: I Behold the Beauty of Your Soul with Crystal Clarity

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Beloved Lady Clarity
David Christopher Lewis
September 28, 2013   7:11-7:21 pm MDT 
Autumn Equinox Tour
Mount Shasta, California


I Behold the Beauty of Your Soul with Crystal Clarity

                I am Lady Clarity. And I emanate a virtuous heart—free in the acceptance of my own solar presence shining forth throughout cosmic space and within the hearts of my many beloveds upon Earth. For, dearest ones, all are beloved of God, for God has created you. And therefore, in the intimacy of your natural state of being, you are beloved. Feel the blessedness of Self, ensconced in perfect love, radiating the light frequencies of divine love, wisdom and power from within you. Know the intuitive faculties that are yours simply for the asking. For do you think that God would create you without offering unto you the gifts from his heart and her mind that would afford you an instantaneous connection—so that you would receive anytime, anywhere, what you require on your solar journey?
            Yes, God loves you with the richness and the fullness of perfect beingness. And when you, O soul, accept the dynamism of your spiritual destiny, then there comes into play within your life so many miraculous happenings, such as those that have been shared this day by a number of devotees. Yes, when you are ever-present from within your heart with God, the glory of your soul, the radiance of your being manifests. And you too are clear as I am, as Lady Clarity. You see with clarity, you hear with clarity, you feel the impressions of the divine with a clear sense that comes through stillness, which comes through a constant practice of accepting who you are in the silence of your soul.
            When you require clarity of any situation in life, knowing just what to do, how to do it, where to go, who to speak to—I am there for you at your call, at your request and invitation. For it is my great joy to bring into the present moment the most magnanimous opportunity for your self-transcendence within the framework of that Now experience of beingness, dearest hearts.
            Many ascended masters have perfected the science of light within Self to the extent that their hearing, their seeing, their tasting, their feeling, their smelling transcends the human senses—and accept those extrasensory modalities that allow them entrée into that which is beyond sense, that which in one sense, is not sense, you see. And yet, in this non-sense, there is the only sense of oneness, of purity, of perfection.
            O, the glory of your soul. I see each one in the immaculate image in which you were created. O, the beauty of your being I behold with crystal clarity, with eyes fiery in their love for you as a beautiful being of light. Now look through my eyes upon all those whom you will interact with for the duration of this life. For if you choose to see with clarity every person, every situation, you will bring immaculate vision, bodhicitta, and the divine radiances of all of the heavenly mothers of light into play within your lives. And then, all will be clear for you—for you have cleared yourself and you have entered the domain of crystal frequencies, of cosmic consciousness within the All-Seeing Eye of God.
            For those who have expanded awareness, be still and know the I AM who is God within you. To those who have already accepted this dynamic and walked in the light, be still and know the I AM THAT I AM of the Great Central Sun inhabiting your being and investing purity from within you on behalf of all life.

                    I am clear. I am clear. I am clear, clear, clear.
                    I am here. I am there. I am clear everywhere. 
                    I am clear. I am clear. I am purely clear here.
                    I am clear. I am clear. I am clear, clear, clear.

             Now, as a gift from the blessed Mother Mary to you, each one, I offer in your cupped hands as you hold them before you, a crystal that is purely clear. And within this crystal, the fire of God, present. This is a talisman that you may use, dearest ones, anywhere and everywhere that you desire—for a mother’s heart and perfect vision resides within it. And when you attune to the mother’s heart and clear seeing, that which flows through you—gentle and serene, blessed and glorious—will give rise to your highest Selfhood in Spirit. (Chanting)
            As I have loved water, I have injected within the oceans of this world, the light of clarity. For within this cosmic womb of beingness, in which vast evolutions of light-beings are born, live and pass, the harmony of the spheres is now present; and the beatification of that water manifests. O holy ones of the divine worlds and those who seek oneness, I AM within you pure and clear love-light.

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